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Hidden Marriage

Zuoan Comic
Sugar? No, sugar is sweet and natural. She's something fake: Aspertame. Sucralose. Saccharin. Advantame. Tagatose. Neohesperidin Dihyrdrochalcon. Alitame...all of those suit her better than "Sugar Feng". I know...she's a man chasing, wanna be husband stealer, so let's call her "Mannitol" . Mannitol sounds harmless but it was designed as a medication originally and if you have certain health issues it can mess you up big time, and even in a healthy person it can foul up your electrolytes. And it can mask other drugs, so athletic officials are always suspicious of it. All in all this sketchy stuff is the perfect name for the new b*tch on the block. Not Sugar Feng--but Mannitol Fang. Unless "Sure Thing" seems more fitting. What do you guys think?
Anonymous: Nah, she’s just artificial. Just like how her nose is fake from too much plastic surgery
lemurloki: Maybe someone thought I was a doctor. I'm not. I just read a lot and remember what I read.
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Wow. If he thinks HER sleeping posture is ugly, mine would just floor him. I never know just how I'm going to wake up. Sometimes curled up in a ball under the covers or sprawled out and hanging partly off the bed. On my side with a book in my hand and the reading light still on because I fell asleep reading. Laid out straight like a corpse. Laying across the bed at the foot. Diagonally on the bed with the covers pulled off. On top of the covers because I was sleepwalking and not awake when I came back to bed. Surrounded by books and stuff because I had trouble falling asleep and was making a road for my windup toys to walk on. On my stomach with my knees pulled under and my face in the pillow and God knows how I could breathe like that. Asleep on the storage bench at the end of the bed. Sigh.
lemurloki: Yes. There is just no point denying it.
lemurloki: Lol. But babies are so cool.
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What I dislike the most in a relationship is a deliberate act to make the other partner jealous. If it’s unintentional, that’s fine. But deliberately making someone to be hurt with jealousy just to puff up his/her own ego? If you know it’s gonna hurt and did it anyway you don’t deserve forgiveness for that. He’s teasing a little now, but what start small could get bigger. What kind of signal is he sending to his assistant by doing this? Taking her picture and all. I have no doubt that this assistant will twist her own understanding, then later takes it on the FL even when the ML refuse her.
I thought he was gonna sent the picture along with the mesage 😂

While I dislike the usual plot of getting their lovers jealous, what I like aboit Jim Huo is he informed his wife before the seed become a real problem. He play games here, yes, but he dows it straightforwardly. Others try to make their partner jealous and ruin their own happy times but I'm looking forward to Madam Huo show the girl her place.

Quite sure Jim Huo loves her too much to even fake-flirting. Just informing her is enough to make her jealous 😂😂
In Jim Huo's behalf...his servants are loyal and seem to have a deep affection and regard for him that goes beyond mere tradition. And his manner with them is relaxed and fairly informal. They aren't afraid to speak up or remind him of what he should be doing. All this actually speaks well for his character--because servants of their caliber could command top salaries virtually anywhere in the world. Leaving a bad employer for a better one would be as easy as answering any of the countless ads, many of which offer to pay all your costs to relocate. The old saying "good help is hard to find" is also a very true one.
I'm glad they went back to the original art and well since Winnie purposely choose an "ugly" hairstyle it makes sense, I can live with that however his hair color changed as well and the ear piercings are gone! Our ML looks suddenly like a totally different person. Something I noticed is the author of the original art has no consistency when it comes to clothes/backgrounds/scenery (you can see that from episode 1 already) Pls author we love your art just be consistent with the art 🙏🏼
I’m sorry, but if I came into my office, to only find that my desk is wet. And some random person said that it was them, and also says that their my new assistant. I’d fire them right on the spot, like, if you wet my desk. How the hell am I supposed to know what you did to my desk for it to get wet? At least wipe it off so that I don’t know
E L A ☁️: I know it’s not supposed to be a funny comment but I laughed 😂
Jury Regalado: Ikr? And those files on his desk are rather important than those dirty liquids she left on his desk.
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Amatul Karim
I don’t like female villeins. female villeins have only two intention one is seduces the male and other is bully the female lead or harm her very deeply. So please don’t bring any female villain. but i have no problem with new side male character. If he will like the female lead then it would be okay.
Armyyy💜lol😂: Yeah I love it when the new guy falls in love with female lead and doesn’t really realize it at the beginning. Also very important the male lead gets jelly 🥰❤️😂
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The one that knows
The scene where a girl says “seems like he is smiling!! So handsome!!”
Me: you call that smiling? I call that someone who bored or just sleepy since he did so the deed~
Sugar Feng: “I’m your new assistant [...]”
me; I’m pretty sure you are going to try and seduce him then make love THEN show our main female lead That her man is stolen by “Sugar Feng”
Sugar! Yes please! Would you come and... (me going on with a:) Na Na Na~
~Maroon five~
The one that knows
The scene where Snowy says “brother, I’ve told you that a useless person also has his value”
She kinda looks like a clown and also is this the season family? We have Snowy then rainy what else? Thunder, storm? But i like their cute names
And also the personality traits, great job
Also I love the little bunny in the very last scene before the like button the subscribe [...]
Jim and Winnie were finally happy and to be honest I like Jim Huo when is being all dominating not the puppy one.I liked his arrogance and secret care.Now he acts like a wimp.No fun at all.So I feel that the twins entrance will bring in some good exciting episodes.
Medhu: Yeah probably but his love is like to such a weird extent.I mean he droold when he thinks about Winnie.
Rose🌹 : i sort of agree but i also think that Jim needed to treat his wife sweetly and showed he cherishes her, because how else would she take him and his words seriously for once.
No matter how dominating and aloof a man is, he will only act sweet towards his love.
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So people were complaining that the art changed and was no good in previous episodes, now they are back with the original art and people are still complaining that the previous was better. What do you people really want? Yes the author made a few mistakes during the office thing but so far art looks on point.
Tangela Reynolds
some women are so shameless. who does that. you know he's married but you still try to flirt with him. then they'll turn around and blame the wife when the man rejects and embarrasses them. your embarrassment is not her fault. its yours. obviously he likes her why else would he put a ring on it. and if a man is interested in you he would be the one chasing not you. duh.
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are you even a man? letting your wife walk to who knows where, and getting angry for seeing her being courted by another man?! like are you serious?! do you want a whole day for your wife to get home, if she insisted on walking than accepting the offer of that generous man?! my gad
UmmeHany Farhana
I think that feng what thing came to seduce Jim Huo. those two brother and sister are also looking for some trouble. let them make a mistake and dug there own grave. I think that Luo boy will fall for the female lead. and make a ruckus with his friend Jim Huo. so far... it's going to be exciting. looking forward to it ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Akesha Bongay
I really loved this one. . hope that there's no misunderstandings that break the heart of MADAM HOU. . I think Jim Hou truly loves her .. I hope author that every situations or problems are coming in the future it will make the couples stronger their relationship.👏👏👏 so love it. .
Akesha Bongay
i hope that the couples will face it together. . supporting each other in every situations that needs to solved. . winnie su support her husband always and jim hou always telling the truth to his wife when someone is appoaching.
Akesha Bongay
i hope that the couples will face it together. . supporting each other in every situations that needs to solved. . winnie su support her husband always and jim hou always telling the truth to his wife when someone is appoaching.
Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
Someone needs to play the song 'Ooops - by Tweet' for her. They had a rough night, her hip is hurting, he must have had her in some good position but I bet she enjoyed 😂😂👌👌
I'm glade that he took control then turn into cute personality that obey her every wishes. In situation like that u need the story aggressive type.
Can't wait for the rest of episode. Crazy update. Crazy update!!!!
Love this episode so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍
elena kristin
your assistant is smarter than you 😑😑😒😒 and why did you took her pictures in your phone so that you could create more misunderstanding between you two ?😒😒😒😒😒😰😰😨😨
sunflower: hey, i guess he did it on purpose to makes his wife jealous. it is not like he interests on his assistant
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