Crown Princess is a Fairy Fox!

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Charlotte comes to another world due to an accident and becomes a fairy fox! accepting the new identity immediately she is determined to change the world with her powerful magic. As a little pure fox, she is tricked and sent to marry a strange prince in the place of a princess…Will she realize her conquer dream?

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Mzjaycha Jaycha
I don't think it's cloud zack, when charlie got attack in the forest, his informant just told him abt nan shane, it's true that he always suspect her but he wouldn't do that without confirmation. that man they call 'uncle' who's on the wheel chair would be more suspicious, just look how eager he is to give her punishment. or maybe have something to do with the other prince that told her that he is her past lover.. but for now cloud zack is clear from this case
Innocence is no protection when your conspirators are people of wealth and power. Perjury can be bought. And sometimes justice isn't just blind--it's deaf to reason and those in charge of it corrupt. Our girl has some power of her own, but stacked beside the forces arrayed against her it seems so small. She'll need every bit of courage she can muster.
lemurloki: Thanks. I love this community and enjoy what fellow readers have to say as well as sharing my thoughts with them. I find a lot of common ground between many of us.
Hikari: You write well. I love it. You must be an author too. ^^
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Blue Marbles
Silly girl, you are misunderstanding. It is not crown Prince. Instead I think it is the minister and his daughter ( childhood friend of Prince ).
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