Unmarried Wife
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Unmarried Wife

ShenYu Comics
Unmarried Wife
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Unmarried Wife Comics Online. It took her three months to get used to her new identity—Xi’s aunt. Every time she watches Xi dates with his new girlfriend, she always feels heartbroken. How could he forget everything? “I was not and am not and will never be your aunt, I am your…” Her mouth is sealed by a kiss before she could finish her words. “I don’t care who you are, I just know that I want to kiss you.”

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Hottest Comments
I feel bad for fl even though she gave ml aphrodisiac I mean who wouldn’t like you know???...
Because she came back from abroad and her supposedly “boyfriend” couldn’t remember her because amnesia I guess...
And then her “boyfriend” who’s now her ex boyfriend calls her “Auntie”...
ThAT’S SOooooO MeeeEsssaseEeEDdd UUPPp!!!
Like I get her you know??? She wants him back and in order to do that she fights back! I mean there’s really nothing wrong with wanting her boyfriend back since both of them have done nothing wrong and it’s just the ml that has an amnesia and she’s trying to get him to remember her but he can’t so the only hope/way she thought of is giving him aphrodisiac so that “he might remember”... 🙄
lovelyrosewolf: graze this was long but I see what u mean
Carlos LV Matabang: 00pñ
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To me I think he did the right thing because if I were the ML and just got married and lost my memories I would chose who I just married and not another girl that you like even though you like the other girl more it makes it harder to chose because you are married because in his perspective right now is:
Choosing the one you married is better than choosing the other girl.
You get what I mean??? But this is before he remembers the FL but after that and this happens again it’s a whole nother story.
DJ🦄✨: exactly
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Ruthy Morales
i read this comic in ONE day!! I'm glad I came across it being all done bc if I would've had to wait for each episode as they came out, i would've gone crazy!!!! I mean even the drawings were beautiful! I especially loved the fact that it wasn't too long and it wasn't too short of a story, it was perfect!!!!! And I'm glad the FL and the ML were strong and not easily led astray!!!! Thank you for such awesome first part!!! I hope we could get a season 2 with more of their love for each other!!!! either way, I'm more than satisfied with the ending!!!
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