Outrageous Princess

I agree with the aunt. Stay far far away from the palace. Even if you fell in love with a prince, more so if it’s the crown prince, and you have the chance to marry him, save yourself, it’s better to be heartbroken than to endure a lifetime of misery, that’s if you’ll even live that long. If you’re not favored by the emperor, you’ll be trampled upon by the other concubines, and when you’re favored, you’ll become the target of heinous schemes. When you have a child or children, they to will not live in peace. It’s such a horrible place to live in.
I don’t like the dad. He was happy that his daughter has “finally” grew some bones and turned smart. His excuse for neglecting her all this time is she need to learn to get up by herself, but the thing is his real daughter died, it’s someone else’s soul is in there right now. Even if he wanted his daughter to learn, it’s not an excuse to let her experienced the abuse till she died. The only reason he can smile now is because he didn’t know his real daughter is dead already. It pissed me off. If he didn’t care for his concubines, why there’s a daughter from her? He cares for lust only? Such an irresponsible father. I wish he knew that her daughter is gone. Pity the daughter’s soul.
E L A ☁️: 100% agree
Gaby ^^: i agree so much with youuuu!!
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Liu Li la concerned about her niece. She does know perfectly how the palace is full of snakes and she wants to protect her niece from it.
Rong concubine's daughter, you have big hopes to marry the 3 rd Prince, I don't think that the empress Dowager will accept a simple concubine will marry his spoiled son.🙄
AsukaHana122: @Maddery That's so true 😂 But it's the empress who has the last word. Remember when the aunt wanted to punish the stupid 3 rd Prince for hurting our girl, she couldn't go far. The empress stopped her directly🙄. I don't think she will give up easly on our FL. Our FL is also so dense when she is dense with Lord Rong 😭😭😭 If only she could see him as an ally or more (fiance 😎) for her revenge 😒. I think they will end together but it would take some time.
Maddery: That won't happened since her aunt already said that she doesn't want her to enter the harem like her. Our ML is lord Rong and not the 3rd prince after all. But the jerk 3rd prince can end up with that half-sister for all I care; they are suited for each other anyway.
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The aunt is really worried about her niece and I understand her 🤨. I hope out heroine will give a chance to Lord Rong😆!! He is so damn sexy and has only eyes for her😙 . The 3 rd Prince is so childish 😒. I hope the empress and emperor won't scheme something about the big envy to marry their stupid son to her. She doesn't need trash, she already has enough in her own mansion😒
Roze Black
with everything the third Prince is getting in trouble with he wouldn't have any power over anything. So it wouldn't matter is she married him actually it might actually demote her and her mother even more. So go ahead marry the guy your evil ways are prefect for each other and noone will still not care about you.
A few court ladies had more interesting lives because they had talents and pursuits like writing, scholarship, painting, botany, composing, etc. Many of these women in this story, however, have the classic kind of lifestyle for people in their position: maintain their beauty, scheme, plot, gossip and try to please the ruler.
Jeng Tiara Pratiwi
thats so good but i dont think
but if i was liu li, i'll still revenge 😂😂😂😂
YuYuRi: yesss, we must step them before being stepped more
trouble awker: me too, i will revenge and make them suffer for the rest of their life hahahahaha
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The original Lui Li was not only weak, I’m guessing she was also a dumbo since she never realized that there are actually people supporting her... but transmigrated her is right, in ancient China, the men are not expected to get involve in women’s cat fight, while women back then are supposed to be really scheming and evil.
👏👏👏👏 bow!!! I really feel bad for the little boy, but he is way to disrespectful. He’s a bratty young master... Am I the only one who is enjoying the idea that people are calling her “crazy”??? I’d rather people call her crazy and be scared of her than call her lame and coward. Her craziness adds interest to the story.
Is it just me or the graphics changed from the beginning? I saw this from a couple chapters back but I thought It just seemed to me like that. Not that I'm complaining, I know how hard it's for the author to draw all this, it was just an observation bc Rong looks more like a kid now rather than an adult
Paige Thackery: I agree there is more detail in the graphics and the MC also has lavender colored hair vs plum colored
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Rose 🌹 Empress
Autgor it's about time you introduce some ROMANCE. Tell you the truth the comic has become boring.. NO OFFENSE but it's been 50+ chapters and there is no Romance between the MC's.. We want romanceeeee, enough with this mellow drama..
LadyXiaa: Well i do confused about liuli love scene, will be with huarong or .. but see her side a lot of powerful backing so its fine our mc didnt take a lot of hardship. Still update so long need wait lol
Rose 🌹 Empress: @Ethereal_Iris Oooo i see btw thankx for the info..
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Your majesty, you’re being stingy... you should place your son on house arrest for 5 years. After all, that the daughter of Prince Rong that he sabotaged... and ore wealth to Liu Li so that she can finance her revenge. Plotting a revenge is costly
Is it me or I feel like Taylor Swift just drop by to say the last panel 😂😂
Mervivian T: true**
Mervivian T: LMAO TRUR
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Sha MeiLi
Seriously? Hahhahaah this is gettin boring like wtf? You keep repeating the same plot, bad guys jealous with the mc, she/he seek for revenge then they lose and yup repetitive, 😐

P/s: sorry for my English ✌🏻

Sha MeiLi: Thank youu for your recommendation❤️❤️ yeaa ik sometimes it’s suck to wait for the chapter😂
E L A ☁️: Unfortunately it only translated till chapter 21 and it updates slowly :((
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BE RELEASED 5 DAYS LATER!!!! 😫😯😓😔🤤😖😨😭😢😦😧😩☹😰😱😳😵🤕🤧☠☠☠
LoveYouForAThousand😘: im not alive
my soul went to outerspace!
😱😵☠👻☝️🌌 (in emojis)
LoveYouForAThousand😘: im not alive
my soul went to outerspace!
😱😵☠👻☝️🌌 (in emojis)
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aaah karma. always bring tears to eyes either from laughter or sadness not every villain stays bad so lets see where they end up 😑
XiaoMu: yah ur right
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Nursajida Herny
Am I the only one who think she is abusing people with her power/status? it's understandable for her to be much strict than the previous body owner did for revenge but I think it's too much that she takes death lightly.
LethalBabe: Bruh🤦🏽‍♀️ complain if the female leader is too weak and complain if the female leader is too strong, like just read and don’t say anything, you don’t like how the plot is going just stop reading it, I bet none of the readers would be capable of drawing and doing all these things the writers do, there might be a few that can but just stop the complain and enjoy it.
zhearaxLi: well she has to or they start to think with there dumb mind that they can do stuff to her and they start gaining power
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Wolf Slayer
grandpa kill all of those sons of bitch make them pay for what they have done 🙇
Wolf Slayer: they treated her bad before the girl time traveled in her they also made the real owner kill herself
Sugar Bear: Wait!!
What have they done??
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Just because you crawled out from under a rock, you spineless invertebrate, do you really think no further than picking up the biggest rock your clammy hands can hold with intent to bash the girl who bested you? Each panel saw your IQ dropping sharply with you making no effort to arrest its descent. Pitiful.
Jade D4 n0oB: I like you
lemurloki: Feel free to use it on any such guys who slither across your path.
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vitamin D
this aunt 👏👏 taking action holy
I love her as much as Gramps they are great
sad that original liuli didn't realize all these great people were supporting her and instead just cowered
RegaliaReads: I think its more she never went outside much, so they couldn't help her (save her grandpa and father, who just stay silent)
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