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My EX Vampire Boyfriend

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The ex-boyfriend Mo Tianji, who has been missing for many years, suddenly appeared in front of Ye Weiwei, and actually asked to make it up with her! Regardless of how resolutely she refused, Mo Tianji persist in showing his sincerity, and finally moved her. But later Ye Weiwei found another identity of him - the vampire…

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Noooooooooooo she can't die, she must live, she can't die, this can be see, this is why I don't like some of these characters and these mangas, they always hurt the innocent people like she didn't deserve to get like kidnapped, like that is about to get killed, I need like he really need to see if his girl right now
malak : I’m pretty sure that he’ll save her because the same thing happen in other mangas
lemurloki: I agree with you but in the eyes of the psycho woman, our girl is guilty of making her suffer the consequences of her own actions as well as being more appealing and sincere, a former love the handsome wealthy male lead never got over and since the villainess can't possibly hold herself accountable she's ALWAYS going to hurt those who have what she wants.
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Ok. I know some of you guys feel sorry for this five years in love phony, but use your reason. Five years. Really? A guy like that? He has other girls, the discreet because they are paid kind. Trust me. No way has he been living five years like a monk. He has to have her for several reasons but a really dangerous one is because of her reluctance to commit. Her reluctance draws this kind of obsessive guy in a way that devotion would not. He has to win her and if he does he will pay her back for every minute he felt balked, slighted, insulted, or simply not worshipped. He's kept score. Once she's his, he will hurt her in every way she can be hurt. She needs to either put an ocean between herself and this guy or she needs to put a much stronger, more mentally stable man between her and this incipient psycho, because when he finally loses control it's going to be very bad.
lemurloki: Aurora, You aren't stupid. Not in the least. If you can observe and learn, you are WAY smarter than any person who makes up their mind without doing either.
Aurora Borealis: Wow how
Smart you are!!!! I actually never thought of it.... now I know more about guys
Damn I’m stupid as hell
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Oh oh, I got breaking news and it’s not about you oh oh,
Oh oh, I’ve been breaking hearts too and I learned it all from you oh oh,
I got my thigh highs on feel like wonder women, that’s when you want all in but I’m not you woman,
When my lipstick pops and I feel like Monro that’s when you want me most oh oh,
I’m all out of salt but I’m not going to cry wouldn’t give you what I want cause I look way too good tonight...
Salt by Ava max
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