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Assassin Took Home

Golden Orange
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Ding Yi, an ordinary delivery guy, saved a beautiful, wounded woman assassin from coma on his way home. How can Ding Yi survive around this elusive and indifferent killer? As the wheel of destiny turns, comes an adventurous and exciting world of assassination.

Updated once every two weeks, please stay tuned! We are not giving up!

MangaToon got authorization from Golden Orange to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - jiandaoyigenvshashou,jdygnss
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i cant talk
: *in reality*
*finger cuts by. 0001% of a milimetre*
Omg!!! why god!! why u punishing me??!! 😭😭
what hv i ever done to u!!! y always me!! y not anyone else!!"... u dun luv me at all!!---*peeks at the cut* ---- again: waaaa im bleedin!!! some one save me!!!

*reading comics mc fightin*
omg!!! thr mc is not gvn up!!! he will die but wun gv up!!😨😨... thats how i am!!! he is me!!! omg!!! im so strong!!!

Satyajit.M.: No. I'm not like that🙂🙂🙂
I'm really good at it. bcz i always got cuts.😁😁
i cant talk: 😂😂😂.... ya most probably we all!!
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Oouzora D Kinra
he said one blow, but most people know that it's impossible to finish a wild big boar in single blow. and don't mention an arrow?? never, all it did is stuck there and injured the boar while it run with it all might as far as possible, until it tired and lost good amount of blood, that's why hunters got cute puppy as their buddy to track down the stairs injured boar.
William Arrey
the mc's close up shot coming out of the building he reminds me of Aisen from Bleach his hair just needs to be a lighter brown with the single strand coming down the center of his face
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