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Unmarried Wife

ShenYu Comics
Joe Kuyper
PERIOD BITCH.: 12 but still lookin! 😂😂
🤗roses are red violets are blue if you ruin my ship ill ruin you: I'm 13 but still
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Dee Dee
that first panel was hilarious and cute lol 🤣🤣🤣. of course Yuzhe was in a good mood he got some from his love, Xiwu. Totally think the brother is up to no good. all of a sudden he's going to the UK??? maybe Abby's twin is in the UK and Yuzhe's brother is in love with her so he's helping Abby with Yuzhe??? Far fetched but just never
no he's not pretending... he really get amnesia.. but i thought after xiwu sent him that photos he started to remember a few thing, but i think he recalled all of the memories at the wedding...

for the wedding i dont know if he did it after he recalled or before.. but its absolutely something happen at that accident 3 years ago
stillelmariachi PiNk
well i understand why yuzhe choose the purple haired girl. in order to capture the real culprit they need to execute a plan. he want abby to think that he lost his memories and love her in order to protect the woman he truly love. he want to make sure that the real reason behind this incidents will be capture that is why he act like he knows nothing he act like he still have an amnesia but the real thing is to protect the woman he truly love and in order for them to continue their love story peacefuly.

and i ask myself why i am explaining? lol haha keep reading... just pass by😂
Rhea Jeanne Padilla: I support that explanation
stillelmariachi PiNk: well yeah that. i know she will be hurt but the outcome will be more wonderful. good thing the ending was fantastic and happy👐
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Dee Dee
what is going on??? I feel like his relationship with Abby was all fake and I even question if the marriage is real. doesn't seem like they've even slept together yet. there's something fishy going on and everyone's in on it except Xiwu. Yuzhe is probably trying to find out what happened 3 years ago
It’s so funny...... if her mum is Rh+ it means her dad is Rh-. I wonder why he couldn’t donate blood..
Also it means Xi cannot marry her because he is Rh-

And if they eventually marry, they will find it difficult to have kids cos of rhesus incompatibility
Gray: Not necessarily, there's a solution these days. An injection of sorts that would prevent untimely miscarriage and other complications with being Rhesus neg, it's all about being informed I guess.
Lucy: Sorry Xi is Rh+****
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Dee Dee
if Yuzhe denied it again I was gonna scream lol. I hate the fact that he had to marry Abby to save the company cuz that's a cruel sacrifice but he wanted to protect Xiwu as well. I do love the fact that he hasn't slept with Abby lol
Dee Dee
at least he did that to give her a hint that he remembers. its kinda funny like he's purposely stalking her everywhere and I'm sure it annoys Abby if she doesn't already know why they keep showing up where Xiwu is all the time lol
Dee Dee
I don't even know what to say about Yuzhe but he seriously needs to stop toying with Xiwu. Shes already heartbroken and hes rubbing salt in the wounds. you're married, if you wanted Xiwu then you should of married her instead!!!
Dee Dee
yup like I said Abby is behind this because she wanted to see if Yuzhe would choose her or his "aunt". cuz come on now....out of everyone there that person grabbed Abby and Xiwu??? definitely a minion of Abby's...
Dee Dee
the director was in on it too. Lol both of them got fired 🤣🤣🤣🤣. serves them right. I bet Abby paid the director to find someone to give Xiwu a hard time and steal her work so nothing would come back to her
Dee Dee
that's added proof Abby is the one from 3 years ago. the Dr even said it was her and Yuzhe even said he doesn't recall knowing her before then but yet she was at his side in the hospital
Dee Dee
I think the mental asylum is missing a patient with purple hair. they better hurry up and get her before she ruins more lives. make sure her padded room is still available please
Dee Dee
well it was Xiwu's brother...go figure. and where's the hell has he been all this time??? and WTF IS UP WITH ALL THE BLANK SPACES IN THE CHAPTERS??!!! SORRY BUT IT'S ANNOYING 😡😡😡😡
Dee Dee
He remembers everything from the day he told his brother to watch over Xiwu but he has to pretend he doesn't remember so they can find out who's behind 3 years ago. got it lol
Danniella Ramirez
I think his brother is backstabbing him because of money because clearly even though his brother is older than xi, he is still the president and his brother is only the vice
I could use a story ending that isn't rushed for a change. Please, authors. You write engaging stories with great characters and we are so involved we hate to say goodbye already...and then the rushed ending makes us feel like we got slapped with a wet towel. I realize that endings are often difficult, but don't those of us who stuck with you through thick and thin deserve a little better than an ending rushed this way?
Heer Bhanushali
god ....
he remembers evrythn now...
boy uh r late now....
its too too too late..
evn if uh didnt do anythin with ur so called wife tht night bt uh r married now...
“My wife is I cute” had a better ending
No offense to this Manga
I just wish it had a similar ending to “my wife is cute”
Arleth: Like the then having a kid
Lucy: How will it have a similar ending when it’s not the same story..... Change is constant😌😌
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May Jeon
Tbh, I don't like the FL and ML. I mean girl, you're using Zenan. You could have just told him straight that you don't like him and he deserves someone better. Don't keep him waiting. You out there having a makeout session with your 'ex' and him out there worrying if you already took off or not.

And the ML. Oh, don't get me started. Girl, HE JUST KISSED HIS WIFE IN FRONT OF YOU. Yet, you dare accept him with open arma. Acting as if nothing had happened. You need an eye-opener, sweetie.
SilverSpecator: My gosh you can't just say somebody likes others by riding their car. That'd cause a lot of misunderstanding between people if you interpret it that way.
Luna Dupio: just read, its the authors choice of story,
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