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Xixi Romance

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Xixi Romance
wait... weren't they on a high floor apartment seeing the theme park instead of inside the ferris wheel? coz I definitely saw another (if they are inside 1) ferris wheel and THE INSIDE OF THAT FERRIS WHEEL IS JUST WAY TOO LUXURIOUS FOR A FERRIS WHEEL AND WHAT'S WITH THOSE WOOD CEILING? DOES FERRIS WHEEL EVEN GOT SUCH? if you ask me I think its impossible since on rainy days those "woods" will rot or sth, they won't last long... well, its comic so... guess i should out logic aside...
Alicia Freire: Being logical, it can be a glam Ferris wheel. It can be metal on the outside and wood panelling on the inside. The thing that is confusing is the shape of the inside, it looks square while on the outside it is spherical , so you do have sort of a point
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Nourelhouda Saadi
So stupid, why would she accept such a stupid idea that would make her lose dignity?!! Why girls in comics are most of them wity no dignity?! Even if her mom is a hostage, she could easily save her and not put herself in such a situation from the start😒😒😒
Mitsuha X Taki
I want that pink hair girl become the wife of that blonde dude sorry I forgot their name 😑😅
Celia Whipple: which one?
the short pink haired girl or you talking about the love rival?
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Alicia Freire
Seems like author has no sense of style.... I would recommend being inspired in the classics in such case such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, Diana Ross and such
Mitsuha X Taki
well I guess she really love him I forgive her she can go with that blonde dude
Slime World
the man with yellow hair looks like Yoo Sung from mystic Messenger
Park Georgia
wahhhh!!!!👌👌👌this is sooo exciting.......waiting for next season🙇
Nourelhouda Saadi
He said that him not going to the concert is the reason why sh3 is mad, it's like it's the ONLY reason for her to be mad!!! Doesn't he think that bringing a MISTRESS to live with them is a problem?!!!
Black Rose
idk why but i'm kinda annoyed with the way she run
i hope when ML love FL and realized that FL not the real wife and FL decided to go, the ML regret
*sniff* TuT ples has the season 2 come out
Le me has been the much waitings!!!
Raf El
woahh..shuo situ😍 you're awesome 💗
J n E's randomness
Eww. The art seriously looks so weird! Like the chest part looks out of shape?
Ifunanya Favour: I know right
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i love author... He's funny
cicita bxxxa
The doctor like a pervert old sensei in dragon ball hahahhahah
Love the author panels🤣😂
yellow hair man .... I love u 😍😉
J n E's randomness
Luckily it's only 60 episodes or else it's totally not worth to read for so long.
Niki Kashyap
where is the next season😫
when season 2 will publish??????
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