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Spoil You Forever

Ji Guang Comic
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He is a super boss who control the economy as well as the arms and ammunition of the whole country. She is the belle of the town as well as the ex-girlfriend of a small star. He seems to lose his memory due to an accident created by her, who claims herself as his wife… Now that you are my wife, let's do things that only happened between couples…

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Tangela Reynolds
he is already much worse than fuwa sho (skip beat). at least sho never actually dated her or treated her like a love interest. but they are the same. when she was just a girl by your side who lived only for you, you couldnt be bothered. but now that she is someone outstanding and beautiful, you want to claim her for yourself. although you have absolutely no right.
but Kyoko is definitely better than her. once she saw his true colors, she has never once faltered in her hatred of him. but this girl....why do you care what happens to him. he beat up someone because he thought you were dating. and is trying to break you up with your bf. you should be mad and cursing him. why did you try to warn him. you should be laughing and sayong good riddance. get yourself together, girl.
now if only Ren was more like this male lead. skip beat would be so much more fun to read.
Charles Mo: Skipbeat team!!!
Anonymous: omg u know skip beat? and k totally agree fuwa sho was a jerk but this guy...
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Tangela Reynolds
these guys are something else. even if you felt you had to let her go to protect her or whatever, you chose to hurt her instead of being honest and then expect her to mope around all lovesick and heartbroken waiting for you to come back like some sort of pet. then expect her to run and jump into your arms like nothing ever happened.....that is worse than being narcissistic and it seems to be incurable. smh
Jessica Houston: well spoken sister
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Karen Phillips
ok this is a great story but whats with the ending. i want tk know if they really do get hiched and if her dreams do come true or if she finds why her dad moved to a small town to hide. There are to many open spots please continue the story.
Azura Syifa: i hope Will be season 2
Gobansheego MoDz-Ps4: true, it might not be finished, but instead could just be saying that until a season two will come out
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