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My Sweet Wife

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The man Su Shengxia falls in love with at first sight is her uncle! But this obstacle is just a piece of cake for Su and let’s see how she courts that overbearing and cold chief.

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Stellaluna (Angel Sect Gaurdian Elder 🌈❤️)

After Summer’s kiss with her Honey, she flung her bouquet and her mother-in-law caught it. Her own mother ran to hug Summer and Eason saying her congratulations. Bobby flung himself in his daddy’s arms and Eason picked him up. Then the three of them walked out while rose petals fluttered down from above. Everyone cheered and minx started crying, and Sandy comforted him. Everyone laughed with tears of joy as the proud new family passed. It was beautiful and sweet. People kept congratulating Summer and Eason, even Mr. K.

Later in the day, the three of them watched the sunset together in the spot where it all started. Summer and Eason kissed and hugged Bobby together.

Afterwards they discovered that Sandy was pregnant again. Summer and Sandy were pregnant together with their second sons! They overcame the hardships of pregnancy together. Summer went into labor first giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. After a week Sandy went into labor and gave birth to a pair of twins, one boy and one girl. Summer and Minx, the friends that had known each other for ages, were best friends in all the time to come. The two families bought houses right next to each other. The adults talked and watched the kids play together on the grassy fields. After all the fuss with Mr. K, Eason and Summer had some peace. Also Minx and Sandy who always had to deal with Summer when she was mad. Summer and Eason did not stop fighting and dealing with bad guys. They always kicked butt and made it back in time for dinner.

Years later, on a holiday, the two families met up. It had been so many years that the children had grown up. Bobby brought his wife and son and Eason and Summer’s daughter, Autumn, brought her boyfriend back. All the while Sandy and Minx’s pair of twins, Kate and Collin, came back together for they and Autumn were still in college. Minx’s oldest came back with his own family and daughters. They laughed and cried and celebrated with their family. Later in the day, Summer’s mom and dad came to celebrate with them and so did Eason’s.

It was happy and sweet and sometimes a little bit dangerous, but without a little bit of danger, how can there be any fun? They had many adventures together and had many memories, and in the end. Bobby took over his daddy’s job, which was general. General Bobby Leng, has a mice ring to it, don’t it?

And they all lived happily ever after. Well I guess this was still only the beginning and not the end.😏😏😏😉😉😉😉😉
Stellaluna (Angel Sect Gaurdian Elder 🌈❤️): Minx’s wife
Usha Ghatanee: who's sandy ?
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😎Larisa Maria😎
#ENDING# After leng and summer marriage...minz and sandy made a wedding that time summer will be pregnant with 2 childs...and sandy will be too...After summer give birth to a girl and a boy...leng become finally a father...Sandy give birth to a beautiful boy...the 3 kids grow up together...and sandy child and summer girl falled in love...leng(how is he always doing)do not accept the boy because his daughter was in his point of view to small...(his daughter had at that time 18 years old) he take his gun always following his daughter...😂😂😂 last summer told him they were like they when they where young so leng accepted finally...and his daughter marry her love...her brother became a general like his the final summer and leng will kiss happy and their grandchildren will come soon because their daughter is pregnant ..

😍😍😍Thank you all if you read until here...sorry if i made mistakes...😍😍😍love you all and please support me with a like if you liked it...i tried my best...Have a good day/night all!😉
😎Larisa Maria😎: sandy is rose
Usha Ghatanee: who's sandy? isn't it Wendy?
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Nayara Braz Corrêa
There is so much room for more character development... Eason Leng got over Lynne - which he loved for many years but he thought she was dead - pretty quick. What will happen when she recovers her memory and remember that the men who she loved now he's married to someone else? York loved and waited for Summer for so many years and he just gave up on her pretty quick ☹️ okay, maybe he recognizes that he will never win her love... but still... what happened to him after that? I also wanted to see summer and he's in living a married life with Bob and with the new baby... I migrated to this app just because of this manga and now I am left with the feeling that I didn't get enough of my favorite story 😢.
Well at least it was a happy ending ☺️
Anjanen Betonta: I love it!!!! The characters are amazing
Court Dozier: There is no more seasons this is the last one.
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