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My Sweet Wife

oh thank god bobby is safe...
I'm lost what's going on
Barbi Torres: me 2 😅😅😅😅
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Abeera Khan
Since first episode summer suffered a lot....but this time it's about her parents....that's why she took action this time.......I'm happy that summer took step for her parents rather than relaying on Eason ........I love summer's character......
She is bold
She is not only daring and insane(when she was younger) but also strong and fearless
Sam: Yeah u r right 946----
Roses18727: Idk about hold but she sure is stubborn af
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ok i think all of them were damn fooled and can you all go aout pleass because your son may be in danger now😅😅😅
Kika Kiddo
So cute this father and son😍
🍥 Naruto❤️and❤️Kurama🦊
Please please a crazy update🙃🙃🙃🙂
Hanabi: yeah crazy update😆😆
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Thressia Friskilia Assa
ooowww... it's too long to wait for an update...😭😭
One of fav manga 👏🏽 but now im getting tired waiting for ending 😭😭
Femmy Herlimus: me too 🙇‍♀️
GamerzPlay 12345: i'm tired too 😭😭😭😟😟
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Vivi Vian
how can you forgot your son guys, are you really a parents?????
Andri Resna
YOUNG MAN!!?? lmfao 🤣🤣
he is your dad and your grandpa's sworn brothers. even your mom call him uncle 😂😂
Yeo Reum Han
I need more bro
itx kitten
crazy update
crazy update
crazy update
Kawaii Ukiko
What is the name of the boy who is introduced as Summer's fiance to Eason?
Impostora Tweentynine
hahaha bobby i love u
Alumita Tusitala
Father & Son off to get Mama back to where she belongs. So cute I love it.
Soul Weeb
I’m disappointed in summer she just let him get shot like that... damn all respect for is gone
Sophie xo: I don’t think he actually shot him, I think he was making it seem like he shot him to inform the other people that he’s injured or something
Shiratori Ayumu: He didn’t shot him, it’s only for eason to get help by shooting the gun because people hear the sound
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both MC are annoying. I will stick with the K.
Selia Scarlet
I can't stop reading manga!: you are first
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Nadezhda Georgieva
haha perfect first meeting/expression xdd
Killy Aldelina Zapantra
next ep. pls
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