The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride
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The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride

The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride
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The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride Comics Online. He is an icy ceo, and she is a substitute bride. He is determined to seek revenge for the death of his brother,and marries the woman he plans to torture but the bride is already substituted! Then what happens when the mistaken icy ceo acts so brutally upon the innocent substitute bride?

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Lisa🐇 (Angel sect leader🌈)
Uh here you go again!.See another one with the same title.This ML is more Asshole Jerky bastard!You always blaim the Fl!.Why .If you wanna torture her why do you marry her!.Just crash her father company .Do anything .but why do you have to marry to take revenge .Thank god;At least this FL is quite brave .you know in every like in every subtitue it happens .Like the elder sis ran away or escape from the marriage .Then her parent force to marry the younger daughter to the Jerk ML .Then he say you are my property and a only substitute!.Then f*uck her .And Try to torture her .At last he want divorce her .But he realize he fall in love with her .And be Jealous .Then try to lovey dovey with her and be good one .Like being overprotective or chase her .At last they got married again!.If the sisters came then you know the rest .That's it !.Um done with it
¥aN ¥aN❤️🧡💛💚💙💜: Hello!!
Saeng il chugha haeyo 💖(Angel sect Mini Elder🌈): Me too🙃🤭
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In the next chapter, the ML and his father will get into a heated argument after the father demands the ML to divorce her. The ML refuses and leaves the house with the FL and drives away. While they were in the car together she suggests him to divorce her.

The thing that bothers me the most about this is that the ML is now fully aware that she’s not the actual daughter, but why is he still treating her like a slave like in the last chapter, honestly? 🤔 I can notice he does treat her better and shows signs that he’s starting to fall for her and cares about her, but it just doesn’t outweigh all the horrible things he’s done to her in this story ☹️. Im still not shipping them until he faces retribution for his actions. He needs to EARN her love after what he did. I hope this is not another comic where the ML just gets a slap on the wrist compared to what they really deserved.
하나 : cause it's a manhua. every manhuas concept is basically the same. jerk ml and naive ( dumb ) fl
Ice-Princess❄️: This this is the best comment ever😂
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Listen, pea brain, your wife is a gentle, beautiful, charming lady whose intelligence and refinement are obvious even when she is a worker wearing a janitorial uniform. She's also quite a good cook, affectionate to your little sister, respectful to your downtrodden mom and polite to your repulsive toad of a father. She is WAY too good for you. And other guys, nicer, more emotionally mature, more mentally stable guys who are just as rich as you, just as handsome or more so and a thousand times more deserving are bound to notice this. And sooner or later at least one of them is going to start feeling protective and will be wanting to rescue her from you. Even a deranged loon like you has got to realize that your only chance is to get some psychiatric help, start treating your wife better and spend the rest of your overpriviliged life making your past behavior up to her. Want to keep your wife? Then step up and do right, you delusional train wreck of a man.
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