The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride
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The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride

The Icy Ceo and the Substitute Bride
Sako Yang
You know that she lost her memory, and taken to be a substitute daughter, right?

I still won't forgive you for stealing her virginity away and abusing her, even if you were ignorant.

Even if you call her wife, treat her like a queen, give her everything she wants and needs, I will NOT forgive you for your past sins. Not gold or silver can regain what she has lost: virginity and memory. So *beep* you, ML, wish you were the one who died instead of ur older brother, had I know what u are doing right now.

I swear, whoever still ships them, needs a recheck. This is a toxic and abusive relationship. The end.

(But I will keep on reading bcz its interesting and I want to see how our FL will react)
Sako Yang: Respects ur opinion💕
cleve alcea: well I kinda agree but… I kinda want them to be together.. well but in an abusive way and interesting one

sorryy my opinion
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“What’s with that woman’s attitude just now” ARE YOU STUPID!?!? you flat out insulted her and toyed with her as if she’s under your possession! So disrespectful and annoying! She’s not getting payed by you which is not fair to her and she wants to make her own living instead of relying on you! And didn’t he also find out she’s not the real daughter!? Why does he keep thinking she has the same greedy, shallow personality as the other woman!? If you know she’s not the one then that would be common sense! 😒
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: He is stupid as hell like he treats her like garbage even AFTER finding out she’s not the real daughter and even expecting her to be the same shameless woman as the other girl. Like Jesus Christ THATS NOT THE REAL DAUGHTER so why are u assuming she’s a s*ut just like the last one!?
❤️⭐❤️⭐: Maybe he doesn't know common sense. You know how dumb ass ceo like him are like 🙄
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SHE SAID SHE WASN’T DOING ANYTHING WITH HIM ARE TOU DEAF!? 🤬 Stop accusing her of cheating on you, plus even if she does who would be surprised anyway, who can possible blame her? She has an abusive jerk like you as a husband, I wouldn’t be surprised even if she did cheat on u! You scumbag! Stop dumping all the blame on her, YOU threw a temper tantrum and abandoned her on the side of the road then drove off! You have no right to be angry with her! >:/
Bro make it make sense if you don’t want her to be persistent on divorcing you TREAT HER BETTER YOU IDIOT! 🤦🏻‍♀️ you have no right to get angry with her wanting to divorce you when you’ve always treated her like 💩! Why are u even surprised about this!?!? 🤯

Yeah yelling at her and demanding her to get out of the car while driving off leaving her abandoned in the middle of a road is TOTALLY gonna help your case man. 😒 I’m glad the second lead came in and swooped her away! He’s way more deserving of my cinnamon roll than the ML.
fatima naqvi
I am so thoroughly disgusted of this manga, I refuse to read any further. I don't write comments like these but this is a special case. The male lead is an abuser and a rapist and yet he is going to turn out to be the 'good guy' in the end with a sad pity-me story. I have no idea what auther think when they make this type of shitty plots. I didn't expect any character development but there should at least be a comprehensible, somehow believable plot, especially if the setting is in the real world. And I still do not get the attachment with rapist so many authers here seem to have. God the stupidity of this crap has ruined my mood.
ara ara: That shit fk boi is created by the author. Even the plot doesn’t make sense. The author should have put more effort
ara ara: @Sugagirl_4_life
U r the one displaying stupidity like a 14year old girl with fantasies
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mo-nso-on's gi-rl💞
This comics remind me of one of the serials.. Swabhagyabati bhaba
Well don't know the exact spelling... The ml used to love the fl still uses domestic violence wen others try to approach her. That ml even killed her whole family bcoz they used to love fl.. In short he doesn't want anyone other than him to love his wife...
My heart is waiting for him!!! ❤: Same choices.. han !!!
✨Aubery❤️Nina✨: me too..😄😊
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Sajeda Murad
everyone in the comments is saying that the ML is a jerk but he really isn't. Do u see the way he cares for others? IK he is mean to her but that is bc of something we dont even know yet. he is nice to his sister and mother. and his co-workers to. and look at the way he treats her when ever she is hurt. he is nice and sweet. he just has a grudge that is to strong that he can't over look.
You aren't crazy, boss. Calling you crazy would be a disservice and an insult to crazy people everywhere. What YOU are is a raving lunatic, a full on foaming at the mouth psycho with more malice and vindictiveness than many serial killers, a cruel, inconsistent, conniving sociopath who has about as much empathy as a bullet. You've got more bats in your attic than the entire Carpathian region has ever even seen. Your elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, you're not playing with a full deck, and reason is as foreign to you as ballet is to baboons. You're so cuckoo that the only decent thing for you to do is stand still and wait for someone to build a clock around you.
Of course she would hate you! What did you expect out of her? Did you expect her to say “hey honey let’s have breakfast😍🤪” after how you treated her!? Exactly why would she want to be a substitute wife to you anyway!? Why are you surprised that she wants a divorce, like make it make sense bro! I honestly can’t blame her for pushing him away at all, in fact I’m glad she’s doing that because some MLs get a slap on the wrist from the FLs compared to what they really deserve. And oh no another cockblocker 😂💀🤐.
Love Me
The only thing manga knows how to do is making every comics the man's world. How can someone even prefer staying in a toxic relationship and call it love.. please you guys should stop making young girls believe that,it's so annoying. After beating her,just one act of kindness changes everything..what if it's his own sister.. will he tolorete annoying
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: Thank you!!! I totally agree... These stories are SO masogynistic... Like heaven forbid the female character actually have a backbone and not go back with the emotionally & physically abusive ML...
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SCREW YOU a$$hole! 😡🤬 How dare you put your hands on her even after finding out she’s not the woman you’re looking for!!! Even after you knew this you made her cry so much, karma will be knocking on your door soon be prepared! 😤 you didn’t seem to care about her feelings when you decided to slap her, now that her life is in danger, and that she gets kidnapped you care? 🙄
Tangela Reynolds
sometimes I swear she is so stupid. why are you fighting to stay with him? did you forget how he's treated you just because of a couple seemingly nice things he did? can her stupidity be summed up to her head injury or is she really that dumb?
Elysa Magno: AHHAHAHAHHA ikr sometimes you just wanna throw a brick to a person
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Tangela Reynolds
hopefully when she gets her memory back she will stop acting so stupid. how could you fall for a man who abuses you on a daily basis. are you that starved for love that the little nice things he does can completely wash away all the bad things?
Alishba Khan: I've thought that about a million times could anyone fall for a dude who abused them...unreal
lucky clover: Yeah... Well said!!! She is so dumb for the God sake!!!!
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Lainey B
what the hell is the point of this story? every character is going to abuse the FL and she's innocent of everything. she's going to continue to be abused until the very end when the ML will realize she's innocent and somehow the FL will forgive physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse just because he realizes he was wrong? this isn't Romantic at all, if someone is capable of hurting you in this way, they are just a bad person and will never change. he's not good to anyone in his life so why is he still somehow considered the good guy. what a waste of a story.
Black heart : so true but as said drama logic ☺
Gwendolyn Iris: Drama logic...
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Maria Handayany
Numpang promo kak
Novel judul sweet revenge for you

Di jodohin?! Masih jaman? Hime memilih kabur dari rumah di banding harus menikahi pria yang gak dia cintai. Namun sejak keluar dari rumah hime selalu bertemu dengan seorang pria yang selalu membuat dia kabur. Apa yang membuat hime kabur? Dan berkat pria itu hime kehilangan dua pekerjaannya. Apakah pria itu jodoh hime atau malah pembawa sial?
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Soooo I had hoped she'd have the sense to work this situation to her advantage, but noooooope. I liked her character, but now she's just being sutpid. I mean I kinda get it-- better to go with the devil you know than the devil you don't, but she could at least have the sense to ask him a TON of questions about who she is....
I feel so sad for him after seeing his devastated facial expression at the last panel! 😕 he is way more deserving of the FL than the ML. She is not making you a cuckold just because she was with a male acquaintance doesn’t automatically mean they were having a s*xual relationship! You abandoned her in the middle of the road don’t get mad when some guy saves her, that’s called karma u dummy!
What a loyal brother! My brother steals my hidden stash of Cheetos all the time :/ can’t find loyalty like that easily nowadays >:/.

So now that this gives a hint to her true identity, looks like the ML is gonna find out very soon which family she belongs to!
BTS ARMY and comic lover😍😘: same😂😂😂my brother also bullies me and always eats my food😧😧😢
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Munna Marshall
i don't get this manga.. i want that CEO dude to regret the moment he came to know that she's a substitute.. but it turned out different way
I want him to turn into a good person and beg for her forgiveness.. it'll be too romantic👍
and then they live happily ever after 🤣
(just kidding 😁😁)

Author: how to prolong this story?? i don't want to end this too early
Eh I STILL don’t ship it. He’s disgusting for even treating her like 💩 even AFTER finding out that’s not the evil woman he was looking for. Anyone other man is better than the ML
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I don’t get him, I don’t think she even has connections with the actual daughter. He’s doing too much, she should be innocent until proven guilty.
Tangela Reynolds: I think that idiot believes she's being paid to stand in for the real one, that's why he doesn't let her go.
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