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Please Be Tender

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Collins believes that Calvin is the only one in the world that acting against him. He names him toy boy, scrape his good brother and snatch the woman he likes…But when Collins plans to teach him a lesson, he seems to be ready for it and even enjoy… what the hell of that strange guy?

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Boys’ Love
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ELF Cookie 🥠
I think Able is starting to get jelly when Calvin is with other people. I'm thinking he is starting to realize his feelings. Calvin wants Able to be safe and he's starting to fall too.
Rubaiya Sultana Ruba
I really don't understand Calvin's diplomatic thought...Why he said that If Able killed He will do it himself instead of Dunn...
isn't Calvin loved Able...??? Or he just pretended to loved him...😧😧😧
Niikkii: He’s basically saying Dunn doesn’t have the right to do anything to Abel. Calvin is saying he cares about him so much that he’s not gonna let anyone hurt him. If you had to put down your dog, you wouldn’t want someone else to do it, you would want to do it. Bc you love your dog that much. Same idea in my head.
Hotaru6: hope it made sense lol

(so much errors xD)
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Fangirl 🔥 Boy's Love 🔥
woow he is getting shy at the sex shop 😂 😂 can't wait for next chapter 😈 😈
xx Taehyung xx: oh geez 😂😂😂
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