Romance / Time Travel

Outrageous Princess

Kurai Hisa
So like what happen to revenge? She was more dignified after time traveling in the beginning and now she's acting like a kid who forgot why she was even there. Forget about manners. She's not too bright at the moment. She's really boring. I think I'm gonna stop since nothing isn't happening. She doesn't have to be powerful but she doesn't even think too hard. There was no point in her rebirth. The original had more spine when she killed herself.
Hisoka D Uzumaki
guys dont forget that the women inside her used to be an assasin and was already smart and strong its the body shes in thats weak 😭😭 this girl just exposed herself if the guy in the wheel chair doesnt notice that the girl before coould never do that then the logic is messed up i would love to see that guy mention it and question her if she knew anything of the girls last wish 😫 because no other manga ever does that
They are so funny 😂😂😂😂 . Rong won first round 😂😂😂😂. But he is right to have suspicious because our FL acts like a pure dumb since some chapters ago and didn't notice that her cover is failing . She is so careless. When things will start to move? It's quite boring 🤔 and romance disappeard
AsukaHana122: @THETRUTH Agree😤
THE TRUTH: Yuri cause they both did stuff when they switched bodies unlike liuli who only eats food or just does boring stuff
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I waited till this episode to make comments. Liuli is only badass in the beginning. Now, she is just like girly2 and depending to her aunt. The badass has gone! The plot became boring too. What's more? 7days till updates! I chose the wrong comics
MaeDc Retailwholesale
Hehe she has full confident of her self.
And she is too happy to brag that she could catch 10 more😂😂
I have enough 😡 : she is fishing now and also is proud of her catching 😞. Lord Rong please take initiative because us readers are bored to see her act as dumb while dhr is not 😞
THE TRUTH: True i always thought she was like beiyue
AsukaHana122: @THETRUTH 😥 I find her very boring. I like to see her as bad a** woman who is taking revenge on people who want to get rid of her and not spending so much chapters by seeing her enjoy sea food like a glutton, fishing or whatever 😞. Lord Rong please makes her blushing via a sweet complemt how beautiful she is 😈
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Gabrielle Waltower
Now I like am independent strong lady, but she is a bit over the top, that's my opinion On like the female leads who are nice and appreciate loyalty, and have love bit on the other hand will lick someones butt
CoolGirlGamer: i feel like its understandable since she would kill people like it was nothing in her past life so she would have learnt to be cruel.
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Granger,The Vagrant Poet
OH MY GOD! She slapped the princess like she was a mosquitoes because she's noisy. She threw that b*tch like a badasss! Yasss a strong FL!!! this is what I needed. She Ma Queen. She's Da Wae 😆😍
Nicole Carlos
she ia a liar... look her nose is like Pinocchio! lmao
Kate Hsiao
WTF that was too short and 7days for one update🙄🙄🙄
Allison Robinson
Woah.....first comic i read where the MC has purple hair.....usually it’s the b*tches of the story that has purple hair.....interesting change 🤨
Boy sorry but you are not match for Lord Rong 🙄. you can't protect yourself from your own family and want to compete with him 😒? Forget it boy and come back when you will mature enough to play in adults world😌
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“-“ Q_Q “-“
I like that she is so damn cool, she is even more talented in that time than I am in this ~_~
I find the titles of the characters here too confusing. Based on all the historical stories I’ve read so far, there can only be one empress but unlimited number of concubines. How is Liu Li a daughter of the empress when her father is not the emperor. And how is he a prince? What’s his relationship with prince hua rong? They’re in the Rong mansion but they have different last name but Liu Li is called daughter of prince rong. Why is the imperial concubine being called an empress? I think something is off with the translation here.
Lenora Whipple: something is off, but I was thinking that Liu Li's mom might be the daughter of the empress dowager.
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Jigzy Ryka
Lol! Cute! But we need a reaction from our best boy!!
i thought lord rong was FL 's father and elder master rong the grandpa and the white haired dude is also called lord rong🧐🧐🧐
This Miss Mu is really stupid: if she hit this lady that's means what's this lady said it's true and that she is a daughters of concubine 😒. Please give us some romance between Lord Rong and Liu Li 😤!!! Almost 70 chapters and there is nothing until now! I would like to see mature content 🤩
Bartier Cardi: But how was i being salty??? Lol, if i was salty, i would not have give a thumbs up. THINK 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Bartier Cardi: Wait scratch that, it’s the grammar, she said “that’s” and “what’s” when she does not need to put the ‘s at the end (which made me confused reading it. Also “daughters” when it should be singular “daughter”. But agreed with her about mature content 👍🏽
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krung krung krung gising na para mag-eml
"young people always give their heart to the wrong person"
now,ive come to a realization that i must wait for the right time to love a person bc a kid is still a kid,a kid has a childish mind which is being selfish so i must wait for the right time or i might give everything to the one i love yet i havent thought of the majority or my family while thinking that i had gave my all but all of it was just for my personal interest for love bc love is truly blind
Lala Webster
(︶^︶)( •̀ㅁ•́;)(;^ω^)(^o^;(・。・;٩(♡ε♡ )۶( ・ิω・ิ)(●´ϖ`●)❤(ӦvӦ。)(≧▽≦). as j can see I have lots of moods and I'm just amazing we got r selfs a good man everyone prepare to have a amazing manga
Carl A. N.
he's like a well trained dog that wants only to be praised by its master.
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