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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Northern River's (Light_Sect😇 Grand Elder)
Hello, Im The Grand Elder Of The (Light_Sect😇) Has Come Here To Recruit Some New Member To Join Our New Established Sect.

Available Positions Left

9 Elder
8 Core Disciple
30 Inner Disciple
100 Outer Disciple

First Come First Serve
Hakuro Daiski: can i apply for a position any please
Hakuro Daiski: why not so whats position is left
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rosetalol lolroseta
Oh my God! What the hell is wrong with you people! If a ton of people keep commenting, "I'm just here for the points" how do you think that will make the author feel! If people come here and blab all over about just being here for points then the author might feel as if no one actually likes their work. If you are going to comment, think of the impact first.
Sherwin Bravo Tolosa: ill change it, i came here to reply your comment 😁😁😁
Isaac Warren: And yet they still get the names wrong for tons of them
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🐰Bubble🐰: Hey guys, I'm writing a novel Hide and Seek. So, can you all give it a try?❤️❤️
mountain sage natsu: you'll got snap
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it was me, Dio!
so who's the main heroine here? i thought it was cathy because she's in the cover of this manga with the mc but it's just an ordinary cover? if she vecome the heroine later it would make no sense as she's rarely seen or tak to joe
Areeb Azhar: Yes, the boobzila, the human tyranosaur, the one and only DING LINDANG
it was me, Dio!: cathy not even blushing when the teacher of deep sea water ask her if she has a crush on him
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aljon faner
i want to see more the sword that he used in the begining.. what happen to that sword is it special? come on what the means on sword in his back of background picture of this manga! please make something how ever even it is making me not interested.
Waffy the Panda
craft yourself Thor's hammer
leon: hey hey there should be lightning power hahahahah
Andrei Coma: Thor's hammer hahaha good one🤣😂
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Supreme Anime
Hahahahaha finaly the beginning, the journey is about to start, his path to the road of the real self cultivation will begin, the harem will be build and grow strong as time passes by and he grow unfathomable as he is my child
Suraj Sain
Hello guys if u like to read peerless battle sprit manga so search iisingalongii .blogspot .com I give space because if I don't then I can't able to tell where you can watch and read okey have a nice day.
Suraj Sain
Hello guys if u like to read peerless battle sprit manga so search iisingalongii .blogspot .com I give space because if I don't then I can't able to tell where you can watch and read okey have a nice day.
I don't know what to do it's episode 97 and I think currently his power is 3 - 4% of our badass guy so when will he reach equal to him after 3000th episode and how much time will it take to reach that episode 50 years I can't wait that much even than that badass guy will grew more stronger .. just simply give few crazy updates and cut the shit load of crap short and give some exciting episode with shit part on fast track ...
Anonymous: There is an english version?
Alejandro Rubio: I recommend reading the light novel, the translation is at about 1400 chapters.
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Seth Little
its the man from the rich couple they are wearing same color sleeve but it still isnt confirmed but thats my guess
Dead Corpse: it's not him, it's some Dev theory expert guy who will get wrecked by the MC's questions XD
Дэн Хеккс: its propably not him because he has different end of sleeves
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Gilmar Souza
anyone know where did Blackie(the sword at the start) go to? It's just gone
Saint cloak: if your looking for it to be used as a actual weapon that is not happening any time soon. blackie well have some time in tge light soon though then it will go back to tge background, because its just too too early for that.
Grim: Oh yeah yeah
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Samuel Mctier
what a nice ending, don't be fooled. next chapter is the end credits and thank yous
Anonymous: i could totally believe this as most mangas are just promotion material for the Light Novels...
but lets hope otherwise yes ...
laying corpse: No, it's not... the novel is well over a thousand chapters long... you can't be dumb enough to believe him... can you? Please....
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[ ]
ooohhhh I was wondering why he called her sister if he wasn't going to choose her school, but it was her school but just different department.
*sister* yeah right mc let's see how the author will dvp this
[ ]: hahaha
[ ]: yeah i would like that too, a harem maybe due to him showing his skills in the refinery dept
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crazy update20 plz all the other comic got crazy update except this one so crazy update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Areeb Azhar
I am on chapter 1000+ on the LN so i know a lot of stuff,

But damn, ding lingdangs face was unpredictable😂😂😂😂
Areeb Azhar: is my choice
Killerspintt: wuxiaworld
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Aendle Breinburg
👀 hes gonna create mijolnir
Aendle Breinburg: hammer
Otaku Senpai: what is this 😕
is it thor hammer or axe😕
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hypnotage gt
ok why do i a hentai image of that rich girl getting ntr pop up on my mind??. maybe i watch too much anime.
Melvin Maglalang: yes that means your close to being a true man since you still dont know much
Syncere Edwards: No it means you are truly cultured
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Supreme Anime
Man i just to had to confirm it Saint Cloak is right chapter 97 in the novel is the time when he says he's going to the refining club of DHZcollege
Himel Bishwas
next chapter is going to be serious...cause its a war over shrimp flavour noodles..and we all know its FOOD WAR!!😆
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