An Ambiguous Feeling

An Ambiguous Feeling

An Ambiguous Feeling
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An Ambiguous Feeling Comics Online. Micheal is a standard poor student. He fights, skips classes, and cheats. Although the school beauty encouraged him, he did not make any changes. But by chance, he got a pair of magic glasses and completely changed his future!

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Kaze Ventus
this is similar to School Day anime, maybe it would be end the same.
in that anime the only girl that the MC did not do "that thing" is his first love interest and thay thing was done by someone else not the mc.the mc was killed by the one who teach him to do that thing and similar to this manhua maybe linda will show at the end when he realized how much he love marie.haha.but there is no tragedy tag so the author will change the ending.but this one is very School Day like manhua.
Aljune_: yeah
Kaze Ventus: that is the first anime i watch where harem mc feels like the mc deserve to die.and first harem that i thiught harem can be rark.but in manhua cheating is normal so it would not end like that
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I guess the platform forgot to tag #harem just to have a heads up to the readers before anything else....

I read this from another Platform/website but until only when "Marie saw, Michael and Linda hugging".

This comic was liberated. If you are a very pious person or against polygamy please dont read anymore, you might get attack from high blood pleasure.

If you still decided to read brace yourself, no matter what, you just have to be open minded. Its purely entertainment, don't take it personally.

***I do believe that "what the mind perceive it can conceive" and that whats transpired here in the story. When you cannot achieve it on the real life, you do have the talent but lack the guts of oppurtunity to do things you wanted, you put it into writing/sketches/blogging/vlogging.🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊🙊😏😏😏
Ben keppen kemp: harem is the best....
ღ кαтє ღ: mmmmmmmmknoo9oooo9obbnn j b oo99
total 8 replies
I've had enough of this comic. I don't understand the story at all. There's no sense coming from each chapter. This comic is just total bullsh*t.
Wasted like, 1000 points for this sh*t.
akiro shuro: cute ko
yuvraj singh: i am 21,but if being nerdy helps.
total 13 replies
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