Spoil You Forever
Romance / Completed

Spoil You Forever

Ji Guang Comic
Spoil You Forever
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Spoil You Forever Comics Online. He is a super boss who controls the economy as well as the arms and ammunition of the whole country. She is the belle of the town as well as the ex-girlfriend of a celebrity. He seems to lose his memory due to an accident caused by her, who claims herself to be his wife… Now that you are my wife, let's do things that only happen between couples…

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Hottest Comments
Okay this is probably the first manga where the main character told everything clearly and that to to the other main character not to some friend. Other manhuas take forever to clear just misunderstanding
Konstantin: That seems to be the reason it has only like 60 chapters.
avani: me searching for a reply that is not written
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next time on the streets I'll take a globe with me and I'll watch out for handsome men.
It'll be a accident, I swear.
M Rib: heheheh 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆
Cadys Etrama Di Raizel: 200th like!
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why tho
no honey she is not lying in fact she doesn't have a boyfriend she has a husband
Sophia Viteri: And why is he so pissed off 😤? They broke up
Aïcha: i love your comment 😂😂😂❤😈❤😂
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