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My Sweet Wife

EnXuan Tan
#ENDING# three years later after their marriage summer gets pregnant. the pregnancy might hurt summer so lend wants to do abortion. summer refuses and says that she might not die anyway. lend fights with her about the baby but eventually gives up as he loves the baby too. sadly summer passes away after giving birth to their baby. lend is heartbroken and doesn't like the baby at first, but raises her as he knows summer would want him to do that. their kid looks summer alot and reminds lend of summer making him dislike the baby a lot. slowly, the baby grew to a kid which is like summer and lend finally likes her. they live together happily after that
#paige u r d best: well this isn't something to expect I would want my couple to be together !! 😡
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🐥 I am an Otaku 🐥
And the power has been shut down is that mean...


Tsk! You're not romantic at all!
Am I right?

*thunders strikes*

Me: even the thunder disagrees with the thought of Eason not being romantic lmfaooo 😂😂
Jamie Vargas
I'm sorry but you guys are f*cking insane, mainly all the comments are like "omg Timothy's such a bad boy, so hot" and stuff like that, but he just basically kidnapped her friend to make her go in his car, and has harassed her a lot of times even tho he knows she's still underage. He's a total @$$wipe, and makes her hella uncomfortable, why tf should we ship them together? there's a difference between a bad boy and a thirsty desperate try hard.
shikami: Okay.....
Kayeceline Lopez: you can protest if its a real story but it aint so dont be a kj and just read and enjoy.
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Meng xiao
This thing is common in every comic that one character don’t want to see other but it happens every time
I didn’t expect this in this coming because from the first it was too good and unique
Nes Gonzales
That was a scary stunt Eason but atleast you pulled it off.
Theda RegineMarie Cantiveros Sayson: fast reflexes, i like it
Theda RegineMarie Cantiveros Sayson: fast reflexes, i like it
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madilyns world
parents: what do you want to be when you grow up?
kid: i want to be my idol she is a savage when it comes to love and knows how to turn boys one..
parents: wha?!!....
Deku Todoroki: haha that would be funny to see and hear
onee-sama: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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same hair color and red eyes, it must be leng`s relative like his sister they look sO alike if you look carefully, ALSO SHE SURE KNOWS ALOT OF MILIRARY TACTICS, ENTRANCE AND STUNTS SUCH A BADASS WOMAN

Or could be his ex lover like everybody said but we'll see later on
general: shut your mouth or i'll shut it for you
summer: you can't use you hands because you're driving😞😞😞😞 why not use your mouth😚😚😚😚😚😚
hahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂 she is sooo funny
So at the end of the horror a big and pretty church....Basically aftr that kind of trial to prove their love and watnot...they get married after....?
they even think about doing that in an open area😣😣😣😣 bit at least God doesn't want summer ro die a virgin😅😅😅😅😅 kahit nasa kapahamakan tuloy parin ang harutan😂😂😂😂 jugjug aa nah😂😂😂
Rashmita Jena
this is the best manga i have ever read yet... i really liking this FL she is so energetic and the ML is soo hot & handsome... need more manga like this..😍😍😘
Huh.. I had a hunch Bai liked her and is also trying to woo her somehow but still act all carefree like. But, it was just a HUNCH didn't think he actually did/is..
ahhhhhh!!!! make her look stunning and that can't -take- my -eyes of you looks😄😄😄😄😄 looking forward kung unasay dagway niya inig finish sa make over
Sofia the princess
guys remember
the main boss has crossed their photos who died but there was no cross on cliff(her father)
I am just hoping for water in dessert
Parineeta Singh: her father is in coma. he is not dead
Sofia the princess: hehe good for you that u understood
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the last panel is so funny. in this manga story you cannot srop laughing. helps me be stress-free. i hope my friend is reading this story now😂😂😂😂
Suma Scarlet
I see K likes Summer and he bought that ring 15 years ago.So as a teenager he used to like a 10 year old girl?😑😂😂But why doesn't she remember?🤔So confusing😂😂😂
wait summwr just wake up with him and then 5years after what the heck can somebody explain i beg you guys i keep reading back but again she woke up in bed and then she saw her classmate with ther kid and then she became a teacher and then to him its 5years what
chenli: thanks so much ❤❤❤
Prissy💕Mosh💕: The flashback to 5 years ago stopped at the scene when she shot leng. When she woke up in bed beside him (from a nightmare of the murder of her parents and saw the scar left but the gunshot she gave leng) it is now in the present time and presumably the following morning after he caught her at the airport in episode 1. So now the story continues in the present
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last time summer had a team up with cassie to defeat cori, ... now eason is teaming up with sean to beat the fake boyfriend😂😂😂😂😂 gugma pa more.
at least si summer iniligtas siya na walang galos while itong iba iniligtas nga siya pero may kapalit pala😒😒😒😒 naalala niyo ba kung sino siya????
Meng xiao
Bloody K . I hate you. You villain 🦹‍♂️
Every story there always comes a villain in such a sweet moment and curse the time to bad as ever
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