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The Brilliant Village Doctor

Ji Guang Comic
Ikki Kurugane
Till friday, i was in a relationship for almost 3years, our anniversary is at nov.. But suddenly that day she said something that blow off my mind..that was :"Im losing feelings for you, i can't be in a relationship at this moment at least not now" After hearing it.. I lost guys.. She was my first /true love.. And yet..yet she left me out of nowhere, i dont even know what to do.. Not even now.. But in my heart i still have a feeling that one day.... One day she will be back for me. What should i do? It hurts
Lee Vorg: Just watch How I Met Your Mother, don't skip, watch till the end(Season 9 chapter 24)
there are many quotes there that can ease your pain, especially for broken hearts, Hear out "Barney Stinson" even though he's a playboy, he has some quotes that can make you move on.

Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.
-Barny Stinson-
Keller Stravoski: I know it is not the same, but my life partner and I were in a relationship for close to 3 years also, knew each other for 10...he was diagnosed with kidney disease and went under for a new kidney...but a blood clot made him bleed out on the table in a routine surgery...and Ryan ended up leaving me a week before his 21st birthday, and our anniversary, and it hurt bad. I won't say you will find a better person because in our hearts those emotions are just horrible, and hard to get over. But hopefully one day you will be able to find something similar.
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Lee Vorg
His memory is really good to remember everything for every procedures. So if you have a photographic memory, then a Doctor is good choice of profession if you parents or family is pretty rich, or a lawyer but the corrupt government will always make you their puppet😆.
If you don't want to show y would you wear such dress🤷‍♀️they can't close their eyes whenever they see your body nor they can turn their heads in fact they will get attracted towards you.. Yet the majority of women says the problem is their eyes.. 😅 how funny... But that's how men's are, and if you want wear such sexy dress you have to accept their gazes too
Got found out? Or, could it be that the thugs want to have some fun with her?
Satyajit Paul: either way they going to be get ass kicked by MC😂😉
Ashish Singh: second option will be good 😅
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Lee Vorg
He should have bring a different woman, with good acting, knows how to use a gun and martial arts. why bring her? This is like Ash (Pokemon), this guy never learns😆
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Dala Nang Pilipina.
okay kids time to sleep. the adult will continue to watch.
Taiyoo Suraj Thokchom: 😂😂😂😂.........
eufreaks: hahaha....😂😂😂
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Lee Vorg
Stupid girl, didn't even suspect the cops who are already there when the woman scream😆
Lee Vorg
I'll give you a loophole, use the backdoor but just use a rubber always and lube.😆
Kerby Jhon G. Labor
spoiler alert! doct lin and the nurse are gonna married and haveE2 childrens joke...
Lee Vorg
i feel sorry for that girl, being a double is considered a suicide😰
Lee Vorg
An assassin that talk too much😆, even gives away the name of the target😂
Lee Vorg
Assassins competition? She saving her so she could take the kill.
Lee Vorg
If he really wants to run from them, why use a real name?
That’s rude? One must never reveal its face.
Try to stay loyal 🙄
I'll always side with the first one
Lee Vorg
Rothschild 😮, one the Big Family's who owns the earth.
Lee Vorg
There's nothing between you? idiot, why runaway 😆
Lee Vorg
it's ok to drink, it's your choice to get drunk😋😆😂
Raymond Almuete
this one looks like from story of doctor stranger.
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