Outrageous Princess

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She is the most respected daughter of prince Rong yet she is so timid and weak that every one can humiliate her. But a strong soul of a female killer from the modern time takes control of her body and everything begins to change…she takes revenge on those who bullied her not only because she is powerful enough but also that she has the most wealthy man at her back…

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I don’t like the dad. He was happy that his daughter has “finally” grew some bones and turned smart. His excuse for neglecting her all this time is she need to learn to get up by herself, but the thing is his real daughter died, it’s someone else’s soul is in there right now. Even if he wanted his daughter to learn, it’s not an excuse to let her experienced the abuse till she died. The only reason he can smile now is because he didn’t know his real daughter is dead already. It pissed me off. If he didn’t care for his concubines, why there’s a daughter from her? He cares for lust only? Such an irresponsible father. I wish he knew that her daughter is gone. Pity the daughter’s soul.
Anastasia Gaby: i agree so much with youuuu!!
Arf: it was probably lust that drove him to his concubine or he did have feelings at first but eventually the faded. Either way he is still wrong for not doing anything.
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he seems to be a pervert. he's looks at her boobs. sorry😂 but i ship them. really
Joy Niy ( code): they r the main it makes sense u ship them
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😈Sass clas😈
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Ivy Garza: She forgot to add the .com at the end and it is a really good novel plus it has like 200 and something chapters!
Inego Dofredo: If you cant find it,it means that its not in this app lmao
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