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Spoil You Forever

Ji Guang Comic
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He is a super boss who control the economy as well as the arms and ammunition of the whole country. She is the belle of the town as well as the ex-girlfriend of a small star. He seems to lose his memory due to an accident created by her, who claims herself as his wife… Now that you are my wife, let's do things that only happened between couples…

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hansika ..
ah well ..y do u all keep complaining abt the outfit ...don't u know itz very hard 2 make different outfits ...everybody cannot do that ..n even the author is human ..he /she may have found it difficult 2 make different outfits ,so author keeps on repeating the clothes ...n btw itz just a comic...itz just a imagination ...none of the characters are gonna comment on some one's outfit ..n if u all think u can do it better n stop criticising the author n take his /her place ..n if u cannot then better stop complaining abt the clothes n co operate with the story ...n if u cannot then better stop reading this story ...UNNECESSARY COMMENTS N COMPLAINS R VERY ANNOYING ..N EVEN TGE AUTHOR IS GIVING ITZ 100% IN MAKING THE STORY INTERESTING N MAKING NEW OUTFITS ...BUT IF HE/SHE CANNOT THEN ITZ NOT HIS/HER PRBLM ...U ALL SHOULD KNOW HOW 2 BEAR WITH THE STORY, THE CHARACTERS N THEIR OUTFITS (ESPECIALLY )!!!!!!!😑
hansika ..: it was there in a episode of summer never ends story
anime and BTS is LIFE ò^ó: where did u get ur pic?....i love it!!
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Lubna Manir
C'mon writer.... It couldn't b the ending..... There is lots of thing to bring into light.... Like who Angela is... And what actually elvis ji and Stephen ye is.... There is lots of thing.... Like does really Ye love Angela.... What's his intention..... Will he come back....... I can go On...... Plz write more....
E -N -D???whats the meaningg if that???author~dont tell me you want to END this comic?????will it has a s2????plsss make s2 . this is just half end!!!
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