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Outrageous Princess

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She is the most respected daughter of prince Rong yet she is so timid and weak that every one can humiliate her. But a strong soul of a female killer from the modern time takes control of her body and everything begins to change…she takes revenge on those who bullied her not only because she is powerful enough but also that she has the most wealthy man at her back…

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Time Travel
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Kurai Hisa
So like what happen to revenge? She was more dignified after time traveling in the beginning and now she's acting like a kid who forgot why she was even there. Forget about manners. She's not too bright at the moment. She's really boring. I think I'm gonna stop since nothing isn't happening. She doesn't have to be powerful but she doesn't even think too hard. There was no point in her rebirth. The original had more spine when she killed herself.
LONELY😢BROKEN💔ANGEL😇: yeah!!! i love their strong aura and they never let those bullies get away
Kurai Hisa: I'm reading those two. They're good.
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Poor fish😂😂 it didn't have time to enjoy his life.
When did the dude came to Lui Li's mansion? I though he came back to his home😒.
When did author will decide to take some actions on this comic? I' m bored to death and our FL is so boring. I'm just staying just for Lord Rong because he sems more serious and less stupid as her.
Lord Rong is right to ignore this Yu Rao!!😈 What does she think she is? She thinks that our ML will fall for her by faking to be kind to our FL? BE GONE!!😡
I don't know to think anymore to our FL 😕 : she doesn't look like our girl who was so meanie and smart at start. She is so common. Can you give us crazy updates please? The comic is slow and nothing interesting started 🙄.
Invincible White: HAIIII
AsukaHana122: Hello
total 3 replies
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