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The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride

Lisa ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈)
Uh here you go again!.See another one with the same title.This ML is more Asshole Jerky bastard!You always blaim the Fl!.Why .If you wanna torture her why do you marry her!.Just crash her father company .Do anything .but why do you have to marry to take revenge .Thank god;At least this FL is quite brave .you know in every like in every subtitue it happens .Like the elder sis ran away or escape from the marriage .Then her parent force to marry the younger daughter to the Jerk ML .Then he say you are my property and a only substitute!.Then f*uck her .And Try to torture her .At last he want divorce her .But he realize he fall in love with her .And be Jealous .Then try to lovey dovey with her and be good one .Like being overprotective or chase her .At last they got married again!.If the sisters came then you know the rest .That's it !.Um done with it
Lisa ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈): Is this Zehra!!?
Lisa ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈): I forgot you?🙉😓
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The ML will figure out that she's fake and starts treating her better but he's still an egotistical a**hole so the FL misunderstands him. ML takes her back to Mu's house to confirm and it's obvious to him that she's not familiar with the house (she has amnesia but ML still doesn't know) but that time real girl is back (I forgot her name, she's irrelevant). ML starts to fall for FL but she still misunderstands since she was mistreated. She gets pregnant but asks the secretary and sister to hide it from ml (she becomes bff with the sis). The perv btch girl is invited to the house, since well, she's really the "married" one since it's her name. btch tries to drive FL out and ML is pretending bc he still wants revenge so FL suffers. Her ex/fiance from her real life comes and tries to get her and tells her brother, wu lin (long white haired guy) where she is bc he wants her to come with him but amnesia. 😐😐 sis tells wu lin that FL is at their house but she already left and the btch already took her and wants to kill her baby. She falls down the stairs and loses her baby, same cliche as usual. She hates the ML but the ML tries his best to get her back. All the characters are connected in the story lol.
felicity Darling: I read it. and waste my time. the brother was even alive. so all his revenge is for nothing.
Astraiaaaaaaa: just search it on zin manga
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Bubble izzzzz DEAD
Okay, So I think Comment boxes are for opinions and everyone is free to tell his/her own opinion right? I'm seeing some comments here seeing this or that to ML and FL. IDK when you guys will understand that this is a comic and every character is made here depending on each other. Like, If the ML is characterized in the way that he'll only fall for cute, innocent, a little dumb girl then the FL is characterized in that way so that after facing hardships they will finally fall in love with each other and then Happy ending. So, its not a worthless story. Well, its just my opinion. And yeah the one who starts telling stories that we already know is more annoying than reading a sad scene of a comic😑. Like really, its enough we also know about what will happen in the story ...not totally but yeah we all have an idea about that and reading those type of stories written comments again and again in every comic is really annoying. Its just my opinion so , don't take it to heart but if u r trynna put ur opinion then only do that... don't start telling stories..🙄
kaira dyra: sßssßaßawa
Bubble izzzzz DEAD: 😂😂😂😂😂
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I read up to ch 245 and it's frustrating.


1. The real Yu Nuo will be back. ML acts like he likes her and brings her home, WHILE THE FL IS THERE. She becomes bff with the sister tho and she'll protect the FL. She will later bring her to the Yin family home and the m will adopt her bc she's a really good girl.
2. FL will get pregnant but hides it from ML. Sec and Sister knows. The real yu nuo will know abt it too. she'll push the fl down the stairs. ml arrives but he's useless so he won't be able to catch her. they lose the baby.
3. the brother, who's supposed to be dead and is the cause of everything, is actually still alive. he's an asshole and he'll try to get the company
KatTheCat KatTheCat: i don't get it...
S L: are a kind person ,thank you !
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Ryoko Mononoke
Really? The way this bloody bastard treats her is a SERIOUS TRIGGER for me! What the hell is his problem!! I get that he want to take revenge for his so called brother or whatever the f**k but when he finds out that she ISN'T EVEN THE RIGHT WOMAN he still treats her like shyt and continues to have his way with her because he still doesnt even know her real identity. Then God Forbid if some other guy helps her out and tries to stick up for her he calls her a slut and slaps her anyways saying that she belongs to him! Even his sister was telling him to treat her right but he only sees her as being a manipulator tricking his sister into likeing her. Then when his parents show up and want them to divorce he says no because she is his woman...🤨 I don't believe in sucide but damn seems like that's her only option with the way he tortures her. I don't even see this one as romance thing because seriously she would have to have serious case of Stockholm Syndrome if she falls for a monster like that.
nutty butty: LIKE FR!!! I wouldn't treat my worst enemy like this!!
The one that knows : This guy is so DAMN UNREASONABLE! Like dude I understand you want remember for your bro but why you just leave that to him! It’s none of your business anyway!
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Sako Yang
You know that she lost her memory, and taken to be a substitute daughter, right?

I still won't forgive you for stealing her virginity away and abusing her, even if you were ignorant.

Even if you call her wife, treat her like a queen, give her everything she wants and needs, I will NOT forgive you for your past sins. Not gold or silver can regain what she has lost: virginity and memory. So *beep* you, ML, wish you were the one who died instead of ur older brother, had I know what u are doing right now.

I swear, whoever still ships them, needs a recheck. This is a toxic and abusive relationship. The end.

(But I will keep on reading bcz its interesting and I want to see how our FL will react)
Sako Yang: Respects ur opinion💕
cleve alcea: well I kinda agree but… I kinda want them to be together.. well but in an abusive way and interesting one

sorryy my opinion
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Tangela Reynolds
I don't understand why he didnt know that to begin with. you want revenge on the family, but he didnt investigate them at all to know what the members of the family look like. now I believe he's gotten himself into some hot water. its likely that she is from a family that is at least as powerful as his. which means with just a little bit of effort they can topple him.

but that is all just my wishful thinking. I just feel that he needs to be brought down a peg or two. and I will just say this again, if she falls for him in the end I will be totally posses. it doesnt matter if he had the wrong person. does his apologies erase the pain that he caused her. can he gives her back her virginity. him being sorry doesn't change what he's done to her.
and I was seriously hoping that she got her memory back and left. but I guess not. 😒
sinthiya : I think he wouldn't give it to him
Sheepy: I never liked an ml less than i do this guy. 😒 even if he suddenly became super nice after he finds out she is not the person he wants revenge on, i don't think he can redeem himself
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OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS LITERALLY A FOKING PSYCHOPATH WTF!?!? OKAY I get that there’s bad blood between him and that family BUT WHY ARE YOU BEATING THE DAUGHTER!?!? This is one ship I’ll never approve of just imagine how stupid he’d look and how much guilt he has to feel after realizing that’s not even the daughter after her memory recovers 🥺🤢 this guy makes me sick. I hate anyone that hits their spouse like this I don’t care what that family did this doesn’t justify what he’s doing to her.
Naimah😜🤓😭: He didn’t even think about her feelings
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fatima naqvi
I am so thoroughly disgusted of this manga, I refuse to read any further. I don't write comments like these but this is a special case. The male lead is an abuser and a rapist and yet he is going to turn out to be the 'good guy' in the end with a sad pity-me story. I have no idea what auther think when they make this type of shitty plots. I didn't expect any character development but there should at least be a comprehensible, somehow believable plot, especially if the setting is in the real world. And I still do not get the attachment with rapist so many authers here seem to have. God the stupidity of this crap has ruined my mood.
Sugagirl_4_life: Well the only negativity present here is your attitude and I'm Hella sure it's not needed
fatima naqvi: I will when it threatens to mentally disturb and confuse people into thinking negativity such as this should be ignored. And if I don't have the right to criticise the auther you most definitely don't have the right to criticise me.
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You aren't crazy, boss. Calling you crazy would be a disservice and an insult to crazy people everywhere. What YOU are is a raving lunatic, a full on foaming at the mouth psycho with more malice and vindictiveness than many serial killers, a cruel, inconsistent, conniving sociopath who has about as much empathy as a bullet. You've got more bats in your attic than the entire Carpathian region has ever even seen. Your elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, you're not playing with a full deck, and reason is as foreign to you as ballet is to baboons. You're so cuckoo that the only decent thing for you to do is stand still and wait for someone to build a clock around you.
Lainey B
what the hell is the point of this story? every character is going to abuse the FL and she's innocent of everything. she's going to continue to be abused until the very end when the ML will realize she's innocent and somehow the FL will forgive physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse just because he realizes he was wrong? this isn't Romantic at all, if someone is capable of hurting you in this way, they are just a bad person and will never change. he's not good to anyone in his life so why is he still somehow considered the good guy. what a waste of a story.
Black heart : so true but as said drama logic ☺
Gwendolyn Iris: Drama logic...
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The one that knows
“I was not supposed to let a woman like her come into my heart” Well ya just did what are you going to do about it? HUH?????
It’s ALL YOUR FAULT! You could have just ended her “father”’s career or just humiliate her in front of others, take her virginity, throw her to other men and completely destroy her physically and mentally BUT NO YOU JUST BE KIND IN A WAY THATS NOT REALLY KIND AND YOU “ACCIDENTALLY” LET THIS INNOCENT WOMAN IN YOUR TINY HEARTLESS HEART!
Tangela Reynolds
but why did you touch her breast? you could've touched her anywhere else...pervert.
and what lesson are they teaching her? she has only been there one week and hasnt done anything to anyone so how can you just assume she is a bad person? I really don't get the mentality of people in these novels. instead of listening to others(which is what I'm sure is going on here) why not get to know the person and make a judgement yourselves. adults behaving like children. really such a shame. smh
yuthmi gamage: they could've been trying to feel her heart beat
yuthmi gamage: they could've been trying to feel her heart beat
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Tangela Reynolds
really? you dont seem guilty or sorry at all. and if you really want to know what happened, why not talk to that girl's parents. they probably know where she is by now. and if you're so powerful, why dont you go and find the woman you were looking for and why take her to some private hospital? why didnt you take her to a real hospital?
but it really is too bad. I thought she had gotten her memories back. but I guess not. I wonder if that silver haired guy is her boyfriend or maybe her bodyguard. maybe both. as long as she doesnt fall for this prick. the things he's done to her cannot be undone. so why should she ever forgive him. 😒
EEWWWWW even that family’s father is a disgusting old creep! Can’t she catch a break for once!?!? When is the real daughter gonna return anyway, I can’t stand watching her being placed in this unfair situation after her memory loss and being surrounded by these disgusting psychos everywhere!! And what happened that made her even lose her memory in the first place!? There’s so many questions that haven’t been answered yet in this story! 😫
Itz Juzz Ãşhìî: If I remember correctly her step mom sent someone to kill her but failed and in the process she lost her memory
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Tangela Reynolds
you say you wont let her die but then you choke her? honestly there is something seriously wrong with this man. Well that should have been obvious when he was considering kidnapping her with this purpose. normal people would abuse an innovent girl just to get revenge on her mother who for all we know is dead somewhere, seeing as how she disappeared. really stupid. even stupider is the fact that he is falling for her. if she falls for him, which is how these stories usually go, that would be really insane and I will drop it then. but for now I'm just hoping that it takes a more realistic turn.
can I order that ring in amazon? lemme give that to my neighbor 😂
Gwendolyn Iris: 😂 .
🍍YOUNG🌵MASTER🍍: hahahaha
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loli love miss😢😘😍
that fat pig is so disgusting with his big yellow mountains on his nose just makes me want to vomit my dinner
shitty fat pig
break his arms break his legs and shop his fat little brother so that he won't dare touch a woman again to satisfy his lust
I hate this shitty pig
those who will see this comment please please please forgive me for my language but it's just because I'm angry with those shitty man in the comics
please forgive me
Trinita Anderson
guys stop this! just stop your nonsense!!! if you all don't like this story just stop reading it. don't say that this story is not good and change the male lead. It's the one good story with different plot! keep up the good work author👍 you guys have to be patience. you will love the story later when the male lead shows his soft heart towards her. love the story author😘
Itz LaurenXx: honestly i agree with you but also agree that he doesn't know that the girl is a substitute bride and he really hates the girl with maybe good or maybe bad reasons.. so its 50% 50% of both i don't like how he abused the girl but then he doesn't know its not the girl he hates
Sako Yang: actually, I am getting very angry. But I am still reading bcz I really want the tides to be turned desperately
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just a disclaimer since these kind of mangas are very popular here:
girls (and boys) domestic abuse is not a joke or a romance story, if your "other half" treats you
even remotely like that, get away, look for help, get out of that relationship. relationship is about trust and care, if he hits you or threatens to hit you that only shows he has no respect for you as a human being, no care for your personal health and well-being and zero trust in you or he wouldn't revert to intimidation through violence to control you.
you deserve only better, even if you dont believe so at the moment, you do deserve better. please think of yourself first, i dont want to see aother sister/brother suffer...
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