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Crown Princess is a Fairy Fox!

ZhuLang Comic
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Charlotte comes to another world due to an accident and becomes a fairy fox! accepting the new identity immediately she is determined to change the world with her powerful magic. As a little pure fox, she is tricked and sent to marry a strange prince in the place of a princess…Will she realize her conquer dream?

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I really thought things would be so interesting when charlotte chose to be left behind.. but i was so disappointed... things happening in such a confusing manner.. honestly speaking I don't like how Charlotte acts.. she behaves like a loose woman (sorry for the term).. Turns of events had completely confused the readers..😒😒😒 I had a really high expectation but such wasn't even satisfied a little bit... i just really don't know what the hell is happening here... Things were unexplained .. 😒😒😒
This is so disappointing... I really loved this series at first but such enthusiasm fades as the series progress.. 😒😒😒
A good advice dear author, please make this series a little bit interesting, make it awesome.. frankly speaking, you'd been losing lots of readers because of uninteresting events and confusing plot and additionally it was only updated every friday and it is rather very short...

hope such an honest opinion would not irritate anyone.. thanks..
ÆLìerbæg Ōçyat: Agree
Something is missing
Animegirl005: agreed! I was hoping for more from the leader of that evil organization that made her stay behind but now he has not been mentioned at all and she seems to have been turned into a vampire or something lol 😆 Hope it gets interesting again
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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
The masked guy is her former lover n the guy that broke the seal to her power that made her not a full human nor a full devil. He is the guy that hurt her n leave a really bad wound on her.
(This is just for people that don't remember him).
Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘: I can't remember, I think from 75- 80.I'm not sure
Jon.So.Crazy👻😋😍: from which episode
total 3 replies
ok so that's either the head of the evil cabinet or her old demon lover (or both because they look very similar). Either way he looks jealous and I hope this progresses!
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