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Assassin Took Home

Golden Orange
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Ding Yi, an ordinary delivery guy, saved a beautiful, wounded woman assassin from coma on his way home. How can Ding Yi survive around this elusive and indifferent killer? As the wheel of destiny turns, comes an adventurous and exciting world of assassination.

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Hottest Comments
Gobind Singh
Wow... The back door of the car which she kicked and made a huge circular hole in... Fixed when mc opened it to see how she's doing it in the last page.... Regeneration is completely on another level in this manga's/manhwa's era...
some random reader: the doors are on the side the hole she made was on the back of it
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Am i still the only one irritated by fu? She thinks the world is only about her and that she has it the worst in the whole world..just my opinion!
Anonymous: i like fu
Kenzo: But i guess she will become shipable after a while
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Ned Flanders
Please don’t tell he ends up with her. I only started reading because I thought he would end up with the red haired girl
Albert Veneg: I don’t really care who he ends up with either..
Vice Roy: really?? oh well...either way is fine with me,but...i'd be better if he'd end up with the ginger-head
total 2 replies
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