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Hippocrate In Another World

Mkoala Culture
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The genius doctor Julie Sikong reborn in another world and encountered a group of handsome princes, all of who are falling in love with Julie. In order to get back to the where she used to be, Julie spared every effort to commit suicide, which turned out to be in vain…She could do nothing but cure people with her medical skills in the new world…

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Hottest Comments
The main character is stupid as hell. It was a good story and plot back then, but more and more things happened because she shows no intelligence at all, like she has no good side beside the ability that miraculously can heal sickness.
The author need to take reference from peerless alchemist, shen yi di nu, feng lin tian xia, and the other to make her better person in ancient world.
I like these three girls actually. I had siblings and we are all crazy, sloppy and all that. But that Ailian Sikong is right, outsiders should not judge someone's family members...

I actually hope for once, I get to see siblings interaction inside a comic. The crazy, messy relations but still takes a stand and care for each other. Not going about destroying each other's reputation at the drop of a hat.

But I guess it wasn't possible since everyone had underlying motives and even a twisted or indirect kind of caring was never possible between siblings of same gender in this kind of story.
These guards locked her up without telling her why she was there and you expect a modern person to know how to act like a person who was born and raised in ancient times? I don’t get how she’s stupid either. It’s not like those stories where she inherits the body’s old souls memories, or someone who travelled back in time to change past happenings. Also, all she’s focused on rn is getting her bracelet back and going back to her own time.
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