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Ambiguous Loft

Ji Guang Comic
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Update on Mon, Sat
The designer Joe was discovered accidentally by his boss that he normally regards her as his sexual fantasies…Out of fury, she reduce Joe's salary, causing a series of economic problems and Joe has to take the strategy of sharing house with others to cut down the cost. But the first tenant is his beautiful boss…

MangaToon got authorization from Ji Guang Comic to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - aimeigongyu,amgy
Hottest Comments
In HIGH SCHOOL DXD the protagonist talks... says things in a perverted way even for girls who hates it wen a guy says perverted things we girls find it literally disgusting but the way the artist in HIGH SCHOOL DXD wrote the main character's words... he says it instead of a girl feeling irritated we find ourseleves laughing so hard. My friends who are boys introduced me cus the know am fund of manga. Besides making him so perverted and silly in cases...u can make him serious in some scenes cus if a girl or girls are always seeing 1 personality of him then 1 day becus of an act he shows a complete different side of him dat will make a girl curious abt him maybe even likeing him cus the behaviour he put on is mature or even funny or always wants to hear thier thoughts... protecting them it makes the girls who are ur character(s) feel special cus thier stunned the perverted loser who seems cute but silly & immature in some situations is i dunno protecting them from harms way dat will make them respect him & probably reduce the bullying.🖤
mocqueen sasser: +]ppp]p
kio_gloria: 🙂Cool by the way don't let anyone discourage u no one's perfect but dat doesn't mean we're not special in our unique way(s) i used myself as a test by changing my mind set on things like if a person says sth rude or says u can't do it u can't make a better comic prove them wrong in a positive way by making their words of bullets fall of u MAKE THIER NEGATIVES POSITIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE🖤
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Iris chan
Can u plz stop I'm still 13 I don't want to c this I'm only here for points I literally have a lump in my throat
iamunqsi: hi everyone read my Novels "New world Queen part I" and " A Weirdo girl" and give me some suggestions how to improve it
and give me feedback on comment section
Iris chan: Pffft lol omg I'm dead...... Wait y am I laughing that's..... umm ugh nvm but thx man made my day👌👌👌
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sam rexso
I think dude you should clam down a bit and quite cheesing girls..... cause u r fated to be forever alone the mf author won't let u be a harem master cuz he wants to make u suffer so we could laugh at u but I do feel bad for the same time I do want to see you suffer...... feel free to feel betrayed because everyone enjoys ur sufferings ( that kinda dark but it's the ugly truth ).....
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