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Lisa ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈)
If I was her .Sorry boy you dare to throw my phone .I'm gonna kick him and throw out of him the car .And make him a buy new phone for me!.Cuz my phone is much precious then him.And this bastard doesn't 1 dollar 😏.My phone is 100 times worth then him!.Even if I sell you .I wont forgive it
Lisa ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈): hello dead
Jennie white💖(Angel sect GurdianElder🌈): Heyyy leader 😘💖
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Even you call us with no class and all blah blah blah.... If a woman is true to herself and not some pretentious bish she will be love wholeheartedly.
devil: ssssssss it's true...
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There is a saying “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Our CEO Song seems to miss this saying out. 😂😂 just to make mobai jealous
Kari Elliott
i think its cute that hes trying to fish out why he keeps staring and is so intrested in his women and hes trying to show domince to the other guy and hes also trying to get her to out her self. lol i find it cute and funny
kaushik karanth
He paid 5million for a one night stand and yet here he's saying she's got to pay back the money
What's wrong with their heads can't you think properly?
Ariana Masaki
Someone he like is seat beside him.. please stay away you little girl and she not his maid but his future wife kiddo ~
Ariana Masaki: She kinda annyoing , he even ingore her but well she is shameless
Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘: You got that right
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Shubham Jhalani
she is not playing hard to get... she is starving from all that labour and she knows she has to do more labour work. .
Rushikesh Chaudhari: Ha bhai tu nai batat to samjh hi nai aata ..thank u
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Haha Song Qing Xiao does whatever he oleases with Molly.The only rare time he spoils her with all his heart is when she is drunk.
❄️✨It's Me✨❄️: Nvm. It’s okayy
Ahana creations: iit's ok
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stella 😜😛😛😒
are our dishes ready.......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 well .... I also only think about food when I ordered something 😂
KLave: yep, the same with me.
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Ariana Masaki
When he said "she's with me. Seat her beside me!" Dont you get it she belong to him not as maid ? Who ever seat with they maid ? Hohohohohohoho
Sometimes is good to have a friend to cheer you up. One of my besties from college had a boyfriend very wealthy. He came to pick her every day at the college. She invited us to her boyfriend's party in a ship but my mom didn't want me to go by myself, so I talked to a cousin about the party and he agreed go with me. That night we went and they were like 100 people in there. Big party with balloons, all you can drink and eat...My cousin went straight to the bar and he drunk all kind of beers, Jack Daniels, Ron, wines, etc..and me too with margaritas, wine and pina colada. We were in paradise because all was free. Unfortunately my friend broke with her boyfriend two years later.
Princess Fiona : rich people are keepers
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Mary Grace Vasquez
Here I am again.. I spent 30 minutes waiting for the add to in the last chapter...
I wonder how long will I Need to wait this time..
spoiler: they have twins 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Juhi Mehra: Oooh! I'm so excited for that
Mirah: in it chinese ver. and I think the ending is just around the corner
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yashi ururuki
sana ol may jewa sana ol mahal sana ol jinowa ng tao mong mahal pero ndi jinowa iyak kana nyan (hah hah hatdog na lng sayo)3x😁😭😭😭
Yes she is hard to get... So what... U r going to insult her in someway......... U bloody satan🙄🙄
lemurloki: Ikr? Hard to get = Worth the effort. what an idiot this man is.
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geethu nair
episodes aren't bad .... but it pisses me to wait for an ad to unlock the episode as i dont have enough points and coin😑🤣😂😬
Maxene Angela de Torres
the guy likes her but doesn't admit it and the girl like him but doesn't admit it. it is a complicated life
Sajia Afreen
শালা এতই গাধা গরম না ঠান্ডা এটাও বুঝতে পারে না। এসব কি পড়া শুরু করসি অামি? যথেষট হইসে
Ette Laskar: oi Bangladeshi Rao acche
Jin_bts: সত্যি!!! 😂
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有済み 切りつけ
Why rich people are rapist
Zheara li: well hes a man and has never been able to do it or be near a women soo
Natalitha: Cuz they've money to buy
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Hard to get = Worth the effort

Clingy & petty = High maintenance horror

Dear God, this man is dumb.
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