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The Man That Was Buried Alive

ShenYu Comics
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The psychological counselor Ling received a patient on a normal afternoon. That patient seemed to be a weak and well-mannered gentleman from a wealthy family… but he confessed that he had beat his lover unconscious and buried him alive…doctor, What should I do?

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Boys’ Love
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Gotcha Girl/squad
This makes no sense cause after 56 hours without water you will die of dehydration and it a grown man can not brake those thin ass chains he’s is hella weak you mite say but he can’t cause he hasn’t eaten but he could have broke them when he first got captured and last but not least if he just punched him in the face u would not bleed like u got cut there are so many more than this but I don’t fell like typing much more or being annoying
Concepcion: Its called a fictionanl manga sry to be rude
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Dew Drop
F***! I really don't like this turn of event!!!! Are you f***ing kidding me,Author? Did you have to do this to me!!!! I mean,come on... I liked him too much..... Do you have to make him the villain?😠😠
I never felt this frustration!!!! This story was going so well but this episode has ruined my mood!!!!!
I'm telling you Author,give me my baby back.... 😡😡
xx Taehyung xx: i can’t disagree with you, but.. appreciate the author’s work. he/she gets to make their story how ever they want it
SHIN-AE: Pfft 😂😂😂😂😂 take a chill pill bill
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XxLava girls gachaxX
Alright, so based on the info. I'm thinking, Shen Yinchuan is real but, do to the trauma he caused the main oc. The main oc developed multiple personality disorder and is now stuck between the trauma and multiple personality disorder. Thus this cused his random emotional change and a new state in which he seems psycho sometimes but, in reality he is just traumatised. If you ask me he should be placed in a mental institution so he can be properly medicated and treated for the trauma he has suffered.
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