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Mo, don’t run!

Wuli culture
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She had gone from the Princess to Cinderella in a single night. She had no choice but to step on the arduous journey to seek help from her " fiancé". How could she have imagine that not only would she be rejected for help, she didn't even meet him. What’s more, she accidently met her fiancé's uncle and fell into a forbidden love all of a sudden?!

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School life
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Aiyah. You guys don't know how much I like this manhua. The art, the character design, the miracle that the leads use their IQ, asgdjdld and our very handsome uncle Mo ♡ It's actually a simple story but for some reasons, like because it's semi-realistic and doesn't have the common tropes like met on one night stand and forced to marry, gets bullied and sexually harrassed by some narcissistic male lead like it's just a natural thing to do etc. This manhua does not make girls stupid and weak and suddenly a total perfect female lawyer blah blah. Also the enemies are not stupid, they know when they should step back to save their faces! And they're not as evil!

I can't wait to see the next season! 💕💕💕 I want Tong to get her family business or inheritance again and I want them to marry already agshdjdkdkdld 💕💕💕
I also wanna see her gentle side, I mean she was a former Miss after all. Hehe.

Thank you!!!
Madela Danica Villarin: Season 2 pls!!!
Serap Yesilkaya: when will come new season? please answer
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Alicia Freire
at the beginning I liked that uncle Mo was quiet. I thought of it as manly. I thought he was very much my type. Now he makes me mad, he doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t do anything. She has been hurt for several days and he is a doctor. I know eventually he will help her but I feel like it is already too late. He sucks. At some episode they say he has been saving himself for a girl that stole her heart like long time ago, obviously the girl is Tong. So if the girl you love is suddenly sleeping in your bed and then asks you to please let her live at your place. You hold on to her and be sweet. He is lame.
Mary Jane
Okay first of all, I'm so in love with Eason Mo. His character is just my type, super cool and yet so sincere with his feelings towards Shirley. And Shirley too, because she's not like the other FL who always needs a man to save her (although she's was being save by Eason for a couple of times) but that's beside the point. She's pretty, independent, and have such a strong drive to save her family's name.
I just love them together. Great story, author!
And yes, give us Season 2 soon. Hopefully, they would have at least kissed by then😅
Nikita Gudadhe: okay first of all...
JoonsOishi: yessss OMG this story got me on my feelings😭💕. There was no kissing tho (we all love a kissing scene lmao🙄) but anyways it was such a nice story and Eason Mo is my new bias from now on. The ending was so pure and full of emotions. I hope i'll meet someone like Eason😂. WE WANT SEASON 2!!!!
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