God of War
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God of War

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God of War
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God of War Comics Online. Within the Nine Prefectures, there are many kingdoms. Rumor has it that deep in the desolate lands, masters are as common as the clouds. They have the ability to go against their fates! Outside the Savage Beast Mountain Range, in a small city called Stone City, there is only one person who goes against the will of the heavens and changes his fate.

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Total Annihilation (imagine you respecting yaself and minding your cultivation. Then suddenly one asshoe from your family goes out and offends some big shots and now everyone wants you dead)
GHOST RIDER DEMON ANGEL: hahahahahahhaha one year shit a big funny joke
Pervy Sage: I'm 1 year late
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john lim
i think the father doesn't want to involve too much with his son cultivation because he knew that he got demon qi in him so when his son broke the seal so many people will hunt him therefore it'll better if his son stay weak.

but now he broke the seal i guess his father must make a move now.
Kristianto Taslim
I see, now that make sense why his power are sealed, since he might be a hybrid of human and demon which will make him immensely powerful(after all in many manhua demon are really powerful being)
Jul Ius: yeah i agree with you
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