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Please Be Tender

ELF Cookie 🥠
They are so cute together... I really think Able might be the only one who sees the real Calvin, or at least the closest version of the real Calvin. They have really started falling in love instead of in lust. So why is he calling Dunn? I don't like that guy and I don't like Able calling him...
Ugh this guy is so unnecessarily angry and yells so often that I’m getting a head ache even though I can’t hear any of it. I feel like I’m watching a combo of Bakugo(bnha) and Shizuo(drrr) at their angriest and it’s honestly annoying cus he goes off at the EVERYTHING and it’s making me confused about what’s actually important in the plot right now
ELF Cookie 🥠
They seem to be actually falling in love no just lust! Talking instead of just sex. I like it. 👍🏻
anna millz
If bro vencent was killed by Calvin then y’all know that he’s a dog And a dog is a dog y’all know what I mean right
Maybe, I was right in my comment in the previous chapter, that Calvin has to do something with the death of brother Vincent/Wen
Teresa Syas
Is it me or does the killer look like his boyfriend
Dragon Indigo: Yes, but I think it's a deliberately mislead from the author, I think the killer is Dunn, and Calvin knows that
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Pseudo Nym
the comments section helped me follow the gang story. I'm rather interested with the romance part.
Sudipti Murmu
Why why why the updates is every 7 days ...... and if it's Calvin then 🥺🥺🥺😬🥺
Shoto Todoroki
I’m just Now Remembering the song in Annie goes like “Dumb dog why are following me~” But then she adopts it
Kera Sakti
Calvin you're so spoiled like an Teenagers , But Abel's love it ... ❤❤❤
oh my my oh my my and a boy with love ❤❤
Vicky Lutran: BTS!!!💖💖💖boy with luv
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is it just a coincidence that I keep getting dog adds for just this comic
alana miller
I really hope the killer isn't his boyfriend
Kurabu Kishidou
Calvin harsh ways tone down alot I'm curious to know what did Calvin see in Able besides sex
When Calvin says * You don't have Wi-Fi * In ma brain ima like am gonna die with out Wi-Fi if u feel the same put a 🤚
Lee loves coffee2
omg its dunn right he killed him
the killer or mole is looks like calvin.. pls nooo..
Pseudo Nym
Now I understand why Abel is a dog.
Kurabu Kishidou
I m binging to Calvin had something to do with Vincent death
the episodes are getting longer and the characters are getting younger.
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