Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!
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Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!

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Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!
Rechel Macaraeg Omega
why so need more coins to always unlock the next episode. really dissappointed!
hahaha such a tsudere! just be honest and tell her you like her so much that you can't help but think about her all day when she's out of your sight!
can they just talk about their feelings
Sowji Apple
I thought I was second but I'm third with just a minute difference
why cant he just straight up say his feelings jfc
jennie: if he straight up says every emotion towards her we wont have any chapters to read
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okay na rin yung 5million sa panahon ngayon 🤣🤣 kysa ibigay mo sa boyfriend mo..tapos iiwan at sasaktan ka lang naka libre virgin pa sya 🤣🤣🤣 lol just kidding 😂😂
Maribeth Ilog: kaya nga haha
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Hahaha that girl thought she gained Song Qing Xiao.Lol he was only using her to make Mobai jealous.Man Mobai is dead if she sees her with President Xiao😂😂.
Manishi Suman
I don't understand if you don't have money then why the heck did you take so expensive medical care?? you could even go for a little cheap and affordable.. it's 5 million dollars equals 36 crores!!!
yeahitsnish: Well the sickness might be really bad that cause 5 million dollars surgery fee.
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Yorev Chan
lol. why tht photo must be the big attention,such many photo why tht.. tht pic look like she very like money but still cutee...
Ruka chan
Why you are so dumb lin mobai.. Tell him what you are thinking just now.. tell that you suffers because of him... And mr. president you better teach a lesson to this bit*... she is the slut and yet calling others slut.. 😒
Chibi me likes cakes ♡~
so he missed her while the FL not *awkward*
Shanikqua Grimes
today is not your day try to escape
Song Qing Xiao and been capture again🤨🤨
i reall feel sorry for you😎
An expert man knows to recognize a sex toy woman. The day she sold her body to the CEO for money she become nothing less than high sexual toy. That is the reason why the other men can disrespect her and other coworkers gossip over her. I had several jobs and I had see all kind of drama that I remember a young enterprise ceo that he liked to collect chick like her as a temporally girlfriend. I was working like backup official in his office and his girlfriend was working in there but she didn't do anything only make coffee, painting her nail, massage her boyfriend, shows her plastic's breast that was her job. She didn't have job experience and that was the reason he hired me to do her job. She has a cute looking angel face but she transformed in a jealous person, she didn't like me in the office so I quit that job. Years later, he got married with a high class young lady.
Jungkook's Bootiful Wifeu: cape lah. niat kali orang tuh
yuni kanuha: duh males e...panjang bener, gak cape kah ngetiknya 😁😁😁
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hahahahahahah !!¡¡ xD omg even here that sound so wrong xD
Kanesha Taft
oh my God is he serious put her face on T.V. for reward seriously
dignity level (25%)

My mum saw it when she pass by
Fallen Sakura: hahahhaha
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she is soo naive.. it is soo easy to lead her down a rabbit hole
Flavia Nobrega

Song you salty savage 🤣🤣🤣🤣
momose narumi
The picture is like those kind of pic your friends keep of you so they can use it as a weapon in the future. 😂😂😂
Lady Lizaneth Merza
why six days? buhuhuhuhu
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