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Assassin Took Home

Golden Orange
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Update on Sun
Ding Yi, an ordinary delivery guy, saved a beautiful, wounded woman assassin from coma on his way home. How can Ding Yi survive around this elusive and indifferent killer? As the wheel of destiny turns, comes an adventurous and exciting world of assassination.

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Hottest Comments
Wtf at the start of the story the author show us mc as an expert or pass assassin or something by the way he deal with stuff but I’m disappointed that he is weak as fk
white fang🐺: he might not be weak maybe he's just holding back because of if he goes all out he'll get punished by a grater power
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hypnotage gt
lol i wanna see that douch bags face when mc goes super saiyan and beat the sh*t out of that girl(robot) and beat hoichen to death first remove all the nails and crush all his finger bones then rip his hand second break his arm remove his arm break all his bones from the lower part then rip his eyes third rip his face abd slowly trust your hand into his heart and crush it from within.
little rookie: wait...what!!?
Albert Veneg: Nahhh Man U forgot that they should put needles under his nails then shove them in 👌🏼
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why i feel like saying a computerized generated message? Warning!!! Main Systems are down...... initializing secondary systems....... secondary systems are now online
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