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Professor President, Come On!

Wuli culture
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Dumped by her boyfriend, Helen got drunk in a bar and slept with a strange but handsome guy, who turned out to be her new financial teacher in school! In order to take revenge for being treated as a money boy, he even threatened to fail her at the final! How to deal with the tough task given by the new teacher…

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❄❄Shira Yuu Kii❄❄
they do have a sweet history that she can't remember or cant really realize that it was him.. btw, why is she still thinking of him as a teacher? "if only he weren't my teacher "? he is your boss now honey.. ditch the CC drama and join the office drama now😆😆
silent confessions makes it look soooo romantic but yet sooooooo frustrating that they aren't saying it out loud! 😬😬😬 "I really fell in love with you. I cant live without you" "You are mine. Not gonna let you go for the rest of my life"😁😁😁😁😁 *squeezeeeeeee * how awesome it would have been if they said it out loud.. this birthday gift would be the best one😇😇 kiss, sleep together, wake up seeing his/her face... = newlyweds? 😂😂😂
Dazyl M Boyd: BEFO8E
Dazyl M Boyd: BEFO8E
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Ha Yin
I can’t believe this is the ending. I keep clicking next chapter only to find out that this is the final chapter 🤧 I need more where helen is ‘SURE’ that she fell in love with shang instead of thinking it as ‘MAYBE’. I also hope that shang found out about how she lost her memories and helen remember their childhood memories 😫 They should also have more proper dates! And I need a confession scene to make their relationship more official so she can shut the people at her school up 😤 And last but not least, their wedding! 😍 (and maybe a timeskip showing their marriage life with their children) 😌
He quit because he can now woo her freely..maybe because it is illegal to hv teacher student relationship..besides he is the president of the company...our ship is sailingggggg
Lps Ducky Tv: woah I'd there more? or is this the end? cause dosnt it say "end" on the comic when it's finished? does that mean it will have more EPs?
Tekla Vardanidze: ,,,,,
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