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Tomin in The Alien World

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🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: huh?? sry but can't get what you mean😅😅
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I kept saying to myself that he should have just gone by himself. That way he could use his Shadow Drifting to sneak into Shangbei and kill Mao An and take control of the whole city and even the whole province of YueHu in one fell swoop. And since it seemed to be a trap, it would have been best for him to go alone and leave the army back until he returns. That way there’s nothing lost in the venture, and he can handle any danger, and the army can handle anything thrown at them while he’s gone.

I guess even Tomin makes brain farts.
ken ken OG: I think good gonna come out this jus wait n see
Lord Grim: The author had to show that Tomin makes mistakes too but that was rather a silly one
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I think he is being careless and nauseous to the situation that they need to get back thier country as soon as possible, enemies are in both sides and that thing happened his messenger cut off to pieces signifying have no respect for him added to his urge to defeat them, trying to shoulder all the burden and almost forgot that he have a group of reliable men that supporting him on his side for better or for worst. Even though this is a comics he's still a human, right? And sometimes leading making a wrong decision and being impulsive.
Olusegun Musitafa
people like her piss me off, when someone actually lives up to their words and in the process they treat you in the fairest way possible, especially during times of war, you get a revenge boner and kill people, your own people because they were rightfully scared to go against an enemy who they've seen butcher you're two classmate without getting into the series equivalent to a fighting stance. it's like he basically killed them with one hand tied and the other hand with a 2 inch pencil that isn't sharpened. that's how strong Tomin is in their eyes, so for them not stepping up to help you kill him might suck but is responsible, hell your pan was doom to fail if you didn't even have an escape plan.
Nick Swanson: Yes he did and I got to say it made reading the whole thing so much better but yeah he did 😁😆
Micheal B: did this dude just said revenge boner
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"Romantic Prince"
he should go with wu mei cuz yin rou is like the split image of the princess from 500 yrs ago who betrayed him(his other self) idk but ive got a feeling that history might repeat itself..but then again the moment when wu mei cried in his arns it means to wu mei treasures tomin so much..but tomin wasnt able to resonate back even with just a hug cuz he knew deep down in his heart he is never allowed to love her back cuz he thinks a killer like him deserves no love and that his purpose is only to kill and have his heart bathe through bloodbath on a battlefield..i just hope that he realizes that everyone is free to love whoever or whatever you are...😉
La luna
Author, I'd like to know HOW THE EARTH DID TOMIN GET IN THIS WORLD and in the description they said he's was in an alien world. But this world seems like a human world to me, other may it's not, but for me it's like he's in a human world because I've read so many comics that talk about cultivation ... blabla, they have a powers just like him and are always the most skilled, so I'd like to understand it better. Not that the comic isn't great, I'll say that story blew me away I really liked so plzz don't take it as an offence, I just would like to understand the story better.
Anonymous: Alien world doesn't mean it has E.t. Type of aliens 😂😂😂😂 alien just means unknown
Arnianti Arhy: La luna in indonesian versian it's writed tang yin in the different world it's just the world that we know but more like from past... Sorry bad english
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Tomin isn’t using his resources of power correctly, with Dark Arrow and himself, they could have been up and over that wall to open the gate in minutes. The author is making Tomin dumber than he has been up until now and it’s starting to piss me off.
ThousandSunny: I didn’t suggest that the entire fight be fought by them. After all, they still have an army inside the city. So once the gate is open, Tomin’s army would obviously have to take over from there. And any general worth a single lick of salt would understand that sending Tomin and the Dark Arrow to open the gate with their shadow drifting technique over the wall is faster and easier, while saving lives compared to using ladders with the entire army.
Lord Grim: He has to prolong it somehow if he let Tomin finish every fight within minutes he will run out of ideas
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nice villain finally someone who has a brain face our hero then we can see some action here and epic battles worth to watch and see salute to author after long time since the fight between wind and barbarians we are this
MoheadageXVIII: hope tomin at start is dump but reasonable one as he is too op and you know why do he become more proud by him said but if you remember the early chapters he ordered to kill the massager too that made them angry as what happened in this event of the arc tomin fall to the same mistake as they did but now he released that he is not right he start to do what it takes to survive from this mistake that he admited his mistakes and that is the deference my friend unlike the others who ignore that my friend .
MoheadageXVIII: hope tomin at start is dump but reasonable one as he is too op and you know why do he become more proud by him said but if you remember the early chapters he ordered to kill the massager too that made them angry as what happened in this event of the arc tomin fall to the same mistake as they did but now he released that he is not right he start to do what it takes to survive from this mistake that he admited his mistakes and that is the deference my friend unlike the others who ignore that my friend .
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seems that they make tomin a bit weaker. just some arrows and flame oil and he can't handle it? why? please maintain the awesomeness of our mc
ThousandSunny: Besides, of course Tomin, along with all of Dark Arrow, can simply use Shadow Drift to move to someone from the enemy side to consume them in order to heal any wounds caused by the fire but the author seems to have forgotten about that.

Oh, and, one mor big Duh! Even if Tomin didn’t think to use Shadow Drift to smother the flames, being from modern times, there’s one thing that I’m sure he’d never forget, it’s called:
If you’re rolling around, you’re not a very good target for arrows, not nearly as good as just standing there and trying to chop them up with a scythe. Yeah, the author definitely dumbed Tomin and Dark Arrow down after nerfing Tomin. I don’t think it makes the story better at all. What made the story good was the fact that Tomin was so strong that his enemies literally didn’t know how to go about handling him, and he used that to his advantage.
ThousandSunny: All Tomin had to do to smother those flames is use his Shadow Drifting skill. Anyone from modern times should know that when fire enters a vacuum it smothers. And there’s no air in the Shadow Realm which is part of the reason why Dark Spiritualists can only Shadow Drift for a certain distance. But even if it was only for a second, it still would have deprived the fire of the essential oxygen it needs to burn, thereby putting it out, and I don’t believe Tomin is so stupid that he wouldn’t have figured that out in a heartbeat. In fact, if I were him, I would have used that as an opportunity to Shadow Drift straight to the enemy commander and take his head. Without a commander, the army becomes useless, and in disarray. These are the kind of tactics that Tomin is already famous for, so @Vel. is right, the author totally nerfed him.
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Diego Dallatomasina
I think that now there are a way too much characters and the story is focussing too much on them and less to the battles tomin used to do before, I would like to see more op tomin like before
Static Shock: Watch it. They only stated how they felt about the story. Don’t be a prick about it.
Dj Kousukekira: character development and plot u fag
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Shequonda Daniel
Smh I know he got to suffer losses but the fact he has met that guy from 500 years ago and already cant clean up these people properly is a lil annoying. The time Tomin started started getting people seems he got dumb
alpha new
why is tomin's character changed why is he not smart after all he is from the future? Is yannis's soul taking over tomin?....but he was defeated by tomin already right???omg never mind im not reading this atory again
alpha new: yeah genius but dark spiritual practitioners heal themselves from near death wounds and u think sleep depriviation is a big problem even if it does he was always near smart as qiu zhen how could he stoop this level of stupidity i mean he was daring brave cunning and smart and now he is just acting like a dumb brute and no commanding ability r u even reading the story he has already attacked beisa capital and lots and also has all skills of yannis from his soul.....anyway its not worth it i think.......
Lam-ang: haven't you noticed when he's on the wu's place, she noticed that tomin is not getting enough rest. This shows that maintaining his shadow double is really taking a toll on his body added by the stress of commanding an army. Tomin is not OP, he's really skilled in combat because of his previous experience on earth but he has never commanded an army before.
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Why tf is Tomin not listening to his right hand man? Yo! he told him not to go that it wasn't a good idea! just what the hell is going on 😑
Endy Santana: its to motivate and show his men that he will also fight and not just risk their lives
💞Kimmy💞: Tomin is letting all that power go to his head smh..Zhen has always been the brains behind every operation and he's the muscle. without Zhen Tomin wouldn't even be on top right now so I don't understand why all of a sudden Zhen opinion doesn't even matter to him. Normally he would listen and agree because he trust him when it comes down to Strategizing.
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Is it just me or has the writer found out that tomin was too op and nerfed the hell out off him. To be able to make some drama for the first time in a while?
Phony: that is true. i just don't like how they did it since it feels to forced.
Kaoni Prim: i actually like this, it gives him a sort of a struggle instead of just powering through everything
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Brian Dinkle
So Tomin is becoming more hesitant to consume people, despite it being his strength?! (if he doesn't have the strength to confront someone, he won't eat the surrounding people to power up)
Brian Dinkle: Normally he would eat the surrounding people than eat the main course when given a chance.
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Xiao Wu

(Maybe she'll die and make Tomin even stronger because of that. I DON'T LIKE IT.)
Sede Mere: Wtf i dont wanna see her die...
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Honestly, it unnecessary to tell other about u re here for point, u know.. Its just if u enjoying the comic keep reading it, if u here for point keep silent and took ur point and just go.. 😐.. Didnt u feel bad for other who really support the story.. Aih..

Sorry about my english. No offense, i just saying that so many talk "im here for point".. I mean, nobody care anyway.. 😑
KT91: Siany : hey, wth do you mean bruh, no bad word.
Siany Handayani: Halo babi
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lmao 😂😂 the last panel killed me! Oh gawd! Author how could you make my boy go bawled? shit! 😂 but thank god he's alive smh
Nischal KV: thank u for the suggestion kimmy
💞Kimmy💞: Well in my opinion it's really good and a lot of females can relate to it. @Nischal
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hmmm... since tomin has a lot of beautiful babes and everybody also has their own "ship" to sail. also since i want them all for our mighty tomin, so instead of me having my own "ship" (one ship) i'd rather have a fleet (group of ship) so everybody is happy... haha... anyways, he's in the military so i'm sure that he knows how to command his "ships"...
so who's with me? haha... 🤣🤣🤣
Gerard Tampoog
Yeah.. Its good that sometimes the MC is not that OP.. Or else all scene are predictable.. So its pretty interesting that atleast Tomin sometimes could have a hard time dealing an enemy..
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