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The Lord of No Boundary

TaXue Comic
it's episode 46 and still I can't see the motto of the story .. from starting there is only a young Lord who is rich with modern knowledge, an immortal with martial arts skill and a little damaged body and some hot girls fighting for unknown or some mysterious reason .. so where is this story going ? I still can't find reason to read ..
dickexicutionest extremest: you ahve an over powered mc that is an immortal that doesnt age but can be killed that has already conquered what he wants and right now people think they can take the city if the kill the group that is protecting it which is the mc's group
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Christopher Rodriguez
What is the point of this ugh he’s not even interested in the females that he will only hire what a fool and he looks so dang young for a 200 year old. He looks like the weak to strong traditional MC but alas we get some dude hung up on old crap from another world 200 years in wtf...
yūki kon'no
My mortal body who has a void as a mortal body 😂 something is off I need to keep reading and if the devil devours everybody he will be the only one left.., but he said he can’t help Kause he has a mortal body I’m confused on how he will be the only one left with a mortal body
Aika Turas
i realy like the pink girl to became the leading female becouse they bouth look so cute while the athers are mature so its not good if they became his partner!!! SO PLS AUTHOR MAKE THE PINK GIRL TO BE THE LEADING FEMALE IM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!😆😆😆
so is he gonna die or is he destined to fight a powerful individual or maybeb its he's time to pass down his title sigh am out of ideas 🤔

(so boring)


like if you want crazy update👍👍👍
when is he gonna meet with his girl? friends?
:>: the beauties in the very first chapter the one with pink hair and the one that's with her
iqbal khariza: which girl ??

if u talking about girl in the last page, he meet after he fall from god realm... and at that time she was still a child, his family was being massacred, (I forgot by whom)

btw she's the first person to be met after fall from god realm
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Initiation was good but now this is going nowhere ... now it feels like no more interesting just wasting time here ...
Eren Jaegar
i just post this bec i want to
Badrul Hanis: Crazy update
Adion D'ark: and i comment dis bec i want to
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that blue hair girl is very damn annoying☹
Manga_lover😍: yeah😒😒
Shubham Singharora: yes just stfu b!t@h
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This just need hentai and its brilliant
Christopher Rodriguez
This dude rather masturbate to a figurine rather than all the babes he got...
B Tran
ah tales of demons and gods a man of culture I see
Lutfi Aris: wronh title litle tran
shamrock legend: And master of legendary realms
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sunset auria
i thought that was an enemy
Heven Hortelano: yep me too, I thought that he'd kill him but I think not?
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Sana Chan Unichan
guys did your points come every 24 hours??
I can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!
Brooks Mangwag
dounia -blink
He's 3000 yo but acts like he came from mangatoon comments section boooooring. 😟
she is sorry but she is angry...
Naruto 🍥 Uzumaki
Someone’s gonna regret coming there
Shubham Singharora: yeah only idiot dare to bark in front of a lion
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