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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Wow. What a Jerk fatty.. (not trying to fat shaming anything, just describing as she is)
Ralu Odiegwu: LMAO. That's the type of society we live in. You can get in trouble for making fun of a fictional character 🤦‍♂️😭.
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Give him a few more months and he’ll lose hair and turn in to saitama
Infinite Paradox
The "talented" are being intimidated by a cheerful young boy eating a snack. I wonder how their pride are doing so far.
Ralu Odiegwu
Whelp I'm pretty sure Deep-Sea University will have a new dean for the refining department 😭
Susan duwal
wait!!! whats hi problems again?
Susan duwal: Yeah, I think he will join Grand Desolate War University too.
He may have been calling for saying bye-bye to Deep Sea University
Ralu Odiegwu: I'm not 100% sure though. Because the didn't mention anything about it in the prior chapters. But I believe that he may choose the Grand Desolate War Institution.
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not just the school, you too four eyes, you keep calling him loser.. I'd be waiting the day they regretted their decision with a huge smile 😎😎
I'm happy with whatever pace it goes as long as it doesn't get locked😢🙏
I bet 1million you forgot that he got isekai'ed to this world and he's fending off the demons with blackie..
Areeb Azhar: What?? He was isekaied,? And then the whole plot completely changed??? 😂😂
aron corn: you take (iou's) lol
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wait..... in first episode he was a garbage worm... in second episode he was a survivor from a blast. .... in third episode he was a hungry vulture..... in fourth episode he got a son sword.... in fifth episode he made a TV using a worn out box..... in sixth episode he was a racing driver.... in seventh episode he is going to give entrance exam for university ....... can someone tell me what the heck is happening?????
Dyah Ayu: The world had changed becoming cultivating period. But the technology still intact.
Mary Hellen: hahahaha i wish i could.... m just scrolling down to the comments till i get my points.
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- FireMoon -
I believe what’s going on is a new age where there is “self cultivation” (if you read Tales of Demons and Gods, then this makes sense, if not) it’s like inner power. Like Goku when he trains to get to up SS1,2,3, etc. Basically, they are combining people’s power with technology, like in Disney’s: City of Atlantis, where they would use crystals which has “magic” inside that powers their vehicles
**Lovey Dovey**: I don't understand?????? Maybe because I don't rly read chapter 2 ?????? Welp forgive me author :p
Edward Loone: Lol what ??
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Supreme Anime
WTF the can even bring water dam i guess the world of cultivation really did improve
Supreme Anime: *The sword
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ugh hit the last chapter, need mooooore.. didn't think this manga ws good
Dns : Gues you were wrong
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Vern Maitland
Old hag from deep sea will regret hooray to DHZ
that monkey was smart enough to kill that boy and steal his serum to become stronger !
   ⊂ ( ⌐■-■)つ-
  ///   /::/
/ ̄ ̄旦 ̄ ̄ ̄/|
______/ | |
DAMNN like a boss
Akshay Singh: thug life
Shade: this comment is fking great
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Srihari Haran
it was at this moment she knew .....
she fu*ked up
Jann Mervin: old meme xD
Z€RØ: baited!!
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Euni the FL is the redlass 🤔 i thought FL is gonna be the female singer in ??? chapter 😅 or maybe redlass and that singer is the same person.. since i remember the MC saying that he and that singer are similar that's why he likes her.. well, based on her statement this chapter.. then, i guess she's the singer. 🤔 gonna build ship now 😂😂
Jayson Ramos
I want to see him use blackie and i think blackie is a legendary weapon 🤔 thats only my opinion 🙂
Jayson Ramos: They should do it in far more chapters becoz i think there is a requirement for him to use blackies power 🤔
Saint cloak: haha you won't see him "use" it unless they divert from the story
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seriously you guys and the MC, what..not going to talk about noticing that Ding was wearing a dress?!
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