Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
Action / Fantasy

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Comics Online. “Even if this universe is nothing but a brutal, bloody and dark forest, we Cultivators will burn our lives and burst into a fiant spark!
“However weak every spark is, however short-lived, however small… So long as the sparks keep flowing, then one day one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tinder may light some fallen branches, and those branches shall set ablaze each and every last tree of the forest!
“Finally, even the faintest sparks will eventually set the shadowy forest ablaze and illuminate the whole world!”

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Charles Renzi Murphy
Wow! First of all, thanks for the chapter!

How in the Milkyway was he able to talk inside a chamber full of liquid ingredients? How? 😱😰
1. As it's dissolved with ingredients, its density must be higher than that of water!
2. He has no gills! No physical cultivation allows a human to breathe under water! Speaking always requires a measured amount of air to breathe-in and out! Are you telling me, his lungs can squeeze out water and other liquids as he pleases?
Dude!!! 😱

Now show us some lovey-dovey stuffs between DING and JOE! 😻

That Lt. Gen. BENEDICT REN really has some confidence! He's given a challenge to last more than 10 hours out of 24... Whereas XBA has no cloaking mechanism! I wish JOE installs the cloak mechanism in the mean time and he can easily slip through the test and win over!

XBA forever!!!
Charles Renzi Murphy: Hey again! I said, "Speaking requires a measured amount of air to breathe in and out!"

Whales only make sound when they only breathe OUT air! They don't breathe in under water!
So we still explanation on that, how he was able to take water in his lungs!

Remember, a fetus/ unborn baby doesn't breathe in and out!!!
Charles Renzi Murphy: Works like a mother's womb, that could be a good explanation! And also, whales as mammals can make sound under water!
good explanation! 👌👍
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Charles Renzi Murphy
How do you catch a Shadow user? Simple answer - There's always a permanent shadow beneath him that acts and moves like him! FOG ARMOR, you're dead!

How do you face a sword master? You break or blunt it! WAN SWORD ARMOR, you're dead!

How do you face a fierce tiger? You tame it or just shot/slash/stab it in the right place! TIGER KING ARMOR, you're dead!

How do you face a bone monster that draws energy from spirit realm? You can shatter the bones and slow it down for a moment! But bones heals quickly if it's spiritually enhanced! So you can't face it technically!!

XUAN BONE stands alone!
No time to die!
Death seeks permission from a bone monster!
Charles Renzi Murphy
Ehhh? Was I wrong? Where is XBA participating in the 3rd round? 😑

Anyways, moving on!

This final round is called ‘ANTAGONIZING’!
From the name of it, it's clear that it's a futuristic sci-fi version of the battle among the Gladiators in the Colosseum! Or PUBG? Cause the last man standing is the winner!

Or is it QUIDDITCH from Harry Potter, and is that crystal ball a sci-fi version of the Golden Snitch? I don't know man, but the similarities are uncanny!! 😰🤔

Anyways, XBA will probably win or there will be a draw between XBA and TKA!!! Let's hope for the first assumption!
Meme: lol haha
el fanfarron: I dunno wtf is he talking about
total 3 replies
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