Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
Action / Fantasy

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
Mikaela Galang

There will be cultivators that will sacrifice their lives just to save the people in the train, they will die. After that, the male lead will have a breakthrough. Then they will have a stop over to fix the train, then he will find some of the ghost/souls of those cultivators that died. Then later on he will arrived at his University which is course (I forgot what they call) is declining in students. His seniors which consist of only 10-20 members, will die because of their invention which is a Suit. (I forgot what they called it hahhaah, Mystic Suit or Skeletal Suit) then he will work hard to make that happen and yes it happened Hahhahahh!
Super Spoiler!!!! He will go to another planet, it is the second season
SUPER SUPER SPOILER! He will go to the Demons Land and will pretend to be a demon, the third season. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LIKE THE TALES OF DEMONS AND GOD. HAPPY READING!
Cyrus Olarte: girl you really really reallllllllly spoiled it huh....
Giovanni Mayhue: where can i find this comic without having to buy it
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Black ghost: He who walks at night
this chapter was hilarious. you need a high IQ to get this one so let me explain:

elementary particles are like electrons, neutrons, photons and other sub atomic particles. they are saying psyionic energy is a subatomic particle but the other guy is saying its a wave. in real life before recently light has been debated just like in this chapter. the double slit experiment cleared this up and lead to the "particle wave theory where its both a wave and a particle. this double slit experiment was done with other elementary particles which gave the same result which led to elementary particles in general being both particles and wave. what the author is implying I that psyionic energy is both waves and particles. the implications of this is also that the universe they are in is part of its own multivere and higher dimensions from 4D to 10D (4th dimension being above any given 3 dimensional being like us, 10D being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent). the author likely made it like this so his readers can understand exactly how psyionic energy works.
Shini Gami: ever body knobs hut it
sky blocker: umm why is my IQ lower than you(btw I hate how you flexed you smartness)
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sohar minia
I think this is one of the most interesting stories.. first it is too much reading, but when I saw the reader and ranking, I do believe this is good comic. and I am right. good to know this comic
Edaurdo Vanez
Idk honestyjust from MY personal taste itd be nice If joe went solo on this, after all he NEVER disappoints, working with others is too inconvenient, all they ever do is underestimate joe or be jealous of him and waste his time. It’d be nice if joe could go solo and just REKT anyone who gets in his way. 😄
Ryujin Ashford
for crying out loud what does the guy want to be !? a refiner ? a Gunner ? or an all rounder ? I'm so confused now.
Lee Vorg: almost all Mc stats nowadays all goes to all arounder, so all mc are pretty much want to gain all skills or technique to be versatile in fighting their opponents.🤔👌
Ryujin Ashford: Didn't he want to be a refiner in genenal ? I thought his interest was refining weapons and armors 🤨
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Romanxx Rains
have nothing to watch than try a new manga which is the mix of two popular mangas "solo leveling " and "tower of god " . the name of that manga is "ranker who lives a second life ".
Kemarie Carter: might watch that for the recommendations
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Charles Renzi Murphy
Gosh!!! She's so badass!! should we ship our mc and this girl together?? confused...🙄🙄

And MC's gonna be an all-rounder soon. 😂
Shade: why are we shipping, when there could be a harem
GHOST RIDER DEMON ANGEL: i hate the girl man
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Gianfranco Monteforte
ok, i official and hereby announce that....DAMN only 2 up per week are insufficient and create in us reader spool many spiritual diseases.
Best novel! I started reading on 1st October 2019 and am currently at chapter 415! There’s over +3,000 chapters haha! Usually I can read a book within a day or if it’s the size of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, then it might take two days, but this novel has taken me more than half a month! And it’s so good, I can barely predict what’s going to happen next, which is why I’m so engrossed and can’t stop reading! Just when you think the stakes are high, it increases beyond your imagination! Definitely start reading the novel ‘Forty Milleniums of Cultivation’.
Sanchit Kalra: It only has 1500 chapters and ongoing?
What about the full novel?
Miista: Wuxia world
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loli lohrii
who is mc in this i though joe lee but he seem like a seller not a hero is he making armor fo the mc useless
Hamadraith: It's true he's a craftsman, but he's really strong physically. He can fight against cultivators who are on a whole other level. So although his specialty and interests are crafting he's also an amazing fighter.
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Watch him get another soul thing somehow of the strongest gunslinger in his age and experience his life and get his skills
Elijah Lasisi
I believe the MC is trying to deduce a plan to make a better weapon to get more points from selling 😅
Caviar Tang
it's some kind of manga that I had read recently that a person sells his soul for a job it's similar to that
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
yeah you better wait for that day! cuz when the day comes! will be the day you'll realize the legend of tony stark!😎😂✌
didn't expect the cool guy to be nice to Joe. at first he looks like someone who is jealous of Joe's potential or some sort
Artsie: Cool Guy is grateful for the discounted swords.
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
hahaha i liked the last scene how he made the guy who acts like a top genius wanna be..become depressed and powerless😂
oh damn !
he's gonna throw that ..
this will go boom boom .. !
queso xanzibar
This is my new number one now that Panlong is finished.
Aryan Raj: how still left... mc havnt married yet.. and became more powerful to find mom
Deshawn Cleghorn: Oh panlong is finished?? Finally it was like that story wasn't gonna end 😈 now it's binge worthy
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Sam Dara
the more Episode we read the more shorter it become
f8r: Daamn tru
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A True Hero Never Surrender hahahahah Kudos To you Joe
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