My First Love is A Problem Boy
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My First Love is A Problem Boy

Youse Culture
My First Love is A Problem Boy
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My First Love is A Problem Boy Comics Online. Hua Qianshu is a female high school student that forced by her father to study in the aristocratic college. People lack background are humble in the school and can be bullied by anyone. She cannot tolerate the campus bully anymore, so she recorded it secretly and uploaded it to the website, an action that changed her high school life…

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Update plz. its has been a year since you updated this comic. why is it taking so long for it to update. some people are growing every inpatient and we would love and update. you can't just leave us at a cliffhagar and not expect us to get mad. we need to know what happens next. I've waited so long for an update and many others will agree and specially when some of your fans were reading this comic since the first ep came out the least. you can do is updates it for them . so please update this comic
inah♡: @abby shaw but its been a long month the translators should finished it last year/ last month
inah♡: update please! we’re all begging for updates!!!!!!!
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Maryusedtoloveyou 😕
I’m so heartbroken guys.. I mean I don’t Think I’m the only one who heart breaks when one of my favorite comics end
Abby lau
I been waiti for a year and more.. when is episode 37 coming out because I've been waiting for a year and more come on please also so far it's really good like I'm like literally crying because it's so cute
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