Young Master, please don't!
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Young Master, please don't!

Young Master, please don't!
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Young Master, please don't! Comics Online. Fell for Miao Sikong at first sight, the beautiful dancer Ke-er decieded to leave her easy life behind and dressed as an errand boy to accompany him. From then on, she set out to protect her young master's chastity!

MangaToon got authorization from Dongmantang to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Young Master, please don't!:
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Bleu Lily ✿☽
After rereading “Prince, Don’t Do This!”, I came back to reread this as well. Now, I understand it more. Even though this is a sequel, some character designs and past events were altered a bit. I’d say this was a light version of what really happened to Shi Ying. But I guess it’s because it’s Song Jin Yu’s version told to another.
Shi Ying’s death was so dark and tragic in the original. His love story with Princess Jian Kang was so sad. It’s understandable why she decided to become a nun and never love another.
Also got to understand Si Kong Miao’s attitude more. He was as lively as Song Jin Yu when they were young. But then he lost one of his best friends and his first love in an instant. He’s ridden with guilt and regret, which he never came to terms with. So he became this unfeeling and boring character.
Still, Song Jin Yu is my favorite. I didn’t like Princess Kang Le’s attitude towards him in the first one, treating him like a toy. Even though as a child, it’s apparent she really likes him, her attitude is just too much. Now it continues like that. I’m excited for the next sequel, which stars him as the lead but I don’t know about Princess Kang Le. I don’t like her much. I’d say, Ke’er brought out Song Jin Yu’s positive self more than anyone else. I really like him with her. If only~
Aurazy Ribeiro: where did you read Prince, don't do this? couldn't find it here.
Bleu Lily ✿☽: Still ongoing
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gintoki chama
i am actually very disappointed with his poker face when his friend died and it is not only a friend but a real loyal friend who died in place of him died yet that expression is vexing. to think that i really like him at first as the male lead
Jojo Jawaher
wtf happing ?
how can they destroy a good story by this horrible end ? 😠😭
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