Hippocrate In Another World
Romance / Fantasy / TimeTravel / Unscheduled

Hippocrate In Another World

Mkoala Culture
Hippocrate In Another World
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Hippocrate In Another World Comics Online. The genius doctor Julie Sikong reborn in another world and encountered a group of handsome princes, all of who are falling in love with Julie. In order to get back to the where she used to be, Julie spared every effort to commit suicide, which turned out to be in vain…She could do nothing but cure people with her medical skills in the new world…

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Hottest Comments
chelsea Chii
Me too!!! Wait for so long for each chapter and I can’t wait to read more more chapter!!!! I like the cold prince too he’s cute!! But the pretty prince is nice too. Grrr... I like them all!! He he happy new year ;)
the innocent girl •-•
its 5 am here i didn't sleep saw this clicked with the speed of light on it and read the whole chapter in 10 seconds and have to wait a long time again
Jiyana Patel
i really want to read this drama ahead please update as soon as possible. Thank you so much for such lovely and great drama. 👍👍👍👍
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