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Mo, don’t run!

Wuli culture
When season two coming out?
Rowena Rocas
hey author, what is the title the season 2??
anthea lea: yahh i want to know tooooo
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Kamilya ten
with bandana she rocks but without it she look so cute😍
Why the hell is she sleeping with her mouth open?!!!????
MJ: People who have respiratory problems do so. People with runny nose sometimes do so too. Some people open then close their mouths when turning in their sleep. Her face was covered with the sheets so perhaps her nose was blocked? But frankly, I don't really care about that. What I care about is whether he already knows her to touch her face like that while she's asleep
shut.up.thot.: Uhm i kinda sleep with my mouth open sometimes, when i feel so tired.
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all the mo family is not trustworthy....and her so called FIANCE is such a jerk how can he be so nice and talk nonsense behind her back......and that bit*** miss fu and that another girl ......I CAN'T STAND THESE THREE ......TWO TIMER .....TWO FACED PEOPLE .......
ahhh pls stop this you wasting my coins!!
Lovergirl 😘😘😘(^^)(^^)
if he's hot then that rule doesn't apply 😂😂 😂😂 😂
your name: hahahaha
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this is boring, the story just goes on and on in a roundabout way, it's like there's no progress at all or maybe it's too slow
Bella Luna: ig but it still seemed a little like mabey to straight forward
pipapupap: yea but it can be considered a constructive criticism as how the progress being slow, apologies if the author ever saw this comment but as far as the saying goes, you'll never improve without knowing what your audience says
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Another Daisy
hoho i think it's just his scheme in order she can-t ho anywhere, and be will the one will keep her. hoho
BTS are my big bro those i want to fight with😂: i now your dp it is from my ex client sunchae.. i love her so much
kohana😘: right 😂😂😂
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S.B kolli
this love story is going to be sweet ❤️❤️❤️
Dizzy, there's no season 2. so sad...
poor ml.. he has less than 1line per chapter...
Elsa Hudson: Seriously awesome dude
Color Cloud: Lol 😂😂😂
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leelo lor
Is that a phrase for something? O.O
Stephanie Asparin
I'd rather walk miles away to get home than putting myself in debt.
Pann Chi
Hemorrhoids? I don't believe you Eason Mo.😜 Internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids? Is there any similar attack? Is there Pain on defecation? Family history of piles? Social history? Personal history? haha
Another Daisy
i think she is trying to figuring the human position for her drawing.
Jenny Luz Cometa Anggot
Hahhahha hahhahah so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DAMN I read "with a bright future ahead" as "big forehead"... just... how?
Joueria M.S: Lol. haha
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Janessa Campo
takte nmn.. pabitin c author..inabot ako ng 2:42am . for the points.. pra ma unlock ko lahat. wahahaha
I like this story, hope to season 2, I like that she draws. if anyone know if they are anymore manga stories with FL who draw, I would appreciate it.
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