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Gold Time That You Owe Me

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Failing to pay the huge debt, Chen Yanxin was chased by her father's creditor. In order to get rid of these desperate people, she hid in the nightclub and dressed as a heavy makeup waiter. Unexpectedly, there is another man who is also avoiding the pursuit…Under all kinds of accidents, she had to make a fake play with this strange man...

Manga Toon got authorization from HangMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - shiguangqianwoyigeni,sgqwygn
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ok well this is interesting, and I apreciate the work of the author , but all comics in mangatoon begin with the same history where the protagonist has to pay the debt of her family and she go to a nightclub where the men appear and they have sex well all of us know what happen next.
These stories are interesting but is kinda boring that all starts with the same .
(sorry for my bad english).
Echizen Ryoma: hahahaa..u right
hina: u right😂
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Han Yong Mi
isang klase lang ng comic ang nabasa KOng may ending ung bringing the nation's husband
the rest ewan kong may katapusan ba
kaya pag wala pang update naghahanap ako ng ibang mababasa pero as usual ganun padin hindi makokompleto kc may updated pa
sighhh dami ko nang stories na nabasa pero un nga d parin matapos tapos then sa plot ng stories andun padin ung babaeng kinawawa ung babaeng ibaba ang kTawan kapalit ng pera...
author kilan kaya magkakaroon ng stories na babae naman ung mayayaman at lalaki din ung magiging kWawa
Dhayana Martin Dela Paz: babae rin siya
Dhayana Martin Dela Paz: Stay with the CEO maganda may ending basahin mo strong. yung bida doon.. 😊
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Ye Zhong Jue
In next chapter, Han Tianrui amd Chen Yanxin are in the car and he sees some people r in front and ready for attack and he goes out and the car hv a bomb which blasts out.
Su Han: yeah please tell us
Yannie Gonzales: where did you read in advance this comic?
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