My Sweet Wife
Romance / CEO / Completed

My Sweet Wife

My Sweet Wife
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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My Sweet Wife Comics Online. The man Su Shengxia falls in love with at first sight is her uncle! But this obstacle is just a piece of cake for Su and let’s see how she courts that overbearing and cold chief.

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this is so romantic and sweet
Zden: jiokik
Zden: jiokik
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Tannu 🤪
happy ending 😍😍😍... just loved it😇🥰🥰🥰
will miss u Uncle Leng & Summer.. oho Bobby too😁😂😘😘😘
Anni🤧 { Crystal💜 }: Hello There!😸 Sorry for interrupting your day😿😿😿

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That story is kind of a strong female lead, But she's also funny and cool at the same time.
Whereas the Male Lead is a cute and sweet guy~^^

I hope that you'll give it a try~
But if you're not into these kind,
Then let me suggest you my other two chat stories that which has a different plot.

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Thanks again for taking your time and reading this😻

I really appreciate it!❤️

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Almond milk
This is the best comic I've ever read... This funny and romantic story.. I can imagine this in my dream.. HAHAHAHAH age doesn't matter
Saeng.guuu: Good day, readers. Pardon? I hope you will click my account for my novels. Like, subscribe, comment/give me feedback, hoping for that just to pay off my hard work. Thank you!!!
Anni🤧 { Crystal💜 }: Hi please read my chat stories:
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Thank you very much in advance😊
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