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Hippocrate In Another World

Mkoala Culture
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The genius doctor Julie Sikong reborn in another world and encountered a group of handsome princes, all of who are falling in love with Julie. In order to get back to the where she used to be, Julie spared every effort to commit suicide, which turned out to be in vain…She could do nothing but cure people with her medical skills in the new world…

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I had a rare cancer--parathyroid cancer--and those glands had to be removed. Those are the glands that control your body's calcium levels. Your muscles depend on calcium. So, at first after surgery, I had to depend on IV calcium. But whenever they removed the IV, I got intensely painful cramps all over and had no control over my muscles. Once they were slow getting back with the IV calcium and things got scary-- horrible pain, trouble breathing--and I never forgot how bad that hurt. Eventually my body stabilized and I could get by on oral calcium. I mention this to remind you guys how essential calcium is and to tell you PLEASE take care to avoid exposure to toxins in your daily life and anything else that might increase your cancer risk. And PLEASE, especially if you are a girl, keep those calcium levels up!
Vaishnavi : yeah.... we shus always take precautions when we can and be healthy..... and take care of yourselves please.... 👍👍

coz it can turn very quickly.... ☺
lemurloki: Ouch. I know what that feels like. For those dealing with problems, we should always do what we can to help ourselves. Oral calcium by tablet takes a while to dissollve and get into your system--but calcium in a drink is pretty quick. You might already know about the packets of calcium you can just add to any beverage but if you don't yet use them, please get some. They are sold in many drug stores, health food stores and online. So is magnesium and a combo of the two WILL help that pain go. Hang in there, sweety!
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Z ana
Now it's getting annoying, I loved this manga dis was the only Manga where female lead didn't jump to the conclusion that she has time traveled and now she is going to live like that , instead she tried to go back to her own time. But the update are so slow I really loved the plot I wanted to read it everyday . But it updates doesn't have any secdule
Tay Ching Hui: The update is slow because there’s no one translating it
Saratu Musa: hi you are right this rain is amazing I love her character but the update really is slow if not because I like this story I would have dropped it long ago but we don't know why the update is really really really slow hope the author of The story is doing fine and well thanks author 👍👍😘
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thank you author😉 for your hard work for us i really like and love this manga i really appreciate your work and art 😘😍
keep it up keep the good art work👍
but before work must takecare of health don't do over busybody😊
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