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Tomin in The Alien World

Cloud Studio
Matrix Teknologies
no guys, lets me retract my last it will not be threesome or even foursomes, from now on it will be either haremsome or polysome, why, because i have the feeling he will have more than 3 girls, he already slept with the merchant girl and just need to sleep with the sisters, in addition he can clone himself, he probably end up being a king with many uncounted girl,lol if the author is good
Matrix Teknologies: these thing sucks you can't edit your comments
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The only thing I don’t like about this series, and I may have said this before, I don’t remember, is that they never make clear the difference between each level of spiritual power and stuff like that so when they call out something like “You’re already in a state of Spiritual Sky”, I’m always like, “whuuuuhh!?”.
ThousandSunny: @Abdul Moiz Before I thanked you I should have asked if this list is accurate. After all, recent chapters have been using the rank “Spiritual God”, but that wasn’t on your list.
ThousandSunny: @Abdul Moiz Thanks for that.
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Ok, Cloud Studio and artist. I have one request for you and i think i speak in the name of many people watching this. Please take your time with these chapters to make them good. We know you are posting them daily, and you are hardworking to make the best story possible, but rushing chapters day after day will eventually cause loss of quality and story line(a k a missing chapters), soo please take your time to create and post these. we will wait cause we love this series.
Hari Mohan: agreed
Ahmad Mannan: lol..wait...u do know that the raw is 265 on on going right? this website translate for us...and theybdoing it daily one causw of popularity and peoples donation and 2 cause it can be done due to the amount of raw available
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Nicole Anne
I think he unknowingly feeds yannis and allow him to take toning over and walk the earth again and then he will be banish after defeat all enemies and grant power to the king he will be killed tragically ... the capital will fear his power and he won’t longer be himself and be hunt down... but now with more dark power still cand bd flexibility in the story event.
Mwape Lukwesa
My baby is in pain.... Poor Shangguan...... It must really hurt for him to miss..... Tomi did you really have to to hit him 50 lashes mean yes he was wrong but couldn't you make it 20 or 30...... Gash his your best fighter..... What will happen when he loses due to injuries..... What will you do...????? 😢😢😢
Nicholas Sanger
Everyone out here complaining but just think of all the plot the author has put into this story so it’s not just oh tomin fights a stronger opponent oh that guys dead oh here’s another strong opponent over and over. Love to the author
Ahmad Mannan
compared to the merchant girl..the general worries are more reasonable and dont stop mc from doing what he do best..unlike the merchant girl who throw tantrums demands then throw pity so mc needed to do extra effort to calm her i hate that merchant girl lol
Chris James
wow that was the laziest panel corner cutting ive ever seen on the tell me your name look at the guys knuckle they didnt even layer it when they re-used it
Kiianzo: I didn't notice until you notice and make a notice
Chris James: 3rd page from the bottom the panel where the say tell me your name also his robe changes from white to black for some reason enve though its a reused shot
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the story becaming queit boring in this ark they should make tomin go to the frontline and make him badass like the pass him. make tomin great again pls
deadmendwn: lately I just stop reading and just start looking at the pictures
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it is solder or fellow not buddies we are not in gang here for his same translate better or ask a millitary guy about it better . it is not an act of cool to the leader to say buddies instead of friends or comrades
GamerThe King129
ok , at first I didn't understand the hate they got because it was directed towards the female characters now that I have reached this episode the man character has no limits ,like wtf you told her you have someone you love then just hug her
I think this just gives her the idea that there is a chance.
conclusion : MC is too charming.
Edaurdo Vanez
True true, iits gotten quite boring I wanna see tomin in action not him giving orders and sitting around scheming all day I wanna see him in INTENSE fights with other powerful practitioners and become stronger!
That first picture of the enemy spiritualist this chapter is a perfect likeness of someone with supreme constipation. I’m talking the kind that leaves you with trunk-butt if you push too hard. But you have to push hard cause it’s already part way out. Then you burst a blood vessel in your eye.
Anthony Taylor
I love this Nick Toon comic it's better than most mangoes and it's better most actual books I accidentally hit a button earlier reporting it for something that I didn't even know it was possible so please retract that
Can they stop using "buddies" all the time? It sounds pretty ridiculous. It should change accordingly, (comrades, soldier's, friends, etc...)
Osceola Rodgers: wow that was good.
Anonymous: That’s a good idea buddies
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why I think it is going to be more like some of the red army will betray their asshole leader and follow tomin as his friend will use one of his tricks to persuade them .
Lëløûçh Rëbèl
Tomin is the 2nd best anime in this app, the first is tales of demons and gods, followed by tomin, followed by forged success, next is spirit sword master, star martial god technic. Site me your favourite animes
Vitrin Neziri: battle through the heavons is incredible too.
Dante: I love tales of demons and gods but the update is slow ...
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Jeng Tiara Pratiwi
disobey? what the hell
dont ruin tomin's strategy, dont be reckless
u can waste people lives if not carefull
i also afraid he got caught by them, they have powerfull spiritual people too
Use(O..X)my(C..K)code(2..3) I 💓 OPPAI
The dark skinned buddy is considered the god of war of State of wind right? I thought he would be very popular but looks like people think he is just some story character.
XIAO YAN: Well he is like the guy who is strong, but an idiot and a battle maniac.So, yeah no wonder he ain't popular(and as a battle maniac I am sure he literally just runs from girls cause he wants to play on the Battle field not house house

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I’m starting to think that they got rid of the “Correction Mode” part of the app because they just realized it would take too long to go back and correct all of the mistakes every time they put out a daily or multiple times weekly chapter. I’m still getting likes from corrections I made over a month ago, before they discontinued it, which means that they never actually corrected it. How pointless. It was such a freaking good idea, too! Such a shame.
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