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Hippocrate In Another World

Mkoala Culture
I had a rare cancer--parathyroid cancer--and those glands had to be removed. Those are the glands that control your body's calcium levels. Your muscles depend on calcium. So, at first after surgery, I had to depend on IV calcium. But whenever they removed the IV, I got intensely painful cramps all over and had no control over my muscles. Once they were slow getting back with the IV calcium and things got scary-- horrible pain, trouble breathing--and I never forgot how bad that hurt. Eventually my body stabilized and I could get by on oral calcium. I mention this to remind you guys how essential calcium is and to tell you PLEASE take care to avoid exposure to toxins in your daily life and anything else that might increase your cancer risk. And PLEASE, especially if you are a girl, keep those calcium levels up!
Keren Marshall: Thanks for the info. I'm already in A LOT OF PAIN because of Osteoarthritis and I mean A LOT😭😭😭😭😭 I don't want more pain. Next time I go see my doctor I'll ask for a test.
Vaishnavi : yeah.... we shus always take precautions when we can and be healthy..... and take care of yourselves please.... 👍👍

coz it can turn very quickly.... ☺
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Atri Purwasasmita
😂😂😂😂😂 if the others hate that FL character change from the first chapter, i'm not. i love her funny and all her characters. hahaa.. and that evil assassin who injured FL, why is he like guilty for injured FL, he is too kind hearted to be an assassin, soo hillarious! 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍
Fairy Secret
Just telling you guys that I was supposed to study for our exam tomorrow but I ended reading Manga... Thumbs up if it's same situation to you... 👍👍👍
Ash: I got exams in a couple weeks not tomorrow but I should still probably be studying but nah, manga is way more interesting than memorising names and dates
Mark Anthony E. Gulagula: share mo lang
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Rachelle carcedo
ncient people are really hard to understand,always over reacting..
Crazy Girls: Yeah like witch craft omg someone is making a pact with the devil bruh that’s there on problems not yours
{®{My Yaoi Goddess}®}: yes yes I agree
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Atri Purwasasmita
hahahaaa... sumpah geli bgt gue liat Prince Qin kalau udah ngomong kecantikan dan produk kecantikan, tapi lucu sih, cocok dgn Female Lead-nya
Atri Purwasasmita: hahahaaa.. i swear i got goosebumps everytime i see prince Qin talks about beauty and cosmetic products, but it's so funny, he has chemistry with female lead.
ZealousCom: pls translate
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The Smol Potato
The last panel is me, when my classmates wants to get my test paper for my answers😂😂🤣
Amreen Khan
hehehehe he's usually so cute but looked scary with red eyes when angry😆
Crazy Girls
I can’t having a bad day just read this story cuz it’s hella funny when he kept going back in line omg I can’t to much😂😂😂
Yhang Vixenqie
Stop saying negative words. If you think this story this story is not worth it then feel free to leave. y'all rude
Yhang Vixenqie
On the first chapters you're saying that this story is not worth it,and now you were asking for more updates
well i think the boy that with that old man is somehow familiar ..... one of the young prince ? i guess....
she is not that careless in modern life but why he is she totally stupid and silly , it is just like luck is sticking on her side ,that's it nothing more than that
Sonam Tshering
All of the princes other than the white haired schemer are dumbasses
i need more i want more
cccccccrrrrrraaaaazzzzyyyy uuuppppdddaaaattteee pppplllleeeaaaassseee
Atri Purwasasmita
that is more she should marry him than he should marry her, for taking responsibility. hahaa
Yhang Vixenqie
If Prince Qing and Julie will be a couple,I'm sure Yillian will get mad
Rehmath Fathima
I am begging to the author please crazy update
Xing er
arghh thank you so much editor author tranlater😭😭😭😭. Plz it's a request from my heart do upload every day. my fragile heart always want to read this comic. love from my side❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Atri Purwasasmita
i feel pity for their mother, her sons are like that, ha haa
Munesh Poonia
plzz. update fast
I can't wait for next episode
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