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Nottie's Contract

Emma_gacha gamer 101
Emma_gacha gamer 101: yeah im ok
Kami: Are you okay
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Yuko roberts
Why does those super cool things only happens in manga :/ just imagine how cool our world could be if we could be mages like in fairy tail
Patricia Roseสุริไยทัย: Oh my godddd I knew I wasn't the only person who thought like that lol 🤩
AnimeWizard: Uganda I accept 😂
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i was like, what had happened? why ppl said such nonsense to her? quit school? good thing she was not you who quits school just bcz ppl treated her as a fool.

if you quit sth bcz others don't treat you well. that's your loss. not their. don't satisfy ppl who want your suffer.
Author Unknown
sigh this reminds me of my life. I dont have many friends and the only friends I truly have are the ones that dont have friends either. so it's like a mutual agreement that we are friends even though we dont know eachother. personally I dont mind. I feel like being a complete outcast is what makes me focus on my studies. which is weird considering in agricultural education (which, in my school, is an all Male class and I'm the only female this semester) I have the highest grades in all of the year...I have a 99% so I mean pfft whatever. so the guys in there are kinda nice to me...but they only want help using a saw cause they're all sissies. so the main character is a lot like me. not necessarily an outcast...just misunderstood.
Author Unknown: Thanks guys :3
lemurloki: I do have a suggestion, though. If you can find even a little bit of time, volunteer somewhere. The people you meet working for good causes tend to have more of the kind of qualities that make a good friend and you are meeting them in the context of fellow volunteers so most of the social pressure is off. Plus you are making a valued contribution to an organization that needs you. If you choose an animal rescue you may also find being with animals lowers your stress a bit. Good luck! 👍
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Gaming Chris
That girl is same as me xd While I'm kinda smart at my school, everyone always calls me "ugly girl" while I helped them with the English, Math and others and help them to buy foods but they were just using me as a friends, and that's called "fake friends" 😕😐😒 Boys nowadays just likes pretty girls and always dislikes fat, ugly, smart, geek, nerd girls :/
Monorear Chi: Wow, that takes a lot of courage to speak up about those types of things. You have been such a great inspiration to many!!!
Hoàng Ngọc Sơn: saddest story ever
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dumbass. and hey, stop cutting of the chapters, we can’t even read the whole speech bubble. are you serious?
Im joking: LmfaoooO
Amiksha: He just says that they both have to be friends
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Joudi Omran
bec I wrote before that I don't like her with glasses people started fighting with me and told me that I am blind andalso they said that I am not into girls with glasses and a lot more and I want to say something I am not blind and I am a girl who wears glasses and what I really want to tell people that every person has his/her point of view and opinions so please stop being childish and if you don't like my comment you can pass so no need to bother me and yourself
lori1000 panda: I totally agree with you, I feel that the comic would be much better if the mc didn’t wear glasses, but what people say r just opinions
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Sometimes you're just walking along, minding your own business like usual, when a complete stranger gives you a magical book out of which appears a mysterious man with formidable powers who saves you from assault but then tries to eat you and when he can't realizes that you are his master so he goes home with you where he pouts, eats, ransacks your room while you are at school and reads your diary. Armed with knowledge he is almost certainly going to misinterpret and misuse in some fashion he shows up at your school where he has made himself deputy director and in trying to stop girls from bullying you becomes the unwitting object of their fantasies, arousing their jealousy and making your situation just that much worse. These things happen. Heck, I've had whole semesters almost as bad. But what separates winners from losers is the innate talent to roll with it. So that's what you do. Good luck👍 👍 👍!
LivingLikeApples: make a book dude... both of you
Maroua Miz: aplause 👏 the best summary I've ever seen 😂 your normal life must be quite interesting 😜 can you land me the book for a few weeks
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I don't understand how they find her ugly she got flawless long hair eyes so beautiful they could kill smart nice but also bad-A funny relaxed
You know, usually when a demonic looking figure mysteriously appears in my room and offers me the powers of an obviously cursed weapon, I turn it down. Usually.
thatmangalife: hahhahahahhaha lmfao
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She will end up with Mr.Ba tough. now she might inlove with senior. but then...
I think that imagining sometimes might be a good think 💭 when you don’t like the reality😁😋just like “mianmian”☺️
Mayte sanchez
I don’t get how she’s ugly? She’s pretty and cute! She has pretty purple eyes long eyelashes and long beautiful hair. She’s also smart! Who wouldn’t like her ???
Njw Zhri
kekkeke both of them have the same thought of Mr.Ba
He is to anger to pursue both of them until it lead to misunderstanding of him being a gay.

p/s : well, I hope that's how it is.....
Rita Ramirez
okay HOLD UP SWOLE UP blondie u got issues with that haircut and that choker give me a break. which team u playing for not sure if u even know . and ur friend with the mole needs to just follow the yellow brock road with that hair growing out of it yuckkkkk
Njw Zhri
she's pretty brave for wearing that kinda slutty dress. I mean she still in her high school right?? dammm dis girl
Njw Zhri: OMG that's shook me 😭
Moon baby : It said middle school 2 chapter after this one 😓
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lori1000 panda
Tbh I think I would enjoy this comic more if the mc didn’t wear glasses, I think she looks a lot prettier like that. Note: I’m not saying there is anything wrong with glasses I personally wear glasses also. This is in no way criticizing people who wear glasses
Nadia Zolfaghari: Haha in this day and age you can’t even make a simple comment like your prefer her without glasses without having to put in a clause so you don’t get hate comments - sad story!
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She ain’t even ugly she is pretty look at her face beautiful hair and she is shaped so well.... the author can not draw ugly girls 😻😻😻🥰
I bet if theres gonna be an episode where she takes off her glasses and wears something else... Everyone is gonna call her pretty.... WUT?
Rita Ramirez
okay so the pink headed twats were in a nightclub one is barely dressed and the other just hateful. and these two are middle school students only in comics u little sluts
leave my nottie alone.
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