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Outrageous Princess

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She is the most respected daughter of prince Rong yet she is so timid and weak that every one can humiliate her. But a strong soul of a female killer from the modern time takes control of her body and everything begins to change…she takes revenge on those who bullied her not only because she is powerful enough but also that she has the most wealthy man at her back…

MangaToon got authorization from GuQiang to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xiongmengshizifei,xmszf
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Everyone has their own limit where when they’re pushed to the point where they can no longer can endure it anymore, then they would end up changing too. She might not do anything to that lady but if she ends up having some kind of trouble or whatever later on I doubt the MC would really care and help her considering when she was being mistreated and bully no one had helped her in any way or show kindness in any way and just stood by the side and watch it all happened. So she they should expect her to show them any kind of kindness or care and I also doubt she would also care bout that child of hers
⚠️ Based on RAW version and my own point of view (no English translation). Don't be meanie with me because of my poor English. I'm French and still learning English by myself 😔 :
• Chapter 77 will be boring.
• Chapters 78-79: she will meet her useless father and her grandfather. Tea meeting organized in grandfather's yard. She will ignore her father and quarrel with him.
• Chapter 80 : She will visit Lord Rong's mansion.
• Chapter 81 : she met Lord Rong. She wanted to surprise him but too bad she is not discreet. She was caught by him.
• Chapter 82 : Lu Li and Lord Rong play their usual little game with teasing from each other. The purple servant is also in love with Lord Rong and she doesn't like Lui Li being so close of him and started to provoke her.
• Chapter 83 : Lui Li who doesn't like her tone made her remember her place. Lui Lu started to cook in Rong's kitchen many dishes for him. This purple servant wanted to framed Lui li in front of Lord Rong but too bad she was interrupted by Lui Li. He enjoyed her cooking and she was so happy he enjoyed it.
Ace still no 1: Wow thanks, I always love spoiler, btw, waiting for your next spoiler
AsukaHana122: here the novel if you want more
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sometimes I think, instead of time travel stories, there should be a story of a person who fights back to get one's reputation back . u know a little bit realistic. i mean everyone once in a while goes through this and we our self fight for our selves .
I understand author's point of view since she was week and someone stronger personality takes over to help her. but would not it has been more interesting if she had fought back and tried to become stronger, change her self to get what she deserve.
I'm not against this story just tiered of this same plot.
Tima Thongam: yeah...u hit the point.
even i am fed up of reading those stories with same synopsis of reborn nd taking revenge nd ends up with no return to the present when it comes to periodic based stories.
Kkeu Ree: even tho its cliche im addicted
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