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My Little Peachy Girl
Amnesia is the most common illness you can get in the manga world, apart from bankruptcy related heart disease, 'unwitting donor' specific bone marrow deficiency (requires donor to be unaware they are donating), and 'I need THAT kidney' disease, in which only one kidney in the entire world is suitable and must be procured from an unwilling donor. Mysteriously pricey cancer treatment amounting to millions of dollars a month continues to be the big money item for hospitals and as long as young girls will sell themselves to save mom or granny, those rates will continue to climb. But there's also a lot of money in the full identity theft plastic surgery field, the shady obstetrics field with its infinitely customizable medical records, and the entire floors of hospitals dedicated solely to the coddling of women who fake attempted suicides, pretend to have vague but conveniently recurring illnesses and get nearly invisible but extremely debilitating injuries that seemingly heal as quickly as they appeared. The sprained ankle ward, with its many luxury VIP suites, is nearly always at full patient occupancy, even with the rapid recovery of every patient ever admitted to it. This, of course, is due to the success of the 'assign a doctor to tell him to come' service which times the call to coincide with a rival's romantic date or actual illness, making sure that the male lead is made to know that any delay on his part to take care of his real responsibilities could be fatal.
Ama Agyapong: this comment have me dying from laughter 😂😂😂
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Princess Hinata
Well, Kingslay and summer are not stupid person. But I have something to say about summer.
Summer is really upset. She is not greedy..She is not money lover. I agree she should not seduce kingslay for saving her father and she should know to earn her own livelihood. But I can't blame summer about hotel incident. It is very normal for her to misunderstand kingslay in this nasty situation. When she was ready to hear his explantion, kingslay did not give her any explanation and acted like guilt person and agreed to break up with her (ch 197). When he wants to tell about rose, summer did not listen because she was angry for his forcing (ch 222). He beat up evan and imprisoned summer like a crazy person which does not make any sense.
Summer learnt how to have self esteem as the time goes on that's why she does not want to middle in kingslay and rose's matter. It is kingslay who does not clear any misunderstandings.
Kingslay loves summer but he gives importance his pride more than loving. Is pride so important than love?? I don't understand why people in this modern world give so much importance to ego and pride than love.. Well, love is a subject of pure feeling, It is not a business of pride. I think kingslay should avoid being pride and learn to act like a gentle person. That's my opinion...
BaconTweedle: I fully agreed!!!
Tainishi: Exactly..... Indeed he should give a proper explanation to her.... After that may be she can understand... 😅😅😅
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I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: And you don't? Also, notice that those are your words...
🍲🥘I eat noodles at midnight 🥘🍲: Says the guy replying on every comment on this app 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 The irony 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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I don’t understand why everyone’s so mad at Kingsley honestly. He’s tried his best to maintain the relationship and put the most effort into it meanwhile she just runs away like a crybaby and refuses to even listen to his explanation. They both have their wrongs but honestly he’s way better than the FL by a MILE. She’s done absolutely nothing but piggyback off of him and when they broke up the first thing that she was thinking about was another person to leech off of for support 😐 I don’t get why everyone’s saying Kingsley is the worst when Summer is literally the worst FL I’ve ever seen in romance manhuas up to this day. Let’s not forget this girl is 20+ but doesn’t even have a job and has been NOTHING but a freeloader in this story.
Omm Sabat: that's exactly correct. the harem concept
Omm Sabat: well said ravioli
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Since Loiusa decided to be a prick, let me be a prick, too!
Her boobs are uneven, they are completely different sizes. Her nose looks like a dorito, not a full one though. One of the evil ones that poke your gums that you find in the bottom. Her chin is so pointy you could slice air with it. She has monkey ears. One eye and eyebrow is farther up then the other. Her hair looks like greasy, red ramen noodles. Her hair clumps together. One arm is smaller than the other. One of her ears is pointy while the other is rounded. She looks cripled. She is obviously plastic.

Now, let's continue to the slightly more obvious!
She is so stupid she didnt learn how to swim even though her brother repaetedly threw her into the pool. She doesnt know how to hlod her tongue. She doesnt know wat is the right time to insult someone. She thinks the perfect time to insult her mother is in front of her father who is about to pass away. And the most important detail is she has the personality of a toad that's a literal witch.

In conclusion, she had plastic surgery gone wrong!
Honestly she’s starting to irritate the HELL out of me in this story! I get that Kingsley has made SOME dumb decisions but compared to Summer, her being STUPID and USELESS as hell really outweighs all the times Kingsley supported her and kept her safe from trouble! She’s done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to keep this relationship afloat meanwhile he’s the ONLY ONE busting his ass off putting in an effort to keep their relationship stable. She doesn’t want to hear ANY of his explanations whenever there’s a misunderstanding including this one, and it’s SO frustrating to see how he’s letting her cut him off and not let him finish explaining!! There’s NO EFFORT from HER SIDE at all!! Like i get it Kingsley is not the smartest ML either, but I genuinely feel SO BAD for him!!
Like HELLO!? Hey dumbass, when he’s talking LET HIM FINISH FIRST! It’s not like you did ANYTHING for him in return so let him TALK FFS! Even criminals can get jobs and support themselves, there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for how stupid and useless she is! The first thing she thinks about whenever she’s helpless is ANOTHER PERSON to leech off off ALL the time!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Just do your best and god will do the rest💞: same 😌she doesn't deserve him
Liza Pacardo: i hate this story the girl is so stupid...and author pls ..dont contenue this story
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I honestly don’t care and don’t pity any of these two. Kingsley you partially ALLOWED this to happen to your relationship. You knew EXACTLY what your mother and Rosy were up to but you just decided to ignore it and let them torment Summer over and over again until she gets into some serious dangerous situation that could’ve coded her LIFE!

And I don’t care about summer, she’s useless, stupid, and expects everybody else to wipe her ass when she takes a 💩 she’s still useless whether her memories were lost or not. She’s not disabled and her bad reputation is no excuse for how pathetic and stupid she is. I wonder how this whole thing will play out and how she manages to get her memories back.

I don’t like how blondie is planning to keep it a secret from her, hiding things will only make it worse man
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: Uhm, I don't know if he knows that they are capable of murdering her...
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: She probably won’t lose the baby seeing how blondie is taking care of her
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plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
well nothing new...I'm now not feeling bad also.. honestly speaking Kingsley deserves someone better...better than summer...i know Kingsley is also not totally right ..he did lot of mistakes..but from the starting of this story i have seen Kingsley just did each and every thing he can do to make summer happy..and coming to summer i have never seen her putting any efforts...all she is to be like pampered like a baby and complain..i honestly don't feel sad also ...summer and Kingsley deserves someone who can understand them..sry to say to me summer is utter dumb who can't even take a stand for herself or nor even fight for the truth...😑😑🤷so whatever it is she deserves it..and why the authors portray the fl characters so dumb,naive like that...plz girls are not soo weak....girls also know how to fight back when they are mis treated or wronged
mimi: yeah, why summer have to be so naive. she should know that Kingsley never betrayed her and she assume that he cheating without hear his side story.

I'm just lost hope in summer wen. ಠ_ಠ
Ashley Kate: Yeah I Kinda Hate Summer For Being Dumb From The Start And Kingslay For Pampering Summer From The Start...
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Firstly, I honestly don’t pity or feel any sympathy for Summer Wen at all for being useless.

Secondly, Rosy stop saying you changed into an evil woman because of Kingsley. Stop blaming everyone else for your freaking disgusting behavior you dumb broad! It’s nobody’s fault except YOURS! And even if you end up killing summer, I’m pretty sure you’ll never have Kingsley, and he will forever hate you after finding out you murdered her!

And old woman, what kind of stupid question is that, you really think you’re superior to Summer Wen? Summer may be useless and stupid, but you attempted to murder her, you’re in no place to ask that kind of question. Kingsley you’re partially responsible for what happened, you were completely aware they were teaming up and scheming against your girl, but you let them off with just a warning. Sigh😒
Hani_Chan: You spoke my mind
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plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
Sry to say...But i feel like kingsley is wasting his precious time on someone who doesn't even care about him at the first place...summer is literally so stubborn that anyone would get frustrated..all day she tells i won't do this i won't do that i want to leave bla bla🤦🤦i dont understand what Kingsley see's in her...if i have been in Kingsley's place I would have given summer 2 tight slaps on her both cheeks and would have told get lost...nobody needs a pampered girl like u who didn't contribute anything from her part...all u do is complain ..🙄🙄hope she is not pregnant...if she is pregnant god knows how miserable the child's life be..she can't support herself how she will support her child...sry to say just a stupid dumb mc ever...she is more dumb than bo huan...atleast bo huan has some intelligence which summer totally lacks...🤦🤦🤦🤦 literally Kingsley deserves someone better than summer ..from starting to till now i have seen only Kingsley putting efforts in their relationship but summer all she do is to complain like a child ...🙄🙄
Alse: hahaha in every comic there has to be some dumb and stupid mc lol, it's just that in most of the comics the fl foolishly fall for ml jerks.
Ana Sofia: i am so agree with you. this girl doesn' t deserve any good man. she'd better throw herself into the ocean
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spoiler :

Kingsley will tell her to leave and say "I know it's not my baby and whom with you did this and so on. "

Rosy will leave on anger and says that summer wen you will pay.

Summer leave the company on her own and kidnapped by Rosy men.

They will take her to a ship and then summer will wake up and see rosy.
rosy will say "Summer wen now u won't be saved. etc. as on the previous spoiler I gave.

Then they will try to hurt summer who's pregnant one month pregnant. but she was saved at the last minute by none other than Jeffery jin.
Utchiguxi: Its not in soudongman... So, where you get it?
Just do your best and god will do the rest💞: as long as she'll be OK

.......we Gucci
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Man Kingsley is just too proud.It makes me question does he love her at all??
He said her not to make trouble out of nothing?? He felt like ripping away the men who was with Summer and he even chased them away.He can't see her with them even the slightest and he says her not to make trouble just cause he slept with Rosy?? I don't believe his arrogance like Wow that's too much man.I feel so sad for Summer.Yes he was trapped but since he knows he didn't sleep with Rosy then shouldn't he explain that to Summer.??
Medhu: Yeah!!
Ana Sofia: must be. the author will not make us down.
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I feel bad for Kingsley I know some of you will say why, well hes doing this because hes deeply madly is in love with Momo, and he already had one woman hurt him badly by leaving him, then his own mother and Ex drugged him to trick his fiance aka Momo into leaving him, what is he to do, there was no way she would believe him that his own mom would drug him and Rosey had bite marks on her, if I were his fiance I also wouldnt believe him if he said his mom drug him and that he didnt have sex with Rosey even though it showed so many reasons that it looked like he did, Momo has a lot of guys wanting to protect her and Kingsley has no one protecting him. his own family did this to him!, also if I were Momo, I would of told him to go to the hospital and have a blood test done to prove he was drugged, also Momo is so dumb, he had sex with her while the pill was still taking effect, if he would of slept with Rosey already the pill would no longer be taking affect if he was drugged at night and still acting drugged by the next morning, so Momo should of known that he didnt have sex with Rosey, and that he slept with Momo to get rid of the sex drugs affect.
Amanda Nicole: Exactly!! Which proves he never even cheated on her! She just ran off without letting him explain to her. I wish Momo or Summer would have a bit more common sense than to just go “oh woe is me, I see a girl laying on my fiancée who he is not reciprocating to, he has to be cheating on me!” She has FOUR dang guys running after her! And after all Kingsley did for her, you would expect her to have more trust in him... but nope.
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LMAO Kingsley spoke FACTS my dude! He took the words right out of my mouth! So just because your b*tch of a daughter loves him he automatically has to marry her? 🙄 that ain’t even his child, old fart! Why should he marry someone that’s pregnant with someone else’s kid?

And it’s true though, even if they did sleep together (I know they didn’t) it would be considered Rosy r*ping him, so JOKES ON BOTH OF YOU! Why don’t you tell ur daughter to not go after taken men? 🤔
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: Naaaah. Embarrass her first. I don't want people to feel sorry for her at her funeral.
mimi: can he just kill that b*tch and say that die while giving birth,save that baby and do DNA or whatever.

it enough that summer alive, i don't want handle any other Summer drama
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Wait that’s summer? They changed her entire appearance? Did they also change her IQ level and brain? I hope the author did, please, change her IQ as well, her brain was just.. ugh just THROW THE WHOLE THING AWAY 🙃 give her a new brain!

And Rosy you’re calling Kingsley the crazy one? The crazy and delusional one is you, girl. That stupid look on your face makes it more punchable than it already is, karma served your dumbass!
M: you know this reminds me of icycold president. the FL has amnesia too but then became a smart and strong one. hoping summer's gonna be good. 😂
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Yup she just needs a new one. Why only change her appearance change her attitude and brain as well :/
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plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
what's the use??i thought Kingsley will clear all the misunderstandings and summer will atleast try to get something in her dumb head..but now seeing this and reading the spoilers . there is a long long drama ..summer will have memory loss someone else will take care of her and tell her he is her fiancee..what rubbish .😔😔now nothing to expect from this story till 1 or 2 years like comics also it take ages and they just drag the story just for nothing..i think i will drop this comic for now and read it when summer and Kingsley gets together in the end...if not then leave it...I'm sorry but that's what i feel ..felt really bad seeing the spoilers 😢😢😢😢
Nur Famieza: what about the child
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Snow Bunny
Summer and Kingsley are both stupid!!
Summer : Marry you? how about Rosie Gu?
Kingsley : What about her? she got nothing to do with this.
Summer : She is your fiance, isn't she?
Kingsley : What are you talking about? (Damn! it must be mother and rosie plot!)
Kingsley : Rosie is nothing to me! if you don't believe me then i will prove it to you, i will take you to them, i will clear up everything for you!

Author : Hey wait, this is my story, don't make your own story!!

Snow Bunny: hahaha thank you...we all just need both of them to open up to each other..😂😂
Shalle godmam: i loved ur story more than the authors😂😂
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I'm sitting in my cold, dark room trying to give myself CPR! It's fricking freezing because I got so excited I started to get hot under my sheets. It's dark because it's 1 Am, and I don't want to wake anyone up, let alone let anyone know I'm awake! And I'm trying to give myself CPR because I lost my my breath. No I don't have any medical condition. I lost my breath because how he took her! I was rejoicing while thinking about how romantic I thought it was going to be, but no! Of course he had to do it his own way! He couldn't be sensible. But that's ok because I'm gonna finish this manga if it kills me!
Leeann Persavage - Zablosky
Summer can be as stupid as she wants that's her right. And the fact stands no matter if their misunderstandings on either side, she has stated over and over that she is DONE WITH THIS RELATIONSHIP, ITS OVER. SHE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM AND TO LET HER GO! holding her against her will and abusing her little mind, and body is wrong in so many ways. saying you'll listen but not hear a thing the person is saying is wrong. saying you respect someone but abusing them is wrong. SHE STATED SHE JUST WANTS IT TO BE OVER AND DONE SO SHE GET AWAY FROM THE HATE, THE HEARTBREAK, SHE WANTS TO GO TO HER LAST FAMILY MEMBER AND PUT HERSELF TOGETHER. she has a solid plan with family to support her, she deserves a fresh start or at least a break away from this horrible screwed up wannabe one sided relationship.
I don’t care about her appearance changing, I just want the author to change her brain and IQ level as well. Couldn’t stand how stupid and useless she was for 209 chapter. Hopefully she’s not the same girl she was before her memory loss. I needa see a stronger, independent version of herself here :)
Nator-sama: 😂 my dear, I’m pretty sure her IQ is lower than the previous level 🤣🤣. Remember she drown so yea, her having higher IQ is very impossible
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Needa throw that thing away and give her a new one
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