My Sweet Wife
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My Sweet Wife

My Sweet Wife
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My Sweet Wife Comics Online. The man Su Shengxia falls in love with at first sight is her uncle! But this obstacle is just a piece of cake for Su and let’s see how she courts that overbearing and cold chief.

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andwaeyo yeppeo
i finished it in one day, maybe that's the reason why I kinda feel unsatisfied? It was so good that I want MORE. This type of story really works for me. No nonsensical rivalries and the characters are all likeable. It's refreshing to read a manga that has no thots to hate and the rivals ending up with happy endings. The MCs match each other well. FINALLY a male lead who is NOT OVERBEARING, FORCEFUL, and UNREASONABLE. The female lead also has her own charm. Most stories I come across here can't do without all those stuff I mentioned. It's getting on my nerves. Conclusively, I enjoyed it and am hoping to find other stories like this here. To those who have recommendations, I'll gladly accept.
Heldana Schuyler: hi guys... im just knew here... how can i download the full episodes
siVera20: This story is just sooooooo good. It made me sad when it ended because it's sooooo good I didn't want it to end 😭 but I'm also happy because the ending is just great. I love the characters. I love how the girls and the guys were rivals to keep both the main leads apart but they always end up giving way. I love how the ML protects the FL and how strong the FL's personality is. ❤️❤️❤️
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019! I've been looking for you all these time? Where have you been? I wonder what was your last scene! Hmmm. . . thinking about it, that day where Summer was lost during a "field trip" or "camping" was the last activity that happened wherein after that they did something in the forest and was about ti inform Summer's parents abiut their relationship but they were all injured, and 019 is no where to be found on that scene. Now can anyone recall what was 019's last scene 5 years ago? (Cause it's his first time to appear in the latter)
시미심: *the last activity that happened 5 years ago
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Kawaii Berry
haha I just finished it it two days...Im kinda still unsatisfied Because This type of story is really wonderful! I like how the female lead is not to stupid! she is just right! and the same with the male lead even tho he can be a little mean he is still perfect! I love this comic so much If there would be ratings in every comic in Mangatoon I would give this 10/10 or 5/5 So far this comic is the one that really hyped me up its fun to read and...T^T I just can't believe it ended this fast...That's all 😁
Fresh Advocado: agree
Fresh Advocado: I totally agree. Although I would have liked to see the babies. All of them all together
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