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Mo, don’t run!

Wuli culture
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Mo, don’t run! Comics Online. She had gone from the Princess to Cinderella in a single night. She had no choice but to step on the arduous journey to seek help from her " fiancé". How could she have imagine that not only would she be rejected for help, she didn't even meet him. What’s more, she accidently met her fiancé's uncle and fell into a forbidden love all of a sudden?!

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School life
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wow... I can't believe I'm saying this but... I... don't really like this female lead... she's... kinda stupid (I mean from before, when they told her to go rest she should ask which room she could stay at, then on top of not checking properly if the room is occupied, she burden the owner of the said room, when he's kind enough to let her stay there without kicking her up or making a fuss and she was being unreasonable when she demand him to cover for her over and over, and after saying those big things to his family (whether he's close to them or not doesn't really matter) she wanted to ask for another help from him )... and she's manipulative... in a weirdly... dumb way... probably its just me coz maybe the author wanna make a comedic female lead but its...not even funny, it has become rude
I just finished reading this again. Ahhh my heart!
I can't remember who said this in you are my woman but I definitely agree to that saying that Members from the Mo Family are just freaking gorfeous!

Uncle Mo 🥰🥰🥰
Mo Zhi 🥰🥰🥰
Mo Zhao Yun 🥰🥰🥰

(I just wanna assume that they're related hahah)
Maybe that's what life really is. When you've experienced deeper and harder obstacles in your life, you just look at people like they're pathetic creatures crying over something unworthy like men and such. You take things easier bc you've experienced enough than everyone.
Leena Joshi: absolutely.... no fear of loosing anything...
but a lot of pain and heart ache....
Dina Omnos: so true
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