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Mo, don’t run!

Wuli culture
this uncle mo, haish.. where is your mouth ? can you speak or not ? she hurt but you didn't care, or ask is she okey or not, then let her go.. so I hope, you wouldn't regret and try to find her later..
oh dear girl, go and move on.. they didn't deserve you, go and live with the one who live you.. your friend is good man, so you will be happy with him more re than that uncle or his nephew 😣😣😣
Yasmin Abdelhedi: Well it's just temporary 😅 he's gonna take actions for sure 😋😋
Kathlyn lee mhinn: your right
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Haru Raijin
First of all, i love how uncle mo’s looks conveyed such a deeply concealed hurt. It was driving me crazy. Ona second note, this is for MangaToon. What the heck is up with the ad placements at the end? If you decide to put ads, then do so but why does it only load when i click like for the episode? It goes straight to the ad then. It’s frustrating switching between apps. Hopefully you can fix the lag in loading the ads so we know what we’re doing.
UwU Slob: Lol, weird but mine loads fine
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Uncle Mo is not talking since he feels he got nothing to say to her since well they are not in a relationship but he sure has his "jealous-stalker-mode" on. I bet yah she's gonna see him everywhere from now on... Why not just print your picture on the milk carton then she'll see you even at breakfast time lol.
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: No, it's on Webt🅾️🅾️ns
Im gay so wat?: is it on this app?
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No fear Dr Chu is here least give us a reason why you are unable to update the main story?? we appreciate these bonus chapters, but maybe you should update it at other time rather than replacing your regular episode update time. also, if you are unable to publish for some reason, isn't it better to just tell us so and then take a break? what you are doing is making us feel frustrated and disrespected. please author, either give us the reason or update regularly next time
jelyNuts -p🔹¥🔹m🔹w🔹3🔹c-: Do you pay for their work? I think you should just appreciate that they ARE translating the story for us. And besides, if you read a book or a comic would you rip off a page just because it is not part of the main storyso the reader’s whim will be satisfied? The story is TRANSLATED in this app. The author is not directly involved in this process anymore. MangaToon has the permission to translate his story but it’s not the author who’s translating it for us. Give some love, we are reading this for FREE.
No fear Dr Chu is here: oh? is it gonna end soon?
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The short stories are cute and funny but not that funny if the main story is pushed aside. Author are you out of inspiration or don't know how to continue the story? This is the 3rd week man.
Jellal Fernandes: I read the Chinese raw in this app...@anonymous
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Holly guacamole, one more? 😟😢
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mιsz shυυ ツ
finally the real story of this comic after so many stupid things.. errgghh 😏😏.. yoo , uncle mo , go chase after her , i know u have a feelings towards her right ? just don't deny it.. but its really cruel to let her be in pain 😔😔😔 ..poor her be alone , and cannot get what she wants 😔😔😔 ..
boo ❤️.
Uncle Mo, is making some improvement, also I don't want her ,"boyfriend" to ruin the moment 😻!
Nur Fatimah
making comic is not easy, it requires hight concentration n broad imagination to create interesting story, as well designe of image of each caracter. all of which sometime make mind deadlocked n headhache i have ever felt. sometimes readers dont want to undestand about difficultis the author faces when schedule arrives 😂🤣🤣😜😌😌😏
hany_nah07🍪🍫🍦🍕🍩🍧: and I bet the author is doing a crazy update or is depressed because of this
hany_nah07🍪🍫🍦🍕🍩🍧: do you know the author might quit making the comic because of these negative comments
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Hey, it's not fair to give bad comments about the comic

making a big amount of panels take lots of effort.

Did anyone even consider whether the author is alright or not?

we should appreciate tge author's work, if we'll only complain the result might be more devastating

the author might be less motivated to work due to all these complains that in the end, this comic might not even uodate in the future.

It is not fair to complain this way about others hard word.
please think of the author's feelings before you write a shitty comment.
hany_nah07🍪🍫🍦🍕🍩🍧: it's true I was trying to tell people that in the other episode
UwU~1772: It’s true
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uncle Mo sure likes her. aww! that guy is annoying, why is he scheming sth behind shirley? asshole!
Nice that Sam Gu is there for Shirely. uncle Mo, help Shirely too!
Exo Amairany
Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update Crazy update WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED THANKS 🙏 CRAZY UPDATE
arata yuki
and Uncle mo, u will sit there and do nothing?? congrats to u, u are so lame, even more lame than that narcissistic psychopath male lead like to tian, at least, they are agressive enough to defend their woman
I love this comic the most even so this comic not update everyday, but once it update, it's a long comic and the story is the best too XD just hair coloured black and brown and it looks the art is a real one just like the people chines
Haru Raijin
The intensity of Mo’s look to Tong speaks volumes. Good job author-sama and artist-sama. Pls pls pls never change the art for this like the other comics 😩😩😩
Nice that she forgot her bag atleast she could know what their real intentions are. Mr. Uncle Mo you are too slow to react😒
Zahr P.: That got me wondering, WHO killed her dad.
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what? "its not allowed to cohabit before marriage" Am i finding cues here? does this mean that uncle Mo is interested in her? haha 😂😂😂
woman.with.light: yeah, Cohabit is when a couple, who are inlove live together without marriage. That i know. But, i was rather inferring if Mo was interested on her or not 😂😂😂
woman.with.light: yeah, Cohabit is when a couple, who are inlove live together without marriage. That i know. But, i was rather inferring if Mo was interested on her or not 😂😂😂
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Shirley: * I just got an idea* Ms. please help me that car UK there kidnapped my daughter
Bus Driver: okay did you report it to the police
Shirley: no they wouldn't care cause I gave birth to a girl
Bus Driver: I gave birth to a girl too' stops on the gas and blocks he car
Shirley: Thanks bye 'disappears to no where
Drowsy panda
i can see that almost all the reader are complaining about how the author should continue the story but in my opinion I think that the author is just trying to entertain people by some funny episodes I hope that readers will understand and stop complaining
Mahmuda Akter
What the hell!!!
Why there's not any actual episodes?!
All of us are eagerly waiting for the episode but here you are giving these things to us!
OK..!! We know you're trying to entertain us but you could have give us at least one actual episode!! Please consider our feelings!
hany_nah07🍪🍫🍦🍕🍩🍧: ya.
Jellal Fernandes: well, the main story will continue from next episode hope you will stop complaining now 😊
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honestly i couldn’t even ship them if eason mo wasn’t in the picture cuz three reasons.

1. he’s not hot, like he’s not ugly but he looks to simple

2. his hair. no.

3. they look like siblings, thought they were siblings. i said what i said.
Indira Garcia: in the three reason for me you are right
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