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Xixi Romance
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That old lady got weird taste. Hair is red on top and brown on the bottom, my birthday cake this year literary looked like her HAIR. *W*E*I*R*D*O*
Daylight(D.K.): bro/sis what is "ated"?
I laughed so hard.😂
Normie_.mion: 😂😂😂😂😂😂DID YOU ATED HER HAIR😂😂
total 2 replies
Now I feels like it's common to drug the ML by the villainess and take advantage but the plan always get floop
The Man: For some reason I want this plan to work out 😅. I don’t know why. 😅😅😅
total 1 replies
Lizza Nongz
What?? From Paris? Even I can design a dress more beautiful than yours...
🖤Nightmare🖤: No it must be from China
Aliza: Wow very nice
total 6 replies
why does she keep her hands like that omg
Merry Weche: Hahahaha frll
ShopGirl: Haha, I think she's trying to keep her boobs from bouncing too much without literally hugging her own boobs. I have can relate.
total 8 replies
Lovi Jia Huliganga
season two please I love this story so much 😊😊😊
Damaris: It’s been more than a year I’m not sure if there’s going to be a season 2 (sadly)😔
Lovi Jia Huliganga: I don't know? 😅
total 3 replies
I’d it just me or does the “ author “ thing look like a Japanese Yoda?
ice creams.....😍😍: Yes......
But japanese yoda wearing piccolo’s dress
total 1 replies
Whats wrong with my eyes? He seems to look like kim soo hyun to me haha
rhian ya-os
i realy hate this please complete the episodes please
Lisa Aden
should look like have movesickness like natsu
otakutime!!!: Motion sickness***
Purpleb*tchsbebonkers: ahhh yes exactly
total 3 replies
don't know but suddenly my heart ached due to last panel
Sweet Angel: ME TOO
_TĀSMÎÑ_: ya for sure
total 3 replies
Her face I am looking again and again I can't stop my laugh
Lizza Nongz: She's just an old hag.... btw my name's also Liza
total 1 replies
Zion Wilson
why does the female leads body look like it came from a hentai manga
🖤Nightmare🖤: I feel the same
BLM✊🏾: it really do tho lmao 😂
total 4 replies
Ugh! THE way she was running was way to girly........
Merry Weche: Same🤣🤣
sharmyzz kookie: The running is kinda ok but the way she puts her hand like that. It’s just to yh know......
total 3 replies
Lisa Aden
plz anyone go upstairs and push her
The Man: I am also gonna volunteer. 😝
Bii RY: I am volunteer with all my heart
total 2 replies
haha the author version is too cute
Lol why does she run like that? 😂😩
ANGE❤️: Pitiful lmao
Lizza Nongz: Like Snow White or Cinderella looking pitiful..
total 2 replies
dumbass. . wear your underwear before you go out
lesson: don't chase someone if you can't run as fast as a dog. .it will rip your pants
QIYI MAI: 😂 lol
文梦颖: maybe he dont have money to buy some underwear
total 3 replies
Mr. Snow White
her friend look like Anne Marie
ice creams.....😍😍: Yeah her dress too
total 1 replies
blood is the sweet poison
hmm I like his personality
hello creator it would be great if we can come against your work once again we really want to know what happens next so plsssssssssssssss give us season 2
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