My Little Peachy Girl
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My Little Peachy Girl

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My Little Peachy Girl
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wow those servants! if i can burn them id burn them without hesitation! but, yeah. this is my phone. i cant afford new one yet. sigh
Yumi: 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
Yumi: ✨✨💗💗😘😍
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Lisa Angela
geeeehh.. you almost fell for my girl.. remember what i said young man, don't you dare messing my girl life.. i will hunt you until the hell if you dare hurt her..
and for you girl, good girl.. stand up for your self if anyone bully you.. 💪💪👌👌
Joy Niy ( code): amen...




Lisa Angela: oh and the way he protect her, i like it.. thats my man 😎😎
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Lisa Angela
hey Mr. handsome.. can you take this little girl to another house?? i'm sure you have another house right?? at least your private villa.. i have bad feeling about her when she meet your mother... call me if you need my help to take care this little girl. OR, you can let me handle this bitch maid.. 😈😈😈
Paula Gonzales: I'll join
Lisa Angela: Elvia Gamez, sure.. come with me.. 😎😎
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hoooooo....... the servant so called sophie thinking highly of herself...... hoooooooooooooo she will humiliates herself someday........ hoooooooooooooooo
Sophia Shaban: I mean bad!!!😡😡😡
Sophia Shaban: and that's my name. that girls making my name look good
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ehem the one who was reading is the underage .

me: pretending to be not 😂😂
Christopher Guevarra: I'm 11 turning 12 this october
manga lover 🥰💞: I am 12
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Bethany Lin..
Ergilene Mae Bernaldez Lagman: same, how do you guys get coins for free
Anonnymous: i can only watch ads to continue the story
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Asin Gün
-as a gentleman i cant sleep with her
- I am not a gentleman.

Asin Gün: yeah its me thank you guys
Asin Gün: haha ı am mangatoonstar
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If I was her, I would be dumb enough to not eat at all anymore after he said that, I wouldn't be thinking about what I was eating and just stand up and tell him that I'll eat nothing. Yeah it would be pretty dumb to let him see I'm affected but rather starve then have him telling me that every time I'm in the same table eating with em
Here I come sis...: That’s what I was saying
itshida: eat all of it
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Adiba Kamrun Hasan
Is it only me who comes here to read a comic for coins but ends up using the coins for the same comic?
bugsie: 🤣🤣🤣. Thank goodness I’m not the only one 🤣🤣
Angel_Army_777: I simply watch ads...😂😂
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Tanha jahan
I thought Summer's dad is innocent 😑😑
agent Marinette: I hope that everyone get a Father him
Kenzie Cooper: he is innocent he is just trying to protect her
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Colleen Jerry
It’s kinda funny they call them ‘love bites’. I just call them hickeys😂
Joy H. Dohiling: I called them CHIKININIS
やおゆえ: I call them nothing!! well I don't understand adults I'm just simple reading
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mιsz shυυ ツ
he looks so cute when he turns to a wolf hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 .. yeaayy finally they do that together 😍😍 .. she is belongs to kingsley u stupid jerk !! and also thanks to u to make them more intimate 😆😆😆 ..
the posture lol what does that even mean
agent Marinette: the imposter
CAR0L1N3: tHe poSture
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I’m actually starting to REALLY REALLY hate her even though I highly disliked her character ever since she tried to drug him in the beginning chapters.

She is so selfish 🙄 it’s always only about her feelings and never his. She doesn’t bother to even care enough to try to hear him out whenever there’s a misunderstanding and just calls it quits without trying 🙄 Kingsley may have screwed up a few times, but he is actually a much nicer ML than other guys I’ve read about, and he’s done so much for her. He took her in and cared for her during her most darkest times, he financially supported her, saved her several times even though she stupidly walks into her enemy’s traps half the time, I can’t believe how ungrateful she is to him and how she did absolutely NOTHING to try to fix their relationship when it was falling apart. It takes 2 people to be in a relationship, so both should support and help each other. You can’t stand on one leg for long, or else you will eventually fall. This is a great example of that.

She only thinks about using people instead of doing and making something on her own. It’s always his fault but never hers. I hate how she acts like a victim when she is a MAJOR reason why they can’t last long in their relationship.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Probably because it’s controversial. I value honesty over anything, so I’m not gonna lie and pretend that I like the female lead story 🤷🏻‍♀️ I stated my reasons why, people will be biased and disagree simply because she’s the female lead.
Cindy•|MAD|•: Is this comment for arguements😂
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wait... did a male lead just belive his female lead didnt go to another guy? did he just protect her? I am a 100 percent true Kingsly fan.
PRESIDENT OF THE DUMB BITCHES❤: molly what about york😭
PRESIDENT OF THE DUMB BITCHES❤: molly what about york😭
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Dianna Abrams
OMG who the fuc is this red crayon looking bich
I get a vibe that she's an ugly octopus in my ocean and is scaring the fish like bro get away from my ocean your polluting it.😤😡😠:-[
Sarah: PFTTTTT✋😭
Control freak 😝: dude😂😂
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Lisa Angela
i'm tired with this problem.. dad, if you really murderer, just accept your punishment, and let your girl waiting you outside, and tell to your little girl for not being stupid and stuborn.. ok dad?? get well soon dad..
Maxpein Moon: CHILL LANG
NATATAE AKO: Mga tangaaa halata nmn na d sya ung may kasalan
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《🌸 Haru 🌸 》
Okay people.... big boobs are NOT THAT Great.

#1 your mom makes fun of you for having a bigger bra size than her and puts your bra on her HEAD saying it's big enough to be a hat.

#2 When you go bra shopping because you need an even bigger size, your mom verbally says "I DIDN'T KNOW THAT WAS A THING!!" when you ask for a size 40DDD.

#3 THEY GET IN THE WAY, you can't cross your arms, you cant hug people comfortably, you can't reach for something on a desk.

#4 It's all guy's look at, yeah they can get you guys but sooner or later they'll get used to you having big boobs and dump you for someone else because the only reason they were with you was for your body

#5 Again with shopping for bras. you have to go to SPECIFIC stores to find plus sizes and even then, the workers there JUDGE when helping you find your size 😂😂


Big boobs aren't worth it. This is coming from someone with experience, pleeeaaaasseee, I see comments saying all the time that people want big boobs NO YOU DO NOT😂😂😂😂👌🏻
Adetayo Hamzat: exactlyyyyy pms tell them that
Adetayo Hamzat: exactlyyyyy pms tell them that
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Smore Friends
The last bubble says, "A monthly ticket, Kiss me."
Mochi Guy: that was chinese
Nancy: Thank youuuu i can't understand japanese.
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what kind of maid is that!!useless!!
tipo: ha ha ha ha I think you do not look before episode
ZoeZie~: obsession with her master
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