Action / Fantasy

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Mikaela Galang

There will be cultivators that will sacrifice their lives just to save the people in the train, they will die. After that, the male lead will have a breakthrough. Then they will have a stop over to fix the train, then he will find some of the ghost/souls of those cultivators that died. Then later on he will arrived at his University which is course (I forgot what they call) is declining in students. His seniors which consist of only 10-20 members, will die because of their invention which is a Suit. (I forgot what they called it hahhaah, Mystic Suit or Skeletal Suit) then he will work hard to make that happen and yes it happened Hahhahahh!
Super Spoiler!!!! He will go to another planet, it is the second season
SUPER SUPER SPOILER! He will go to the Demons Land and will pretend to be a demon, the third season. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LIKE THE TALES OF DEMONS AND GOD. HAPPY READING!
Kamen Rider Decade: lol wtf wild guest?
Mikaela Galang: There will be girls that will be interested in him, but he will be faithful to one showing no interest at them at all 💕
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Black ghost: He who walks at night
this chapter was hilarious. you need a high IQ to get this one so let me explain:

elementary particles are like electrons, neutrons, photons and other sub atomic particles. they are saying psyionic energy is a subatomic particle but the other guy is saying its a wave. in real life before recently light has been debated just like in this chapter. the double slit experiment cleared this up and lead to the "particle wave theory where its both a wave and a particle. this double slit experiment was done with other elementary particles which gave the same result which led to elementary particles in general being both particles and wave. what the author is implying I that psyionic energy is both waves and particles. the implications of this is also that the universe they are in is part of its own multivere and higher dimensions from 4D to 10D (4th dimension being above any given 3 dimensional being like us, 10D being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent). the author likely made it like this so his readers can understand exactly how psyionic energy works.
Black ghost: He who walks at night: sure anyone that did surface physics new that they've done the experiment with light but not neutrons, electrons and other sub atomic particles. also people don't know that it was what lead to the multiverse theory. calm down salty terako
YourNemeSis: No shit Sherlock everyone knows or at least have a good idea about light being a wave and a particle we all finished high school
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Northern River's (Light_Sect😇 Grand Elder)
Hello, Im The Grand Elder Of The (Light_Sect😇) Has Come Here To Recruit Some New Member To Join Our New Established Sect.

Available Positions Left

9 Elder
8 Core Disciple
30 Inner Disciple
100 Outer Disciple

First Come First Serve
Uday Pratap: can i join
aint handsome: 1 quest. what do yiu guys do in the sect?
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Best novel! I started reading on 1st October 2019 and am currently at chapter 415! There’s over +3,000 chapters haha! Usually I can read a book within a day or if it’s the size of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, then it might take two days, but this novel has taken me more than half a month! And it’s so good, I can barely predict what’s going to happen next, which is why I’m so engrossed and can’t stop reading! Just when you think the stakes are high, it increases beyond your imagination! Definitely start reading the novel ‘Forty Milleniums of Cultivation’.
Cosmin Ionut: i love reading novels , wich chapter will this episode be ? normaly when i start a novel , even if i read manga i start from ch 0 as many things from novels are cut in manga , but i cant wait for new ch
Richard Myers: Is the novel in English?
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Thank you for the awesome chapter update! When I first started reading this, I had my doubts. In fact, I had already given up after chapter 1, because I thought it was just messy and crap. However, I read a comment saying how good it was and that I should persevere to chapter 30. I am so glad I stuck to their words, because this has ended up being one of my favourite of all time! I’ve started reading the actual novel now and am almost caught up to date with the manga, because I’m to enthusiastic to find out what happens next, but I love your chapter updates, because it gives me the imagery to what I’m reading. Keep up the awesome work, thank you!
Miista: Haha I do read solo levelling, but it’s too OP towards certain characters, making it too unrealistic in an already unrealistic environment; which reminds me of Bleach.

And I believe this chapter update is pretty close to the chapter in the novel. I’m up to chapter 132, and it’s pretty close already (I’ve passed the manga now).
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The story is good but the translator is racist trash. imagine changing Naruto's name to Sam, or Goku's name to John, or Ichigo to Strawberry. "like omg asian names are so hard to tell apart. like why should I even try. all asians should have easy to remember names like English names are." As an American of the United States I am ashamed of some of the "English translators" on this platform. Before someone says "If it's so easy to do why don't you do it?". Im not saying they are not capable. Im saying don't be racist trash.
Razen: Oh look it's mistress insensitive. Yeah it's perfectly fine to make these works less asian to fit the English culture. racism isn't something to be sensitive about; it's perfectly fine.
MiMi: Oh look its mister sensitive
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He was so close to get his hands on the Crystal weapon to help make it better. Also so many people died, the department owes people too. A floating Island is costly too. I bet the Deep-sea University came for the main character and also secretly any info about the crystal weapon.
TheNightRemains: Yes, I meant Crystal Armor. Also I now think there is a chance it might not be the Deep-sea University.
Vishal Rajput: I think they were the one(Deep - sea university) behind the incident
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6xxZxxTxxPxxIxx4 #no x
I hate those people he met they dare to belittle the refining school. do you know that with out your wepons, gadgets and electronics that makes you strong you are only a trash and wouldn't be so arrogant. and also do you know that one day the refining school will be well known in the future. ughhh I hate those people who belittle our mc cause watch out you seniors of our mc if you dare do something to him I will use your blood as my tool to make my works sturdier.
aint handsome
heres my conçlusion

first: thats the suit that their inventing

second: that thing has the soul of the . .............teacher's husband

third: its tony stark's new suit and hes .........inside of it ^-^
Huzaifie Jp Kanakan: I think it'sthe 3rd option...😏
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Romanxx Rains
for all people who are reading this manga for first time and want to known how it is so let me tell since i have read all chapter so far . so this manga is one of the best manga i have read. it has , great action and story . don't get disappoint by ch 1 since first 3 chapter are just intro . the main story start after that . so read a least 30 -40 chapter before saying any thing about his manga . and please read it its a great manga . and i totally recommend it.
Abul Bashar: thanks
Emmanuel Udekwe: thanks
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damn it's really good series ..
I do hope it gets crazy update ..
For character development it rivals Naruto and the best part is MC isn't portrayed Naive/Soft hearted .. deliberately ..
justanunusualfella: that's what I said .. already read it btw ..
Areeb Azhar: The mc is absolutely NOT naive or soft, infact, ul see his ruthlessness if u read the novel
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Charles Renzi Murphy
This whole explosion was a conspiracy!! May be other departments are involved in this conspiracy just to have a grip on Joe Lee. Shit! To think of this, how sick their mentality could be!!! 😡
brandon zhang: If you think about it, the person probably messed up. The were using an unorthodox method to make the armor. A method that was incomplete. It would make sense for it to have the chance of exploding. Remember the teleportation array made by ancient refiner?
aldi widyat: i think its other collage
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Jeremy Yang
May be the Xuam armor is actually a secret that other school are trying to take and so the Dhz college is creating a scene to make sure that there isnt any rats or spies in there new group
Cain- X: Well that's... a pretty smart guess, pretty smart actually
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The 1st Flame of Emptiness
I think that's another memory fragment of another person, that means new knowledge to gain.
Royal Blue Vegeta: Nice Cat
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Romanxx Rains
if you have nothing to read than read "Release that witch " main character = male , isekai,action 5 out of 5 , story 6 out of 5 trust me its a great manga. and i totally recommend it.
Romanxx Rains: yes!☺☺☺☺
Nope: webnovel?
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What if deep-sea university sabotage the xuan bone plan because they could sense threat from it?
Clayton Wishon: sounds about right. ✌😜
Frans Andreas: it's possible, plus the mc choose those side, that makes them feel more threatned
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Cyclops is that u .. did U left X men ?
justanunusualfella: that purple duck ?
Ana Hadi: haha... well said
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Deep Sea probably hear to sweep up Joe and a few teammates or something but naw all this sound MAD fishy pretty sure the lady found the thing to help rebuild the department
URNIGHTMARE: the deep sea once again want to recruit joe lee
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Dalton Anson
He needs to start practice all his ancient techniques ASAP
Brawl Brother: probably when he starts advancing his cultivation lvl lol
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its not alive its a soul remnant just like the professor terminator thingy hahaha
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