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My Little Peachy Girl

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My Little Peachy Girl
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I’m actually starting to REALLY REALLY hate her even though I highly disliked her character ever since she tried to drug him in the beginning chapters.

She is so selfish 🙄 it’s always only about her feelings and never his. She doesn’t bother to even care enough to try to hear him out whenever there’s a misunderstanding and just calls it quits without trying 🙄 Kingsley may have screwed up a few times, but he is actually a much nicer ML than other guys I’ve read about, and he’s done so much for her. He took her in and cared for her during her most darkest times, he financially supported her, saved her several times even though she stupidly walks into her enemy’s traps half the time, I can’t believe how ungrateful she is to him and how she did absolutely NOTHING to try to fix their relationship when it was falling apart. It takes 2 people to be in a relationship, so both should support and help each other. You can’t stand on one leg for long, or else you will eventually fall. This is a great example of that.

She only thinks about using people instead of doing and making something on her own. It’s always his fault but never hers. I hate how she acts like a victim when she is a MAJOR reason why they can’t last long in their relationship.
KatsumiShipsTododeku_BakudekuShipperÙwÚ: Damn this comment and it’s replies are full of arguments-
Grunge bisss: Oh and you can also try these Chinese manhuas with zero r@pe plot :
A chance to cherish, Shock the imperial palace, The trap of hormones, childe and his sweet wife, Imperial Edict/Compyling with imperial edict

Imperial Edict is one of the most hilarious ancient Chinese stories I've ever read😂😂😂😂 It's short and completed already and it's a REALLY REALLY GREAT MANHUA😂 You definitely won't regret reading it!! My stomach hurts just by thinking about it😂😂😂😂
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Chen Liyue
Watching kinglasy like this, my heart really aches...😥😥😥😥😥..I don't want them to be separated.. I actually don't hate kingslay and summer.. I know she was dependent from the beginning.. She should have not seduced kingslay for rescuing his foster father.. But she actually loved kingslay. Yes, she should know to earn her own livelihood. But she was not an attention seeker..She did not want to be a mistress of kingslay. She was misunderstanding kingslay that's why she wanted to leave him. kingslay should have cleared the mistake in a gentle way in stead of imprisoning her..She lost her memory completely, so she can't be blamed..
All I want to blame on kingslay's mother and rosy gu..🙄😡😡😡😡.. These two women should have been vanished from this manhua...😡😡😡.. Evan is partially responsible.. Whatever happens, but he does not have any right to do plastic surgery without summer's consent. It is really a selfish desire of evan..
Anyway, now I want them to be cleared from all misunderstanding and I want them together..😥😥😥😥.. I don't know how many time it takes..
Chen Liyue: Thanks
Sammy Chapman: Hello sorry to bother you. Please read The President Finds True Love. It’s my first novel would like comments and likes. ☺️ thanks
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Chen Liyue
I wanted kingslay to clear up the misunderstandings to summer in a gentle way.. But I don't want them to be separated in that way.. I don't dislike kingslay.. I just want them to be happy together.. Neither of them are at fault.. They are only the victim of other people's conspiracy.. Kingslay's mother and rosy are responsible for all of this situation...😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Now, looking kingslay in that kind of situation is really breaking my heart.😒😒😒😒...He has not done any crime but he has done a little mistake (imprisoning summer and not clearing up the mistakes).. It is not logical to blame summer because she completely lost her memories... Summer just wanted to hold her dignity in the past but she was not an attention seeker.. So, If I blame summer, it will be illogical... I wish summer would be a strong girl in the past!! Kingslay has realized his mistakes.. I hope the misunderstandings between them will be cleared soon. I also hope that rosy and summer's ex bf (I forgot his name) get enough punishment.. I want them to be together...
Vick3$: the art is really bad
Chen Liyue: Thank you....🙂🙂
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I completely disagree with people saying summer deserves a better man than Kingsley, in fact I don’t think she deserves any man at all.

I don’t by ANY MEANS condone what he did when he went super yandere on her last time, but I kinda felt like he got sick and tired of her running away from him over and over again every time there was a misunderstanding, so he went crazy over her. I honestly think he should just let her go and stop chasing her, he’s already done enough of that. He’s been chasing her for the past 200 chapters meanwhile she NEVER TRIES in their relationship AT ALL! This just seems mentally exhausting honestly.

She will ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS refuse to hear him out, never bothers to try communicating with him like an adult, but just calls it quits and runs away without TRYING AT ALL! Another thing that bothers me is that she gets SO UPSET when she sees him with another woman all the time, but she has no problem being comfortable around his brother and the blondie? She piggybacks and piggybacks off other men’s support all the time, does nothing for herself, just uses and uses people. I’m sick and tired of how SELFISH she is.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: That’s the thing that pisses me off about her, she gets jealous and upset when he’s caught with other women, but she can hop from men to men and leech off of them all the time? Ok, I know that doesn’t mean she is cheating on him, but that kind of behavior is inappropriate and if I were her boyfriend I would be pissed about it honestly.
Anime _lover😁😁😁😎😎😎😍😍😍: wow...thank goodness,a comment i like and would agree to,honestly,from ep 232,i jump to this ep just to read comments if there is an improvement to the story,but i think there's none,im already dissapointed from the chapter wherein summer jumps from a man to another...because whatever the reasons are,whatever the circumstances are,she musnt do that
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I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but Kingsley should really stop chasing her, she doesn’t deserve anything from him. She was just freeloading around in his house, never tried to even understand him, never tried to fix things with him, and instead ran away without a second thought all the time. Remember she said she would work things out with him whenever there’s a misunderstanding but instantly did the same thing she usually does when the next misunderstanding happened. And when she dumped him, she was thinking about another Prince Charming to leech off of and use like she usually does while hopping from men to men for help. She is very ungrateful and selfish. It’s only about her feelings and never Kingsley’s.

And for people who disagree with my statement, out of the two in the relationship who was the ONLY ONE trying? Kingsley. She didn’t put NOT ONE effort and her only job was to be supportive and understanding of Kingsley.

Meanwhile he financially aided her and took care of her, saved her ass whenever she caused trouble/ walked into trouble. I think he’s done a lot of great things for her minus the one part when he went crazy and held her captive.
its meh F_r_e_y_a: Agreed! The FL is an idiot who uses her knee to think and so irresponsible.
And Kingsley is blinded by love she doesn't even love him but he still chases her.
The FL has big boobs can't she put a little more weight on her brain?
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Lmao loving how everyone’s crucifying Kingsley for that ONE thing he did, meanwhile he’s done waaaaaaaaaay more nicer things for her than the bad. Meanwhile she’s done NOTHING but act selfish and ungrateful, only thinks about her own feelings but never his, never bothered even trying to hear him out, and just runs away from her problems instead of facing it like the coward she is. Let’s not forget she is not a victim in this story, nor is she innocent. She tried to drug him into having s*x with her so that she can get some money out of him. And OH RIGHT she gets upset when she sees Kingsley with another woman meanwhile she has no problem accepting help from random men she barely knows and leeches off of them. How hilarious. I think she’s hurt him way more than he has hurt her. Who wouldn’t go crazy having to deal with her dirty laundry and having to babysit this grown ass woman all the time? 💩

If he is horrible then what is she? Hilarious!
Amanda Nicole
It has to be said...

Summer or Rachel or whatever her name is now... is a bloody MORON! And I thought she was idiotic before making the decision to not listen to his explanations. Not only did Evan force her to have plastic surgery against her will, but he implanted fake memories. Who knows what happened to her child?? He most likely had them killed.

Kingsley honestly needs to stop trying to get her back and find someone better than someone as fickle as her. I can imagine that she will be unhappy when she marries Evan. And whenever she gets her memories back, she will feel even worse. Not that it matters. He has money.

People seem to forget that she blackmailed Kingsley first to help her father. Also to all you saying Evan is better than Kingsley...

Are you serious??

This whole scenario is making me angry...
Anonymous: child? I skipped episodes cause I stopped reading cause I hated the story hen start to read again
Anonymous: child? I skipped episodes cause I stopped reading cause I hated the story hen start to read again
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Kingsley didn't do anything to harm her other than fact that he was PROTECTING her against her will... And it's wasn't against her will all the time... Just other people framed them all the time... Every bad thing, every time he pushed her against her will, was only caused by misunderstanding... He knew it, and tried to clean it right away, but endless waves of those stupid people damaging their relationship would be too much for anyone... I don't know definition of love if it's not that he is willing, and trying, to do anything for her other that let her go, even if she hate him for that... Biggest combination of love and despair i ever saw... And i want all that things they went through to be for something... Only acceptable solution here is get rid of ALL remaining sick people and let them live in peace finally! I want this stupid fl to finally realize that she is only woman in his heart and stop looking at all that things other people acted on! All that framing! All that interrupting in someone else's life! When will she finally realize!?
Jae Eun: So true❤️
Sam.: I really love how you put it I hope that she wakes up and realize that he was protecting her all that time
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Am I the only one who actually likes Kingsley? He is not that bad people he may be stupid but you guys are making it seem like he’s some abusive asshole like Aubery Kung from BP. He’s nowhere near as bad as other MLs from other comics. I love how dedicated he is towards Summer and how much he tries SO HARD to try to save their relationship. I’m not gonna crucify him for that ONE or TWO incident since he’s done so much good things for Summer. I personally think Summer is a very bad FL, but to each their own I guess!
divjoy: Kingsley has a sad childhood and summer is the only one that makes him happy.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Same I feel bad for him. He doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. He is not a bad ML at all. I personally think Summer is one of the most selfish and horrible FLs ever. It makes me sad that Kingsley is the only one trying to save their relationship meanwhile she runs away like a coward. It’s like she doesn’t care at all :(
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I’m about done with how STUPID and irresponsible she is. It annoys me how she plays the victim so much, acting like she wasn’t a major part of the problem in their relationship in the first place! She just runs away from her problems all the time instead of facing it and dealing with it like an adult.

When I try to see both sides of the perspective, it just bothers me how Kingsley was the only one trying in their relationship. She didn’t put in any effort, whenever there’s a misunderstanding she REFUSES to hear his explanation and runs away all the time. Same thing repeated last chapter.

I honestly don’t care if they don’t end up together anymore. I personally think she’s undeserving of any man. No man should have to babysit this girl and take care of all her baggage for her. Period.
Ma. Anly Araneta: Indeed . Seeing her now makes me feel bad, kingsley did everything for her help , love and support her. She’s a pain in the ass , all she did is to make troubles and misunderstood everything she’s lack of trust and faithfulness
Hina A Horani G: yes i feel the same as you and now i feel author is draggy the story of this comic !!
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Kingsley is the self-centered one? Is this Opposite Day? Haha.. says the one that just sits and does nothing while everyone hands everything to her for free, and runs away from her relationship problems all the time without even trying to help your significant other..

Pot calling the kettle black, much? 🤧
Angela Yi: Never claimed Kingsley was a victim, although he is more like one than she is in my books, seeing how he’s done more than enough for her without getting anything in return from her anyway. I blame her because she never cares enough to face her feelings head on and instead cowers away, I’m not just talking about this one incident after the memory-loss I’m rounding up both of their behaviors. Kingsley’s done a lot of good but few bass, Summer has done barely anything at all but a lot of shitty things to him and is just overall a stupid useless human being that leeches off of people! I Don’t feel sorry for her at all. To each their own I guess
nancy: i guess i am half with ur point of u n half not
i will definately agree that kingsley has done a lot for her n i agree wuth that too she has lingering feelings for kingsley n none for that evan but she is not able identify that her lingering feelings are love so u cant jst blame her for pushing the ml away
SHE IS DEFINATELY NOT A VICTIM but do think then kingsley's the one
i guess its jst a difference in opinion
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Grunge bisss
Summer/Rachel is definitely the most hated FL in history of manhuas.

Author can we now please see some character development in this already sh*tty character called Summer/Rachel?!

250+ chapters. She's still the same. She's still selfish. She's still relying on men. She still treats Kingsley like trash. She's still running away. Anddddd she's still the same naive dumb girl she has been since chapter 1.
Grunge bisss: I know right.. Only change is her looks
A1C: very true!!! S/R hasn't changed except for the hair color. Still silly as ever.
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She doesn’t give a flying fûck about anyone’s feelings but her own. She knows damn well she isn’t in love with the blondie but is marrying him anyway. Oh well, she always needs someone funding her uselessness anyway 💩🤡. Trash FL doesn’t deserve any man at all.
Mina: she is in danger as well
hope they will reunite soon
cancel the wedding
Ana Sofia: totally right!!!
she hurts 2 men at the same time. she doesnt deserve any good man
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lemurloki of the obsessive women who usually show up in this guy's life has had herself surgically altered to resemble Summer. Why am I not surprised? Any time a female lead goes missing there's a risk of this happening. And we've seen already the act that goes with it: "Jude...(gasp, breath) I don't know why I said that!" Remember, guys, this is the man who wasn't suspicious about his mother's sudden capitulation or her inability to get her own dinner without him or her desire to eat in a particular restaurant in a particular HOTEL. Who got set up by mom and Rosy Gu. He isn't all that bright. There are rocks smarter than this guy. All this Summer imitator need do is copy some mannerisms, phrases, modes of dress, etc. and he just might start believing that fake Summer is real Summer even though actual real Summer is right under his very nose sucking down lemon candies like there's no tomorrow. Between actual Summer's amnesia and Jude's epic stupidity, it'll be a miracle if they get back together as a couple in anything less than a hundred chapters.
lemurloki: not sure
Angel Ann Baban: what is The next episode?
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SUMMER/RACHEL is the most dumbest FL I ever seen compare to other manga sigh... Like yes she got smart but sametime she still dumb asf to face the past and she even forgot about her baby... which is upsetting zzzzz she is so annoying even Kingsley at least showing more respect and restrain himself more, I feel like he should just leave her -_-
P.S. Evan Fk U 😂, u kunt.. Kingsley should of left ya with the shark
Grunge bisss: Exacctlllyyyyy. SUMMER SUCKS THE MOST. I don't know how some people even support sucha dumb and weak FL
ケイトです: No she's not
It's Evan Song who made her dumb don't blame her
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humph! felt great when u saw sadness in his eyes?! 😒 I didn't think she's so cold blooded and I want summer to apologise to him😡she misunderstood! she wanted break up! he didn't force her and they broke up! though he house arrested her but it was to make sure she won't do anything silly! then she fell into the ocean and now suffering amnesia! why the heck do Kingsley even need to apologise😭?? Kingsley truly loves summer!
Sonakshi Kashyap: exactly
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You're realizing that now?!!

if we had known earlier we'd have made her bumb her head 10 episodes ago. A legit Ass whooping would have been in order.
Katheryne Winters: Ahahahahahahahah 🤣 tell me about it! I would have volunteered!
Joymink: Hahahaha ikrrrr
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There’s better and prettier girls for Kingsley. Although they are the same body, Summer was cuter than this boring Rachel. She can marry who she wants who cares!!! This new version is so average looking. I should have dropped the moment Summer was gone. Now it’s all about the ML begging and making this ordinary girl feel special. Like why??? She’s just fake, old and plastic. Ewww! Yawn. BRING SUMMER BACK!
Yeah.... it's good so she remembered everything 😍😍

Summer and Kingsley 💖

BTW who is this uncle Dadaji ..
Venus : yeah....
Izzy Lu: Yeah awkward but umm....I like

Even and Rachel ❤️

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I dunno what makes you guys think Evan is a good man, a good man will never force someone to be in his life by erasing her memories,...
I just hate Evan tho
Kingsley kept summer/Rachel under control before bcuz she is too dumb and selfish... He helped her enough to deserve all ofher but what she is doing now is bad,... Pls author let Kingsley be happy with somebody else
Ai Mirai: well I hate the FL she's stupid and knows only how to run away from problems 😑
if only she had listened to Kingsley and stayed away from other men none of these would be happening
Ai Mirai: same here I hate Evan😤
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