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The Man That Was Buried Alive

ShenYu Comics
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The psychological counselor Ling received a patient on a normal afternoon. That patient seemed to be a weak and well-mannered gentleman from a wealthy family… but he confessed that he had beat his lover unconscious and buried him alive…doctor, What should I do?

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Boys’ Love
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What I think right now....
Is 1. Bai sheng have multi-personalities
and he gets weird idk beacause of shen or it is from the begining one of the personalities is the kind cute bai we all saw in the begining and the other is stalker and I feel like he do things and he don't remember when he wakes like being controlled which is creepy...

2. Shen is totally CRAY-CRAY and have some temper I can feel it...and maybe an abuser or not
But i don't trust him...he could hurt anyone i am watching him -_-
I am not sure who hurt who...

But I really think Bai is telling the truth well most of it actually...
And the doctor is the one to solve the mystery
This is how i see the story...

I love it so much because it's totally diffrent from the other i seen in my life....
it feels as if he did it and he didn't do it. It's like he's making up the story because he said it was raining heavily when he buried Bai Sheng alive. He also stated that it was after he buried him, he notice he was alive but never mentioned another day other than that night. Then he is saying that after he buried him, on that night when the rain was pouring, he went to sleep or whatever he was doing. He then said that the following day when the sun was up(no rain), the body was gone. If it had rained before, there is supposed to be footprints left in the soil and there is a picture with footprints. Why didn't he follow it? Sorry for my ranting😊 I feel sorry for Bai Sheng, that guy is psycho
sydney hauck
ok, conspiracy theory. Shen is part of a hallucination, and that he had actually inflicted the injuries onto himself during the hallucination. And then he even buried himself (how he did that, idk, but it is a manga after all) and then when he woke up from the hallucination, he thought of the last person he saw (probably someone named Shen) and thought that he did it. ANd then sent an innocent man to jail and that's the only way my brain will process this. so, your welcome
Sweety Kitty❤️: if its true it an illusion.. how can that man in jail say he would chase Cheng forever .. that kinda weird.. if i conclude that in your conclusion..
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