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Hippocrate In Another World

Mkoala Culture
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Hippocrate In Another World Comics Online. The genius doctor Julie Sikong reborn in another world and encountered a group of handsome princes, all of who are falling in love with Julie. In order to get back to the where she used to be, Julie spared every effort to commit suicide, which turned out to be in vain…She could do nothing but cure people with her medical skills in the new world…

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Hottest Comments
I hope this will be a big turn around for her and be recognized for her medocal skills... someone safe her and get her out of jail!... btw who is the female leads romance interest??? this being a romance genre
Sakura: ok cool I was hoping it would be the white haired prince too! 👍
Gabriela B: probably the white haired prince because he has FL's bracelet I don't think it will be the narcissist prince
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well...I think those prisoners are good they dont take advantage at her and even protecting her
lucky clover
This is what they called... When you be good to people, other people will do the same to you ~ you reap what you sow
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