Romance / Moder

Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!

Cloud Studio
stupid girl
OMG his eyes
stupid girl
such pretty eyes!!
HeroieQ A.
No their going to force him to confess the truth 🤣😂
geethu nair
episodes aren't bad .... but it pisses me to wait for an ad to unlock the episode as i dont have enough points and coin😑🤣😂😬
Dinah Angelie Deles
cutie moshie
please sub indo
Gagan Deep
please show the episode with ad
Anastacia Grey
lov it
kaushik karanth
He paid 5million for a one night stand and yet here he's saying she's got to pay back the money
What's wrong with their heads can't you think properly?
well there nothinh wrong sometimes man get feeling teribble you know woman doesnt have to be sorrow all the time its good thing man can be in sorrow worried and annoying.I like that woman has no sense you know she is not stupid she just doesnt to be one falling in live easily and she is realistic😉
Shubham Jhalani
she is not playing hard to get... she is starving from all that labour and she knows she has to do more labour work. .
Rushikesh Chaudhari: Ha bhai tu nai batat to samjh hi nai aata ..thank u
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Mary Grace Vasquez
Here I am again.. I spent 30 minutes waiting for the add to in the last chapter...
I wonder how long will I Need to wait this time..
Mary Grace Vasquez
Urrrggg.. Connection... 😭😭
So stressful.. Adds won't load.. Out of points..😭😭
Abby beaks 😎
I love the story now
Mirah: you'll love the following updates more🤗
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Narzedalia Ruiz
Megha Whati Firmansyah
indo ny donk
Lilian Wu
give me a A

give me a D

give me a.....

Jm Gadiale
update please
Even you call us with no class and all blah blah blah.... If a woman is true to herself and not some pretentious bish she will be love wholeheartedly.
devil: ssssssss it's true...
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