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God of War

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Within the Nine Prefectures, there are many kingdoms. Rumor has it that deep in the desolate lands, masters are as common as the clouds. They have the ability to go against their fates! Outside the Savage Beast Mountain Range, in a small city called Stone City, there is only one person who goes against the will of the heavens and changes his fate.

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Azi (Light_Sect😇Elder)
Hello, does anyone would like to join our Light_Sect😇? We’re almost at 30 members. The available positions are unknown but you can just comment what you wanted. Here’s the positions:

Guardian Elder
Core Disciple
Inner Disciple
Outer Disciple

We have a discord server. If you want to join, comment your discord tag and I’ll send you a friend request.
Faruq HR: MrStealYourGirl#5558 (Elder position
Lorenzo Cael: ]p]]]p pl] ]]pl
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Black ghost: He who walks at night
I can barely stand the genericism. watch this:

*MC is weak*
*MC gets special powers*
*MC shows off special powers*
*Rival has entered the chat*
*Rival is full of hubris and confidence*
*MC wins tournament and overcomes rival and proves he/she is reliable*

I swear to god I just listed a shit ton of comics.
Chidera Orakwue: young hero thou art omniscience, ty one that knows about all Chinese comics
The Shut-in: You're onto something, mind if I borrow this and use it a plot of my story?
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Dangerous woman
don't mind me😁 just here for points
Keep scrolling
Dangerous woman: um listen I understand that everybody have different perspective in their way of thinking some likes to share about their thoughts and some do not. I'm sure it must be a good manga as you appreciated it 🤗 but we never have any intention of insulting it so please don't take it like that .Hope you'll understand it and like I said commenting is just for fun ☺️,there is no sort of thing of achievement or anything in sharing their thoughts, it is just for fun and chatting with nice people 😊
Ukari yûn: Can you guys please stop saying you’re here for points? It’s really Annoying, especially when you write it on a really good manga. If you’re here for points then good for you but you don’t have to keep telling everyone like it’s an achievement.
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