Plastic Surgery: Beauty APP
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Plastic Surgery: Beauty APP

Plastic Surgery: Beauty APP
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Plastic Surgery: Beauty APP Comics Online. Due to too much work pressure, Lou Fei gradually became a super fat woman and was also expelled from the company because of her poor shape, and her boyfriend was snatched by her best girl friend. It seems that life has fallen to its bottom…an accident down load of a beauty app changed her life by making her slim again as long as she finished assigned tasks…

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seriously 😒 in my opinion he lacks common sense if he sleeps with some skeleton only bones will peck him but chubby ones are so shit and cute and way to hold and comfortable goshhhhh go to hell bastard you don't deserve her
✨: thank you sis 🌱
Malaika Gupta: liked the way how u put
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Otaku fox
I know how she feels 😢 only thing people are accepted...
But never the less always be positive 😉
Malaika Gupta
i don't know who defame the fat people when everyone believes in inner beauty and kindness..
Malaika Gupta: yeah u r right about that... but in normal life apart from being a singer dancer actor etc people should treasure themselves as who they are.. and they will become beautiful inside out..🤗
Card Captor Sakura: Oh, I'm sorry 🙏 to tell you about the TRUE, yet CRUEL REALITY that EVERYONE has to deal with in LIFE:

We can't just change what others THINK 💭 in their MINDS 🧠 what they HIDE inside their HEARTS 💕 what they SAY & DO

Well, I'm NOT saying that it's IMPOSSIBLE 🙅 to TWIST 🔀 this WORLD 🗺 to make huge DIFFERENCES in many people's lives and their points of WORLDVIEWS/ OPINIONS but FYI: it's definitely going to be very DIFFICULT for this to happen so it'll NEVER be EASY to do that because in the beginning, somebody already has set up BASIC REQUIREMENTS & STANDARDS of LIVING, RULES & REGULATIONS in various areas of industry fields such as Design, Fashion, Model, Artists and Celebrities (singers, dancers + actors/ actresses).
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