The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride
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The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride

The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride
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Tangela Reynolds
see...he found it out just that quick. why can't the other guy...I dont even want to say his name. he disgusts me. I am gonna sum her stupidity up to her head injury and Stockholm syndrome. I cant see her forgiving him when she gets her memory back. I mean, I guess I shouldnt be surprised that he hasnt figured out that she has amnesia. how long did it take him to realize that she wasnt his intended target? just saying. if you're going to target Simone for revenge, wouldnt the first thing you do be to get a clear image of what they look like. atleast, that's what I would do. I don't know about anyone else? but that just makes sense to me. I have said it before. but I really hope that when she gets her memory back she just goes back home and completely forgets about him. that is the best revenge she can get for herself because this dumbass is actually falling for her. smh.
I'm betting he even has a misunderstanding about the real girl he was after too. from what I gather all he has is second hand information. so he doesnt know exactly what happened as he wasnt there to see it for himself. and for all we know this girl could be dead already. I mean his whole plan fell all to pieces before it even got started because he did not plan well. he didnt even know what the girl looked like. I bet all he knew was her name and that she broke his brother's heart and what other people told him. smh.
Marina Michael: she doesnt get her memory back ,she still forgives him as if nothing happened and they get married in the end
Angie Ramirez: that's guy is more stupid than most he could have seen that was a verginity when he him took it from her that was a good clue there. a slut wouldn't be vergin
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In the next chapter, the ML and his father will get into a heated argument after the father demands the ML to divorce her. The ML refuses and leaves the house with the FL and drives away. While they were in the car together she suggests him to divorce her.

The thing that bothers me the most about this is that the ML is now fully aware that she’s not the actual daughter, but why is he still treating her like a slave like in the last chapter, honestly? 🤔 I can notice he does treat her better and shows signs that he’s starting to fall for her and cares about her, but it just doesn’t outweigh all the horrible things he’s done to her in this story ☹️. Im still not shipping them until he faces retribution for his actions. He needs to EARN her love after what he did. I hope this is not another comic where the ML just gets a slap on the wrist compared to what they really deserved.
Paul Michael: we are know to find to him.
Drake: hi guys
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The ML will figure out that she's fake and starts treating her better but he's still an egotistical a**hole so the FL misunderstands him. ML takes her back to Mu's house to confirm and it's obvious to him that she's not familiar with the house (she has amnesia but ML still doesn't know) but that time real girl is back (I forgot her name, she's irrelevant). ML starts to fall for FL but she still misunderstands since she was mistreated. She gets pregnant but asks the secretary and sister to hide it from ml (she becomes bff with the sis). The perv btch girl is invited to the house, since well, she's really the "married" one since it's her name. btch tries to drive FL out and ML is pretending bc he still wants revenge so FL suffers. Her ex/fiance from her real life comes and tries to get her and tells her brother, wu lin (long white haired guy) where she is bc he wants her to come with him but amnesia. 😐😐 sis tells wu lin that FL is at their house but she already left and the btch already took her and wants to kill her baby. She falls down the stairs and loses her baby, same cliche as usual. She hates the ML but the ML tries his best to get her back. All the characters are connected in the story lol.
😠Unknown__ManHater😠: NICE!!!
Anira: I found and read it at Mangatoon as well, but using Bahasa Indonesia version.
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Malaika Gupta
at this point i want to say that he's Chutiya and have mind like a 12 yr old boy . his younger sister is more sensible than him
christina: Those popular girls ain’t gonna listen to me lol and tbh you’re the first one to whom I’ve opened up with... I hope you don’t think the same about me like those peeps
Malaika Gupta: if they hate u for your mean face and can't talk to u because of your appearance and judge u from the outside then no need to worry they probably are insecure about themselves and want others to be looked bad.. find yourself one true friend with whom u can share ur every single experience , who won't judge u because of ur looks but nature and gives advice and support when u need it .. don't be with those who bully others.. try to help those who feel neglected.. do one good thing to that person whom the girls have bullied i am sure they'll try to know u more and become friends.. just open up to those who needs help maybe oneday you'll find a caring friend for u...
i was alone.till 8th class ending.. nobody wanted to talk to me, eat ,play ,study anything with me.. i wanted friends badly but no one ever approached me i always went to them .. i tried for like 8 years to make friends but ended up alone .. in 9th a new girl came , i tried one last time and guess what after that i have so many friends.. guess its never too late to try...and pls try to stop those girls from bullying and try to make them speak why they want to do it.. maybe they are insecure abt themselves .. and do ur popular girl friends care abt u when u feel down?? if they do then share ur feelings with them if they don't then find those who do...
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Listen, pea brain, your wife is a gentle, beautiful, charming lady whose intelligence and refinement are obvious even when she is a worker wearing a janitorial uniform. She's also quite a good cook, affectionate to your little sister, respectful to your downtrodden mom and polite to your repulsive toad of a father. She is WAY too good for you. And other guys, nicer, more emotionally mature, more mentally stable guys who are just as rich as you, just as handsome or more so and a thousand times more deserving are bound to notice this. And sooner or later at least one of them is going to start feeling protective and will be wanting to rescue her from you. Even a deranged loon like you has got to realize that your only chance is to get some psychiatric help, start treating your wife better and spend the rest of your overpriviliged life making your past behavior up to her. Want to keep your wife? Then step up and do right, you delusional train wreck of a man.
Tangela Reynolds
well, this isn't good. what if she gets her memory back and forgets all about them. and on anofher anybody else surprised that they haven't discovered her head injury despite her being to the hospital so many times. I thought that after netting her man she would slowly start to get her memory back. That's usually how these things go. there have actually been so many thing that happened that shouldve caused her to start to get her memory back and where is old dude? he knows where she is but hasn't done anything to notify her brothers or father in order to being her back home? what is going on with this story?
I Don't like the story at alllllll...It's so messed up..Author came with so many plots but didn't know how to finish they left us hanging with so many questions??
1.Who the hell was she?
2.Why and who wanted to kill her?
3.she didn't regain her memory nor do we have any idea about the lost memories!!
4.who was the fiance(the msked man)do he have any other intentions??
5.what about the mother who was trying to harm FL?
6.What about the stry between the sister and brother of the Main Leads??
7.In last the ML brother was safe or not what about his Daughter(ML brother had a daughter)
And there are many more questions in my mind ...Who the hell is gonna explain it to me😾😾
Ssoomiiee: there are people who said i already read it n finished it somewhere else bt when someone ask whre thy read it or where to find thy never mentioned it .or reply it .so annoying
Pervert 😂: bruh why are u even here if u hate it. dont make the author feel terrible dude. just get out uh no one wants your opinions just makes those who are the fans of this comic (including me) feel so offended.
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Tangela Reynolds
the truth is she isn't his legal wife. she was the one at the wedding. but he married mu yunuo. she is not yunuo. therefore ahe is not his wife. and the point you focuse on is he took out his anger one her. like her true ide tity doesnt matter at all. and how she will most definitely feel when she gets her memory back and finds out she was forced to marry a man she doesnt even know and is pregnant with his child. in sure she'll be any woman would...right? 😒
•Mystique•: yup I really wanna beat the crap out of the that bish that planned our FL to be a substitute
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zingmanga has the whole story completed but let me tell you this, its bad, story never makes sense everything is rushed and the decisions everyone makes is horrible, even the main part we've all been waiting for about the real sister appears is disappointing and she never explains why she comes back.(sorry i spoiled that part but honestly idc because i stopped reading it since i don't like it) but for those who do like there's the free website for you to finish it and dont have to wait everyday because its over 200 episodes. You don't even have to make an account or pay at all to read its cool 😊you're welcome

The ML will get angry with her, saying he argued with his father just for her, but she doesn’t understand my feelings? Divorce? Never! He makes her get out of his car in the middle of the road and leaves her. Then comes the second lead to her rescue and takes her away!

It’s so sad that she’s in a disadvantageous situation after her memory loss, and has no idea what’s going on or what her true identity really is. I honestly wished the ML would tell her that he found out she’s not the girl, but at the same time I know that’s not gonna happen seeing how he’s the type to not let her go after falling for her. I’m glad she’s wanting a divorce from him, she has every right to ask for one after what she’s been through. I like how she’s not a masochist FL and refuses to play as a doormat for that red-haired b@stard. He doesn’t deserve a sweet girl like her after what happened 😕
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Because I can? If you got a problem with it you can just scroll along and not read my comment ya know? 😒
IcebergWalrus: Dude, it’s a daily comic, why bother coming back every time to spoil it
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Tangela Reynolds
where the he'll do you expect her to go? since shes not mu yunuo, there's no way she'll go back to her house with the lecherous man. he has already tried to put his hands on her even when he was using her as his daughter. instead of being cold to her, you can at least suppoer her until she finds where she belongs. dont forget you owe her for the way you've treated her. no one should have to tell you that much.
OMG WHY are you keeping this from her!? She has a right to know what her true identity is! You can’t keep that from her forever WTF!! Couldn’t he have at least given her a heads up so that she doesn’t get hurt from all this!? This made me hate him even more than I already did 😡 it’s about time that the girl leaves him!
sorryifitelluwronginfo: also sorry this doesn’t have anything to do w ur comment :p
sorryifitelluwronginfo: Ok I see you eVERYWhERe!!! NUmB1- how u get all these coins ;ccc (do u buy them, if so :00) nUmB2- HOw aRe yOu sO gOoD at picking comics?! I get 99% of my comics from ur comments . even tho sometimes I disagree w u, u are literally my idol in MangaToon
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Utpal Nath
My suggestion don't read this. You'll be disappointed if you know even a hint of what 'laws' are especially if you know regulations against 'domestic voilence'
End in end summary of the this story
husband's beats up his wife
handsome husband beats up his beautiful wife
rich husband beats up his poor wife
kind husband beats up his kind wife
husband realises all in all that all along he was beating the wrong person
husband falls in love with his now beaten up, poor, beautiful, kind wife
wife falls for the husband even though 100 other men who had been kind to her chase her and......................
happily ever after
Oh boy did karma finally come thru! That plan backfired so hard. He still needs to face retribution for what he did before he even earns her love back. I’m glad this is not like those romance stories where the ML does so many awful things but faces absolutely no repercussion for what they did and the FL just forgives him and there happy ending boom! Satisfying to see him being punished one by one ;) hopefully it stays that way!
ronzieyy: so, that boy want her love back?
ronzieyy: i didn't understand....
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Exactly shes at her most vulnerable time in her life and hasn’t even recovered her memory yet and he’s doing all this to her!? This is just inexcusable he could’ve given her at least a warning or heads up so she wouldn’t get hurt in this situation, but OH WELL HER FEELINGS NEVER MATTER DID IT!? 😡🤬
lemurloki: Right! He could have EXPLAINED. Might be hard, but it would be the decent thing to do.
Nakitti.Witty.Not Bitchy 💋: I just want her lil brother to find her already and take her far away from this asshole .. hopefully she doesn’t loose the baby either because the way it’s going right now it’s not looking too good
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Nina Marie
coward ML why didn't he say his plan....and if the FL run away he will get her back...and if author can have this plot that ML can't get FL back and she might have an accident that can get her memories back and return to her home then wait for her to give birth then few years later the child will grow and ML and FL will met and boom revenge
One slap only she should give at least not much 100 NonCentillion times of Big Show Slaps , 250 TreDecillion times of Daniel Brand Running Drop-Kicks , 500 Vigintillion times of Gold-Berg Spears , 125 Trillions times of Top-Rope Batista Power Bomb , 100 Billion Years of Rikishi Stinky Face , 750 TreVigintillion times of Kane Choke Slams ETC...
Samari Vargas: Don’t forget 1 trillion latina moms flip flop spanks
SINON: Infinite times of SuperMan Punch from Roman Reigns everytime turn
that bitch turn around along with Infinite Top rope drop kick full power & speed on his big boobs ...
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hi! this comic is already completed in a website! if you want to read the completed and free version of this comic then visit a website called

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please take out the spaces because mangatoon doesnt allow me promoting or sharing websites~ its a free website, no need to create an account~ enjoy~ meri kurismasu~
Froppy: You can change the servers from 1 or 2 to see the pictures. and it takes a really long time to load cause it really depends on your internet
shreya: just type the above site name as on whole leave no space then using the search button write the manga name it will appear
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Tangela Reynolds come hes not treating her like he treated the other one when she first came, huh? he was so cruel and mean to her. why is he letting this one do whatever she wants? shouldnt he be beating and raping her now took. why bring her back anyways? he musr have some stupid plan that will backfire in the end.
Leonelyn Enero: what? he was very cruel to fl...why this time when he met d real one he was just silent? wat kind of story s this? very inconsistent. treating d girl like a shit but not d real one arrives he was just aloof???? my goodness. very bad story.
Sue: he's waiting for the perfect opportunity to get started on her but i guess it will start late and the fl would have left by then
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lan zhan x wei ying🦋🌈
guys if anyone of you wants to read this manga, it’s already completed on (Z I N M A N G a )website, the story track is lagged and many things weren’t solved and explained:/ seems like the author hurriedly completed the manga
Hana_Haeun: Thank you so much... I have completed reading the whole story
Shana: same title 249 chapters
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