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ZhuLang Comic
Anmol Shukla
amazing piece of work author, we support to but please try to improve drawing.... although it's good now it will became amazing in future if u try to improve it. thank-you
rifky SupportZ
and now there is 2 of him OMG.. his friend/master head will blew up after this hahaha
rifky SupportZ: oh hell yeah he can scheme the enemy by friend with him and the other one was the enemy hahaha he can cheat to when there is an exam
oh shit
John Guerin: He can scheme 2x more, poor sect head... Who I'm kidding, he needs to suffer!
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Josh Vargas
lol.. i think ultra man used the time machine to back to the past.. he even ask lin lang to give back his money
Angelo Monato
he's carrying a bag .........hmmm I think he doesn't realize he has a storag ring
Dox kun
well this chapter is the one that made me to press subscribe button
The split is simple(simply agonising)

You split your legs to a 180° .
Tang Sect Leader ,Tang San
shadow clone technique
Shadowmaster: shit they stole my secret technique
Zaraki Kenpachi: Kaken bushet teknik x2
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Toneri Ōtsutsuki
If that's tomato sauce, then I would love to put some holes into that old man.
Anmol Shukla
this happens when God wants u to get hareem and every girl is jealous type 😂😂😂
anime assassin
LOL for a second there I thought he said I'll teach you to spit
John Aifer
what a digger HAHAHAHAHAA😆😆
Norãsh_😞: Gold digger you mean
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Anmol Shukla
if zoro would end up in this manga it would not be suprising but why luffy? 😂😂😂😂
ambran J
U just got tricked old
Anmol Shukla
who cares about MC when we have a beautiful translator mimi-chwan 💓😍
Anmol Shukla
thanos also get re incarnate along with Iron Man 😂😂😂
Rhonalyn Dumaplin
how do you guys get points?
Kristianto Taslim: check "MINE" menu then tap Points and do some task
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Don Israel Calingacion
i cant chest hurt
Angelo Monato
damn the first panel thoug
Will D. Gemstone
Lin Lang: Author, come out. I'm going to kill you...
Kristianto Taslim
phew finally catching up, gotta wait for few more months I guess before reading this again...
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