Mr. Neighbor
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Mr. Neighbor

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Mr. Neighbor
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vision of the future?
otaku 6: probably
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I- I love him...he is so precious
just lemme die here
I ship wither and heaney ☺️
◑❀✧♡∆rmγ♡✧❀◐: Hi guys please read my friends chat story. she's been going through so much. Her parents got divorced and her mum is sick. I know I shouldn't give out personal information but this is what I'm doing to help her. Please live a tip, like or even rate it. Please she's been doing part time jobs and I'm scared she'll give up and decide to no longer live anymore if things don't work out! Please read it and it's called, 'Over the moon for you' . It would s a boys love manga. What you do can save a life. Thank you!
Sweet_he@rt14: same.
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I bet that new character is also gonna like shimon
Omg shimon is so seductive I understand why everyone has a crush on him
Little sunshine 💞: that lovely smile..... damn sexy
ADWE MWAKA: It’s supposed to be gay why is he so handsome
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Hugo: don't be afraid! I'm here! I'll help you!
All might: have no fear, for I am here!
Me:...* throws Hugo all might onesie*
Hugo: wh-what the hell is-
Me: wear
Winter Moths: hahaha I'm imagining this at currently 3:09 am, and my brain is so dumb rn akxblendpe
Momo Yaoyorozu: -takes photo-
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the pervert lachimolala 🌚
Hugo's daddy is hamdsome 😍
Jada Mentore: but looks how Hugo turned out hahaha 😂
Jada Mentore: but looks how Hugo turned out hahaha 😂
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why is it so confusing?
ღýůķį- ķūňღ: i feel dead inside with chips
Mochi31015871: exactly how i feel
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Yes they live together and when your gon they gonna FUC- * gets slapped for the seventh time*
Illogicalbeing: You only get slapped for 7 times after commenting yaoi stuff?! :O
Kai: how about the 9th time.
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Spirit: "don't worry I won't do anything overboard"
Me: I just want you to make them fuc- * gets slapped....again*
Ikena_Yan99: i can imagine ur face getting really red and sore from the slap's XDDD
♠️♥️Phoenix_Flame♦️♣️: î âğřêê
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Shemiah Rosero
so HOOTT like father like son🥰🤤
I LiKe YAOi ~
wait... wait... it's Moana!
TheUnbeatableFujoshiQueen: i have no idea but i like it 🤣🤣😆
노바 리: what the hell is going on in here😂
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Crystal Bang
OMFG!! HE IS EMBARRASSED!!! 😂😂😂😂 how the f he blush so much that his body turns red?
Crystal Bang: ohmyf*ckingg*d
Crystal Bang: ohmyf*ckingg*d
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hes so seductive...
im not guna lie ;-;
Winter: So seductive *in 50cents voice*
@_@ >^_^<: ya,totally agree.😍😂
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* wHEeZeiNG * yA gooD foR yOu huGo bUt

wE wAnT yoU tO sEe hIm
Qyurcy Markes: That’s how I read it
Qyurcy Markes: Right
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who's the top and who's the bottom???
Mylessss_fudanshi: honestly I feel like it could go either way ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
Manar M. : I feel the same 😂😂
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the pervert lachimolala 🌚
no my ship ❤🚢
Shinja Kogami : wah that was a beautiful ship that cant end now waaaaaaaaah, (maybe i am to emotional)
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ThE caT faCes iN thE bacKgrOunD tHo
Maddie Burgess: I though they were lamas
Dia's world: BTS!!
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Manar M.
Maaaan Lee Hugu’s father is the hottest in this manha!
Zoey Hart
are they going to bang or what
yaoiqueen_no.3: I hope so lol
UwU: you would at least hope soo
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