Hippocrate In Another World
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Hippocrate In Another World

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Hippocrate In Another World
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Who’s the fat girl? 🤷🏻‍♀️

What the heck? The primadonna prince is too girly and narcissistic, which I’m sure will annoy me to no end as the story goes along! I hope the FL rejects him so hard and crushes his self-obsessed ego! 😼

Er, the maids swooning over the prince looked like contortionists! 😂😂
Bharlyn Urdas Villasor: still no update???
crazy update please
crazy update please
crazy update please
crazy update please
crazy update please
crazy update please
crazy update please
crazy update please
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The Third prince is more handsome than the Fourth prince... IMO! 😼 Maybe the women (including old grandma with the cane 😂) are fangirling the fourth prince b/c he has a girlish look, but he’s just so-so! I’ll take the “oh so handsome” third prince instead! ❤️💯🤗
Kitty Mi
Why are you taking so much time for this comic??if you can't update then give me the link of this original comics so that i can read it on my own😤😤
Lexie: The author has their reasons for not updating. It’s not nice to rush people. People have lives not everyone can just sit around reading/writing comics. Take a chill pill bro. Better yet make that two chill pills.
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Tse Ring
umm did something happend to author...
or author been busy...
can you update some chapter once a week..
we have been waiting for updates since long time.. ......😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
❤️hopeless~romantic❤️: si me duele el corazón 🥺
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Karot Karot
FL @@ why behave like this ~_~ ?? I dont know how to describe but wtf is wrong with her why is she behaving like a helpless madness idiot ?
Guezz Luck
busy busy in other things
just don't forget we are still waiting for your update
Beah Jayme
unlike the first episode, she show her cool and tough characteristics only for a few seconds and the rest is hilarious, troublemaker and blank minded fl... ok, at least I'm enjoying so far.
Ashaeil Kiamco
author where are you why there is no update? I been waiting for over a month now
Raj kumar panda
what is wrong with you , why no new episode if don't wanna upload then give me the link where I can find it .
Meera Layo Magar: yes , you are right 😶
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i bet that beautiful blonde haired girl isn't as nice& friendly as she seems to the FL.
Samantha Boedhram
am I the only one disappointed that white haired guy used such despicable methods?
Jeý: Hi! Sorry to bother you. Can you please check-out and read my novel entitled, "Black Section". Thank you!
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update plz... i think i will forget the story line only... 🙄🙄
Little Fox
Hahaha when you are supposed to be serious but you make everyone laugh instead
Ea Vie: And the entire class and teacher go with it for 15 minutes because you announced the answer so confidently until...they discover it was wrong.
Normie_.mion: When you scream the wrong answer:
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Little Fox
Hahaha “I should cure them when I have time”
❤️hopeless~romantic❤️: Preech boi😂
Aryam: The solution is God.
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Amaravadee Thippayaprapai Darakorn
I think some one got a green eyed monster here. 🤣
Lorraine Berame
i thought white haired guy is the ml but i think he is the vallain?
Diana ❤️ : Me too 😢
Rouqing: I think he'll end up liking her. then there will be a love triangle.
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I don't like this beautiful guy at starting.... but now he's very cute🤭🤭
The female lead is to reckless even for her own sake...
Jewel Gestoso: true i just wanna cry
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Lonely wolf


sneha: I think author has gone for a vaccation.. and thus..seeking for new ideas to write the next episode... 🤔🤔😇😇
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Cinta Asmaul Husna
this story from begining until now just make laugh hahahaha
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