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Immortal Cravings

Cindy Spencer Pape
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Immortal Cravings Novel Online. Four tales of erotic romance featuring vampires, shape-shifters and demons.
Note: This book contains group sexual activity and bondage.

Part 1: Exploring Ari
Ariana Stephanopoulos has led a fairly quiet life—especially for a vampire—until she meets sexy werewolf Jackson Marceski. The instant attraction between them is hotter than anything she’s ever experienced, so when Jack offers to help fulfill all her sexual fantasies, she just can’t tell him no.

Part Two: Dani’s Demons
Bored with her life in Chicago, vampire Dani DuBois heads to Las Vegas for a little fun. Then she meets demons Kaz Elgin and Ty Cole. After they take care of their rogue demon problem, they decide to take care of Dani—together. Through a dungeon sex club and bondage games in a private room they set out to discover just how much fun three immortals can have in Sin City.

Part 3: Just For Jess
Vampire Jessamy Maitland is a classic workaholic, until her friends team up to buy her a weekend with the incredibly sexy vampire Dermott McMahon on his luxurious private island. Dermott is determined to get Jess to kick back and relax, so he’s enlisted the help of three lion shifter friends.

Part 4: Sporting Wood
What happens when a werewolf and a dryad meet in the forest at night? For Cooper and Kyla, the result is smoldering hot passion beyond anything they’ve ever known. When their fiery passion turns to love, it seems hopeless, unless a determined Kyla can find a way to keep her man.

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Star Fox
Sorry but I hope I do not offend you by this comment and I know it is your personal opinion but please someone worked hard on this just cause they dont complain does not mean you have to continue writing mean comments about their novel if you dont like it dont read it and plus if you complain abouthow it is not a manga you ahould have read the info first not come here and bad mouth someones lovely creation I know what I am saying right now may come of as rude but please show some rspect to the creator

to the creator of this novel your novel is very enchanting it makes me want to dig deeper into the emotions as I read
Aanchal : Well said
J: No that was not mean
total 14 replies
Author you nailed it...🔥😈
This novel...... I mean seriously I'm crazy about this novel now.....The reason why I started reading this novel was becaz I wanted to earn POINTS....but now I just can't stop myself from reading it....I don't know weather I'm lucky or be honest I think I'm both...
Lucky because I found such a damn hot novel to enjoy and unlucky because I ended up losing more than 400 POINTS...Damnnn but it's worth it...
Turdyn: duuuuuuude same here.😂😂😂😂
Holly Mallia: I know 🔥 😈 😏😏
total 2 replies
Era Gonzales
How about, while waiting for the time until you get points...instead did browsing it which is totally wasting time. why not spend the time reading while waiting g for points? It won't hurt right.? you gt the points and you make use of your time instead of just waiting . What do you think?
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