Chasing Star Moon

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Greenle, a super Starchaser, accidently fell from a ladder in a concert and became a low-ranking concubine in the palace through the time travel. What’s more, she met her idol Billy, who was crowned as general! Being obedient to the lust emperor? No way! The ultimate goal of a fan girl is to let her idol fall in love with her in every effort!

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Lucinka Čehovská
Hohoho ☺️☺️☺️ i knew it!!! He is into pink moon and white moon is supporting him ☺️☺️☺️ good good ☺️☺️☺️ just please be strong and think someting about that perverted emperor 👿👿👿 i dont wanna our poor white moon suffer 😭😭😭 ben!!! Save your wife!!! And your offspring??? 😁😁😁
the_biggest_gorilla: nice nickname easy to remember.. pink moon and white moon😆
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honestly what’s the point of reading this story anymore? actually a genuine question, there is never any progress towards whatever problem is going on, and i don’t even know the problem because it’s never brought up. can someone PLEASE tell me why i should continue, because i’d like to but this story is on some bullshit or something g
Savannah Lewis: Yup. 😂😂
Ethereal Iris: typical manhua with isekai theme. the author keep drangging the plot until we don't know what happen it's just there. Where is the REAL freaking PLOT 🤣?
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Lily Jones
prince you like her but you pretend that you don't liked her. when you know her name your face is like a gentleman but inside you your face is as happy as a baby who get what he want. you will realize sooner or
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