God of Martial Arts
Action / Fantasy / TimeTravel / Adventure

God of Martial Arts

Cloud Studio
God of Martial Arts
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Bibek Agrawal
there's a new novel called rogue love try it out guys
Arjun Acharya
its really super cool dad with its neutre typed martial spread
Saint Xavier
when you look into the abyss, the abyss look back into you.
Yuvraj Singh: Selena. (look=gaze)
atlas: when u have to deep in the ocean the ocean gazes back at you
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Viet Nam
Plz use Mangakisa, is a website for free manga and it has more chapter than this app because you guys are so behind, there are 300 pr more chapter, but here there only 251 chpaters. So, if you guys want to keep reading this manga, search up Mangakisa.
Yolo Lollipops: mangakisa.com search over there
Utpol All: please give the link
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if he is crap what are they since they are related to crap
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Wtf? really? they wanna risk their lives dying like an idiot just for some cheap whore? LMAO😂😂😂
Ova: whore whore...because they are whore too
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Utpol All
is there murder exist as a crime?
Dohwa Ahn: Yes it is a crime but in life and death competition its nothing
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Jovy Twa
yeah..! Go fight your gift Lin Feng
Carl Cedric
the episode is kinda short
Saint Xavier
those words "I belong to lin feng" hahah lol
Leni Purwanti
oh yeah i am shipping Lin Feng with this girl.
whaaaaaaaaaaa!!: no fak
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Erwan Ros
prepare for battle .. demon vs serpent from dimensions generation
Boii Doii
he did a foocking spirit bomb
Ozner Vidaurreta
Yessss the time has come.
Apollo Belarmino
That guy is here to watch a beating
Jonah Tagapan Taman
the following next episodes will be exciting. can't wait..
oyebowale wasiu .O
wow, I finally got my hands on this. Really love the novel. with over 2500 episodes, I keep yearning for more.
Leni Purwanti
Lin Feng had a hobby of cutting his enemy's hands.
ꦦ꦳ ꦠ꧆ꦌ: agreed
better kill the mocker
because the mocker always the mocker
never change 🤷😂
VIGYANSHU PRAKASH: Actually I won't call it a hobby he was called trash so many times that he feels it's better to eliminate in one go rather than stalling the fight. One Move Guy
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el fanfarron
the shadow old man should have killed the prince in the moment he had the chance, now he know his tecnic weakness, never tell the enemy your abilities, old fool
NarutoGarf Uzumaki: They'll be wiped out anyways. Better die later than rn don't you think?
Yuvraj Singh: he is the prince if he had killed him he had a whole empire against him
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Straw Hat😍😘
my gudd idk who to ship feng and fei or feng and menquing but i ship menquing and fei..but i also ship fei and feng wahhh idk im going crazy now maybe i should stop being a shipper now haystt😅
ムシャラフ: Mengquing is much better for feng in every way, fei is too stubborn and ignorant
peanut butter: where in the same cup of tea !!! 🥺🥺
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