Had I Not Met You

Had I Not Met You

Youse Culture
Had I Not Met You
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Had I Not Met You Comics Online. Twelve years ago, they first met each other in university. That was a cool autumn and he appeared quietly in her picture, indifferent yet unparalleled.
Twelve years later, he has become a wealthy business man and she married him.
He loves her in a fever under the calm and restrained cover, which drives her desperate…

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Juliet German
please update. it's really good. it has so much potential but it's mean to leave us not even mid way.
starlight🌠: its been almost 1 or 2 years that the manga has not updated at all
total 1 replies
Author, are you doing well? 😢

We are all waiting for the next episode...., there are many of your fans around here😊...PLEASE be honest with your health😭
Let me tell you, your comic is amazing and we are eager to read the next episode...AnD its been months and months....
🌸Our patience are fading😢...
Please CoNtinuE, and may there be no problem with your health😭...
Pretty lady
why isn't updated yet
I've waited for too long I can't wait to read these is this comic continue updated I'm really so sad
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