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Gold Time That You Owe Me

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Failing to pay the huge debt, Chen Yanxin was chased by her father's creditor. In order to get rid of these desperate people, she hid in the nightclub and dressed as a heavy makeup waiter. Unexpectedly, there is another man who is also avoiding the pursuit…Under all kinds of accidents, she had to make a fake play with this strange man...

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Now, that actress and Tianrui continue the conversation abt her dad. Then at another ward, Tianrui's uncle and his half brother hv an argument and a new plan is ready.

The pic captured by that paparazzi is now online. He is standing behind her and trying to tease her so she hits her phone on his cheeks and so he rubs his head on her head❤😍 and tease her once again and pulls her cheeks.
Then there's a call from K and he ignores her and then she hit him in his head.

In the next scene, Its Ban Boyu's father angrily asking Han Bozhong wt happened to his son. Han Bozhong showed the picture of Yanxi and added fuel to the fire. After seeing the pic he recognized that he was also fooled in the very beginning chapters where they meet for 1st time.

Later, Tianrui is working and Yanxi is eating cup cakes and cookies and they hv a fighting again. When she points a finger to him, Tianrui is sitting on the chair and pull her hand and she fell in his arms.❤😍
ameena ghaleb: though didn't understand some things but its going well and with happiness im satisfied and excited to see 😍🙈 thanks alot 🙈
Nad Bluemold: thx thx
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Xun An✨
What a bad father... 😤😤😤
our FL is so unlucky to have a father like him...😡😡😡
💜Tingjuyemma💜: YOUR PROFILE IS ONCE MORE I LOVE THAT COMIC!!! the comeback of the author 😄
Xun An✨: yeah!😐😐
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ik he is ur father bt everyone she pay for wat they did... although I'm against the idea of Killing him bt still I'd like it more if she would help the ml to put him behind the bars
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