Young Master, please don't!
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Young Master, please don't!

Young Master, please don't!
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Love it. This story shows that sometimes people fall for someone who doesn't love him/her. It doesn't important he/she love you or not but important thing is you love him/her or not. In this manga many people fall in love but every person doesn't have the luck to live with the one they love. I like this story
Siya Jain
oh this really is a new concept for me!!!!

in each and every comic...I'll be waiting for that "intresting" dialogue from the ML..... but in this, it is actually said by FL😂😂.. this is really something different..!!!!
i think this king is way more better than those arrogant,scheming and evil emperor😱😱
why do I have a feeling that she is the emperers dancer that went missing
is it finished
Kimy 😘♥
Ah why at the worst moment
Yuta XX
man the m elves friend look so feminine that I even thought she was a woman.
my ship is finally selling... 😍😍😍
Anonymous: oh um a ship is basically a term used for two people that you find fit together really well. Its mostly used to refer a romantic couple but there are some cases where it is meant in a friendship or sibling way but thats like barely used.
E.g In an anime called Fairy Tail there are two characters called Natsu and Lucy and fans think that they would be a cute romantic couple cus of their relationship and moments so they would say they ship them and when it acc happens you will use the word play 'my ship is sailing'.

I'm sorry if this doesnt make sense :)
Gopal Soy: what is ship you guys always write . i,m so confused. plz tell me
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No wonder I why I face a lot of embarrassment.... since m Cancer ♋ it's true that my luck is really good... Bt nt always.. 😂😂
when is my ship going to sail....!!!? I can't wait for it... 😩😩😩😩😩😩
maiko kazuki
Still waiting if there’s more
her mom is so preety
so many handsome guys
Khagendra Karki
what happened to his master?
Girl in aniMIC
haha the errand boy is so damn funny!!
Ta Lik
Meagan Valentine Magers-Johnson
Why is everything out of order?!?
Meagan Valentine Magers-Johnson
I can’t decide what’s funnier!! That servant’s thinking or these two
too much words too lazy.....
Flaregil: same here
Ella: Relatable
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