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An Ambiguous Feeling

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Micheal is a standard poor student. He fights, skips classes, and cheats. Although the school beauty encouraged him, he did not make any changes. But by chance, he got a pair of magic glasses and completely changed his future!

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School life
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He has 17 girlfriends by the end of the series although they all consider themselves his wife’s they all approve of him having a harem and know about each other. The blond girl in this scene is his god sister and a member of his harem and she’s responsible for his major harem out of all the girls in this series these two had the most sex so in this series there is Wincest. The green haired guy is her Ex who abanonded her before their marriage because she can’t have a child and he married a fat rich lady and is trying to take his Ex as his mistress but fails because of the MC.
Sensei: @Very pure and ambiguous and Beuaty and the bodyguard are quite similar to this series
KYLE: can anyone recommend some stories that are like this??
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The concept in this episode of Adam and Eve is totally wrong, they were born by the GOD to rise human race, they were wife and husband and the forbidden fruit was forbid by the GOD to make them realise that human make mistakes and when they do they must beg the GOD for forgiveness, it all happened when they were in heaven not on earth.

P.S/ we all beg for God's mercy and forgiveness when we make a fall deed.
sam rexso: well where did u published it
Jellal: Those who believe human were came from monkeys or human were monkeys once, that's totally wrong but indeed monkeys were humen onec.
If a scientist say this that bla bla.
Just keep asking who created this?
Which we have been already told thousands of year ago and the science proves it today.
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Bangtan_ Boi
Once upon a time not long ago i was a hoe... Well actually I still am. I've slept with four girls because why not. And I'm admitting it. But the girl that I started dating first is the sweetest lil thing. But I haven't got the "time" to have sex with her to begin with. So instead I look for random girls to have sex with.
gilgamesh: omg its not possable
Kirito 1: the big bang😂
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