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My Sweet Wife

нαρρу вιятн∂αу тσ му вєѕт fяιєи∂ H͙A͙P͙P͙Y͙

After Summer’s kiss with her Honey, she flung her bouquet and her mother-in-law caught it. Her own mother ran to hug Summer and Eason saying her congratulations. Bobby flung himself in his daddy’s arms and Eason picked him up. Then the three of them walked out while rose petals fluttered down from above. Everyone cheered and minx started crying, and Sandy comforted him. Everyone laughed with tears of joy as the proud new family passed. It was beautiful and sweet. People kept congratulating Summer and Eason, even Mr. K.

Later in the day, the three of them watched the sunset together in the spot where it all started. Summer and Eason kissed and hugged Bobby together.

Afterwards they discovered that Sandy was pregnant again. Summer and Sandy were pregnant together with their second sons! They overcame the hardships of pregnancy together. Summer went into labor first giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. After a week Sandy went into labor and gave birth to a pair of twins, one boy and one girl. Summer and Minx, the friends that had known each other for ages, were best friends in all the time to come. The two families bought houses right next to each other. The adults talked and watched the kids play together on the grassy fields. After all the fuss with Mr. K, Eason and Summer had some peace. Also Minx and Sandy who always had to deal with Summer when she was mad. Summer and Eason did not stop fighting and dealing with bad guys. They always kicked butt and made it back in time for dinner.

Years later, on a holiday, the two families met up. It had been so many years that the children had grown up. Bobby brought his wife and son and Eason and Summer’s daughter, Autumn, brought her boyfriend back. All the while Sandy and Minx’s pair of twins, Kate and Collin, came back together for they and Autumn were still in college. Minx’s oldest came back with his own family and daughters. They laughed and cried and celebrated with their family. Later in the day, Summer’s mom and dad came to celebrate with them and so did Eason’s.

It was happy and sweet and sometimes a little bit dangerous, but without a little bit of danger, how can there be any fun? They had many adventures together and had many memories, and in the end. Bobby took over his daddy’s job, which was general. General Bobby Leng, has a mice ring to it, don’t it?

And they all lived happily ever after. Well I guess this was still only the beginning and not the end.😏😏😏😉😉😉😉😉
another day: hello to you. and you're right about everything you said😄😄.
Marly Maduro: I love it that it is a love story and action one and I like EASEN LENG so much
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Happy birthday to my dear sis...happy
#ENDING# After leng and summer marriage...minz and sandy made a wedding that time summer will be pregnant with 2 childs...and sandy will be too...After summer give birth to a girl and a boy...leng become finally a father...Sandy give birth to a beautiful boy...the 3 kids grow up together...and sandy child and summer girl falled in love...leng(how is he always doing)do not accept the boy because his daughter was in his point of view to small...(his daughter had at that time 18 years old) he take his gun always following his daughter...😂😂😂 last summer told him they were like they when they where young so leng accepted finally...and his daughter marry her love...her brother became a general like his the final summer and leng will kiss happy and their grandchildren will come soon because their daughter is pregnant ..

😍😍😍Thank you all if you read until here...sorry if i made mistakes...😍😍😍love you all and please support me with a like if you liked it...i tried my best...Have a good day/night all!😉
🌻sunny💗🍨💗🍨: you don't know this shui?
Shui...loved you all....and will always love : I was not here🙄🙄🙄
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Nayara Braz Corrêa
There is so much room for more character development... Eason Leng got over Lynne - which he loved for many years but he thought she was dead - pretty quick. What will happen when she recovers her memory and remember that the men who she loved now he's married to someone else? York loved and waited for Summer for so many years and he just gave up on her pretty quick ☹️ okay, maybe he recognizes that he will never win her love... but still... what happened to him after that? I also wanted to see summer and he's in living a married life with Bob and with the new baby... I migrated to this app just because of this manga and now I am left with the feeling that I didn't get enough of my favorite story 😢.
Well at least it was a happy ending ☺️
Court Dozier: There is no more seasons this is the last one.
erosebb: @Nayara Braz Correa it's ok thanks😊
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#ENDING# After the kiss at the end of the wedding Summer saw her 2 uncle and master.... Her 2 uncle gives the rings that he had for Summer to Leng and said I will give u this rings and ask u to never hurt her Leng say I promise I will never hurt her in my life Summer smile at Leng and kisses him after..... After the wedding end Summer go on their honeymoon when they come back 9 months go and summer go to the hospital to have the baby Summer give birth to a baby girl and boy Summer and Leng are so happy but the happy time are not for long after Summer give birth someone from Mr big K people kidnapper Summer and Leng daughter from the hospital Summer and Leng look everywhere for her but they never fine her there people from Mr big K grow up Summer and Leng daughter but they tell her that her father and grandfather was killed by Summer and Leng they grow her up for revenge but Summer and Leng never stopped looking for their daughter..... 16 year later Summer and Leng daughter is all grow up the people from Mr big K name her was Rosie after she ready she to take revenge for her father and grandfather..... On the other side Summer and Leng son Blacke Rosie twins see what faith has........... This is how I think Shard End of season 1 for a season 2

I hope you all like my ending of my sweet wife..... Hope we do have a season 2
I AM AWESOME💋💋: ooooo nice and awesome love u and nice to meet u!
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I'm happy that they are happily married and sad coz I won't be able to read any new chapters from now on
This the BEST COUPLE ON MANGATOON coz the fl is not a weakling and crybaby and ml is not only handsome but also sensible, responsible and intelligent.
The author has taken note and haven't keept many ups and downs of extremities where the reader get irritated but filled the comic or more clearly EACH CHAPTER with lots of laughter and love.
erosebb: where season 2
Nita Wen: yeah, its so touching💕
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Tango Charlie
#ENDING# The wedding day didn't even get over when Leng got called for a covert mission on an isolated island. Summer got worried when he didn't showed up even after 2 weeks. She was determined to find him even though everyone tried to keep her away from danger's hand. On the other hand Bobby had his own plan running which turned out to be going with his mother without even any of them knowing causing a stir in the family. Bobby told Summer that he had over heard his dad's conversation which all directed to the island being a base of the K's. They both made their way going through troubles but yet being a family. Leng was found to be captured and tourtured whereas he has trouble remembering Summer and Bobby but he followed his heart and made their way out of hell when Summer suddenly has a labour and needs immediate help. Hearing her scream Leng remembered everything and they both made it through along with Bobby and their other twins a girl similar to Summer but the boy was a mix of both of them. They made their way to another life which was away from the cruelty of military and their enemies but enemies don't stay away for long.

That's how they should end the book for another season.
Manisha Nicku

Thay get married and state thar new life with thare little son after 1 year . summer and Eason got divorce because of Eason. Bobby chose to live with is grandmother and suzy summer's and Eason daughter live with summer. summer started her new life she became a army secret agent .

Summer comes back to c district with her little daughter. she was with her daughter and went to her new house . when she reached the place she sees Eason. Summer comes out of the car and Eason was standing there Eason runs towards summer and hug her . Summer started crying and Eason was say sorry to summer . A strange man comes out of the car with suzy and ask to summer ' who is he ? . Summer pushed Eason away and replys " my X husband "

summer say to Eason to stay away from her
Eason hugs summer from back and says sorry to summer but summer didn't react . The strange man says to Eason to leave her wife. Eason leave summer . Summer says to Eason that she moved on in her life and she will never come back to Eason again. Eason kisse summer in front of everyone and says that you can't love any one living me Summer started crying and huges Eason.

I will disappear (-_-) : Wait... That's just the beginning, there can be another season with Bobby, Suzy, and Minx's two children 😂😂😂

Sorry... I just had to add on... I felt like it wasn't complete yet😅
I will disappear (-_-) : Then the strange man (if he is her current husband) sees how happy Eason makes Summer and brings out expressions of her that he has never seen, decides to divorce Summer cause he wants her to be happy. Then Summer and Eason marry again and the strange man(let's call him John😅) gives them his blessings. Summer and Eason is thankful to him, and Summer apologizes for not being able to give him Easons position as being her lover, for she married him for the sake of Suzy. She tells John that there is someone better for him, waiting for him out there, and that he will find his true love and happiness someday. Suzy runs to Eason and he picks her up and hugs her, Suzy was finally happy to find her biological father. Then Bobby comes running into the church with his grandma and hugs his mom, dad and lil sister, he cries and says how much he missed them. Suzy asks who is that and Bobby cries even more, because his sis doesn't recognize him. But then Suzy started laughing along with Summer and said, "I was kidding brother, mommy always told me and showed me pictures of you! " and smiled. Then Minx came with his family of four, now that his wife had given birth to another baby girl, close to Suzy's age. Summers mom and dad also came. They all reunited, and both Suzy's grandmas hugged her tight, and her grandpa put her on his shoulders. And after that, they lived happily ever after. 😄
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Aia Salem
They become a family of four , girl , boy , their parents .
All family practice matrial art evey morning so both girl and boy are strong and hard to be defeated but boy likes to draw and play piano but the girl want to have an engineering company so both took their way after fighting to have the first toward their dreams then meeting people and facing obstcales but they are as their parents will not give up and finally they got a bigger family living in a peaceful place with grand children who liked their grandfather so practice like him in the morning then once they hear noise around when the family run toward the sound they found that one girl of the grandchildren defeated a masked man then she found out that it was her classmate who sent me as it was his servant wants to ask for a walk to confess to her his feeling but grandpa took the boy away finding that it was the grandson of his wife fiancee so grandpa did not like the boy but in some point the boy learned how to fight to protect his lover confessing again with new love story .
It’s a little confusing because it goes back in time and now is back to the current timeline. It starts with her coming back to the country and Eason Leng finds her, she takes off. Then is all a flashback: 5 years ago when she was about to graduate high school and about to be 18, trying her hardest to make Leng fall in love with her, while her guy friends from school (Bai-purple hair and Minz) are also wanting her. Then comes rival 1- Cassie and rival 2-surgeon Lin and Summer’s cousin. Summer turns 18, gets kidnapped and saved by Leng and they sleep together in the woods, they go home to let her parents know about their relationship-Summer’s father considers Leng his brother so she calls him Uncle Leng. When they get to the house, they find her parents shot (probably dead) and the killer there: some Mr K (silver hair). She wanted to shoot him but Leng interfered and he gets shot instead. He wakes up and now she is gone and is back to the present (5 years later) where Wendy and Minz are together and have a kid and another on the way, Summer is going to be a teacher at her old school and Bai goes to the school to see the new teacher: Summer, while Leng and Cassie show up together. There...!
S H I N😉: so many words
Happy b'day to my dearest one "happy" 🥳🎊🎉: Hllo happy 😋😋
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I think probably that it shouldn't be the ending seriously. they just got married n they have a sweet child. it should go on ahead as its a greeeeeeeaaaaat comic...... ❤❤❤❤❤ So, it should be : Summer n Easen get married and they will shift to an island to spend their honeymoon and like after 7 months summer will give birth to her second child.
Her father mother easen's parents will be there too. And after all, Easen will take his second baby which would be a girl. they name her Raven🧡. She would be like summer , talks like her, looks like her n fun's around. ❤❤
After 3 months, in a garden, they Easen Summer with everyone around, Easen will be going to send them to school , and to the same school in which summer n minz studied ,with minz taking his baby too. Summer will come to send them off, with lunchbox prepared by her. ❤
Summer will tell to easen to take them with out making a fuss then girl will say " it will be us making a fuss ". 😅😅😅

❤ The End ❤

Wiji BTS!
Ohhhhh MAMA MIA!!!!! WE WITNESSED THEIR MARRIAGE 😍😍😍 i cant believe myself i felt a grieve cuz it has ended but soooo happyy for them though its a manhua but we lived with them when We read it we laughed soo hard abt them WE felt sadness abt their parting WE hoped for their reunite WE were Happy to see them again tgt😍😍😍😭😭😭😂😂😂
GOSH dunno why i felt a tear fallin ughhh hahahahahha Eason made Summer his only woman and Summer our Girl finally has her Man of dream who she chased and done crazy things for only him😂😂😂
their son made me laugh saying his lucky to inhert the intelligence of his papa 😂😂 BUT WHO WANT TO SEE AN EXTRA ABOUT THE WHOLE FAMILY even Ken and Lynne also a peek on her friends's LIFE and his as well and the New born baby or maybe twin babies ??? 😍🤩🤩🤩
both lucky to have each other 💓💓💓 Gosh i wrote a lot
Anonymous: This is my most favorite mangga ever!!!❤️😍
#paige u r d best: Go to mine u will see feedback click it theb click d write d feedback!!!
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Beast wolf
I fin I finally got her to be wife and now we are happy together. But the happiness did not last long at all. It seem. Old and new enemies would come back to take I love the most.
As I woke up from the bed my eyes felt dizzy Head felt unclear I looked at my site and see my beautiful bride resting as a angel. Soon I realize that it was a dream I was chained up bruises bruises all over me by mouth so dry my body felt weak paint a key to my bones and then that I notice I was in a jail cell. I question myself saying there’s not a hm jail cell. it’s a dungeon!!! I did try to stand or move. What’s that movie closer to my location.
I lift up my head to see who was there stand in front of me was my old enemy. I couldn’t see very well but it was a shadow figure and his voice was very dark and evil I tried to speak but I was so thirsty for water I couldn’t to be continued
Shinjini Biswas
#ENDING# some months later.... summer had given birth a baby girl.... leng was so happy for staying with summer during her 2nd pregnancy.... and having a beautiful daughter... both of summer's and leng's parents were happy because their family became complete.... and Bobby is overjoyed to have a little sister.... but he also worried to lose his position of being the youngest member of leng family... and expressed his worry towards his parents..... but summer and leng comforted him by telling that he was the one who made them parents and for them he will always be their little Bobby..... his position couldn't be exchanged by anybody.... then Bobby smiled and kissed his sister and promised her that he would always protect her...... Uncle leng and summer also smiled and started to live happily... ☺☺
Happy birthday to my dear sis...happy: it was good
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Two thumbs up to the author. One of the best stories i've read so far. Plot is refreshing, story is well thought of (from the start, to the flashback indicating how their romance develop, up to the transition back to present), unconventional characters ( not your typical weak FL and Arrogant / Rude / Perverted ML ), and with just the right amount of romance, comedy, action, suspense and drama. With an unexpected twist ( didn't see it coming that sherman was the bad guy ). Can i say its perfection?
she said he is not romantic😧😧😧 but look at them now?? he is very romantic. i remember my ex who used to carry me on his back. i miss the moment😢😢😢😢😢 hayyyyy!!!! if i could turn back time but....
i was only a rebound girl to him. shittt!!!! boys are so mean😡😡😡😡 unlike my Major General. crush ko talaga ang mga sundalo kakainis!!!!
Sankalp A
After a few years we see them walking on the beach, romantically. They have dark patches under their eyes, we can see that the scenery has turned from a beautiful summer evening to a blood red sunset. We see hordes of people rushing their way to the beach.....BUT, they’re not people, they’re ZOMBIES!!!!
It’s been a few days since the apocalypse, we see our main characters inside a hotel room walking aimlessly. Their eyes look bloodshot and they have wounds all over their body.’re right....our main characters have turned into zombies now.......
I know that ending sucked, mostly cuz I haven’t read the manhua yet.. I just felt like going to the rewrite section and try out something....Hope you guys like this 😃
Lovely rose: Creative twist sooooo cool
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EnXuan Tan
#ENDING# three years later after their marriage summer gets pregnant. the pregnancy might hurt summer so lend wants to do abortion. summer refuses and says that she might not die anyway. lend fights with her about the baby but eventually gives up as he loves the baby too. sadly summer passes away after giving birth to their baby. lend is heartbroken and doesn't like the baby at first, but raises her as he knows summer would want him to do that. their kid looks summer alot and reminds lend of summer making him dislike the baby a lot. slowly, the baby grew to a kid which is like summer and lend finally likes her. they live together happily after that
#paige u r d best: well this isn't something to expect I would want my couple to be together !! 😡
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Hahahapiness: pls really join us.🤗🤗🤗😁😅
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Sofia the princess
GURL I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and DONT U DARE TRY TO MAKE ME REGRET

Sofia the princess: Thanks ur support I will get him back for sure
Sofia the princess: thanks I will try my best to get him back
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🐥 I am an Otaku 🐥
And the power has been shut down is that mean...


Tsk! You're not romantic at all!
Am I right?

*thunders strikes*

Me: even the thunder disagrees with the thought of Eason not being romantic lmfaooo 😂😂
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